Joggers’ Park

Blank-minds beyond any doubts unable to accumulate thoughts. It seems like the falling flowers of the dawn of winter. Absolute advent of coolness creating one of stringent atmosphere of coolness where every part of the earth seems to shiver with the coolest wind and climate which has been the order of the day. Flowers bloom and bloom and then fall into the surface of the earth to create one of the most outstanding examples of how even falling flower from the surface of branches still shows the signs of liveliness. I wished to flock those lovely red flowers showing the signs of freshness with complete strangeness but still my hands stopped being flocked that flower. Within a few seconds that flowers fall from the tree but still the smile and the happiness emanating from the red flower this wonderful cool evening continues to exist still to date.

On the side by side even flowers are still live with fresh look even after falling from trees. It is as if mother earth is still keeping them alive and creating the same sort of environment as they were inside the branches of their mother tree. It feels nice and sounds well for these classes of environment where most of essential life and existences of life still exist and continue to exist with complete and insulated atmospheric environments. It seems for some time earth is a nicer place to live. In a complete winter dawn, where world pauses for sometime, every odd stops and create one of the most intuitive atmospheric environment of all time.

On a distance with the advent of slow breeze, flowers are howling slowly and there is no sign of running of any sort of vehicles and whatever be it those are running with slower speed and that seems to suggest me that probably I have reached to some other spaces and ages and that showcase to me one of most wonderful atmospheric environment of ours time. Suddenly, I saw one moving vehicle seem to stop beside me. I slowed down my movement then I looked at them it seems to suggest me they were asking me something. I was with my ear phone so I calmly showed them my hand and then pause the music from my portable music player.

They are asking me about the route of sea beach, I quietly showed them the way. I was surprised to find they were playing high volume music while moving their vehicle. In this world of extreme possibilities where we tend to find solace in the morning but there are some who have been continuing to disrupt wonderful atmospheric environments unabated and continue to perform more and more difficult environment to live. For a few seconds I continue to think of the state of affairs of the world we live but at the same time we continue to find very much of a different and new satisfiable environment to live in this world.

While walking across VIP road of Puri, I happens to find that there has been growing of numerous mobile tiffin shops at the foot paths of it and it continue to provide difficult road to walk across and this creates a whole lot of plenty of difficulties for people to walk across. Especially during high traffic time, when one has to continue to move sidewards most of the time it has been difficult to move across from one side to another due to the presence of such vast number of unauthorised tiffin shops. Due to vast number of speeding vehicle roaming with great neck speed one as pedestrian tend to move sideways but now it is covered with so many of unauthorised tiffin shops, and then they completely cover those places with wooden chairs and plastic chairs for customers to seat therein.

Suprise to find. These shops are mushrooming on the sides of the road but there is no action to stop this. It has been becoming one of the most difficult pathways to move considering that these shop owners in the morning tend to sweep those nearby places and creating a huge form of a sand storm in those areas. Most of joggers tend to move in the morning to find out signs of fresh winds and clean oxygen. Sadly, those shop keepers continue to disrupt the atmosphere by creating artificial polluting environment. One could see the amount of huge sand storm all over and that creates the most difficult times to cross over these sand storm areas.

This all makes crossing that part of the road entirely difficult as from one side speeding vehicle which is natural because of the national highway and on the same side dust storm and curtailing of footpath makes entire cross over route difficult to cross and management. Pedestrian and joggers find the most difficult time to cross those spaces. One has to stop from a distance and see the movement of vehicles and then slowly cross over to other side and move. What it stops is that the continuous movement of joggers and this becomes most difficult part to revive the entire movement again. I see there is no reason for mushrooming of such mobile tiffin shops at the footpath sides of VIP Road. It all amounts to brilliant food for thought for all concerned citizens.

Joggers tend to go slow on these paths. They tend to ignore such people who have opened these shops at the side of roads. Going forward, there are mostly pan shops in and around those areas. One could see there has been many people standing beside those shops purchasing contrabands and spinning and whirling smokes all over in winter dawn making entire atmosphere the most polluted ones. It is surprising how so many of pan shops in and around the VIP road and selling cigarettes and other contrabands. Joggers feel sad when seeing existence of these shops in and around all over and hope administration should have a proper look at these shops and should continue to stop in these areas or wherever have been to create a proper ecological balance all over.

Inside of jogger’s park at the dawn of the day, many people irrespective of their ages continue to walk in a prolonged way in order to gain the added advantage of health over all the other issues. While walking on one side there are three people who mostly aged between 50 to 65 are walking in a brisk manner and they have been talking with each other about various different matters of their importance. One person who belongs to sevayat communities advises them and said that one should not eat non vegetarian foods on Sundays. Other two persons said that they mostly get their time on Sundays as they are service holders and for them Sunday is the most relaxed day and for the person concerned dealing with temple most of the days for them it is holidays and that does not matter to them whether they have Sundays or any other day.

That is why it not wiser to ridicule others as and when you point a finger towards some one the other finger attached with the palm should be pointed towards you and this is most important part of philosophy dealing with life which everyone should understand and should consider carrying on into their mind while dealing with people in public places. Life is full of suprises and it has so many glaring and distinctive examples which we have to feel it and continue to pursue with it so that in the future there should not be any other such confused and undetermined situation for one to face and deal with. While walking back towards home on this Sunday morning, nearer to Subhah Chandra Bose square at the frontal side of main branch of State Bank of India, at the opposite site there has been many vehicles stationed there and it becomes almost impossible for one to cross over that place due to extreme traffic congestion.

What It suprises me the most that despite one traffic police officer stationed in and around Subhash Chandra Bose square still most of these parking vehicles are waiting there and there is no response from law enforcing officers. What it creates a complete sense of lawlessness for pedestrians and mostly the morning joggers who wants to walk in a brisk manner in order to reach their home and continue to pursue their daily work arounds all overs. I do not why all of these happenings but still all these events continue to provide more and more hindrances for joggers and normal human beings and for this one need to be extremely cautious and preventive while walking across in these roads. While walking across back home at the Subhash Chandra Bose square where one nice statue of netaji’s standing and pointing fingers towards Delhi the favorite signs of one of greatest freedom fighter of India ever had.

There has been decorative flowers over statue of netaji’s which signifies shortly his birth day celebration completed and there has been one decorative temporary stair cases that leans towards statue of netaji in order to garlanded him and now after two or three days it is expected to remove that temporary stair case so that view of netaji should be visible in clear cut manner in order to provide the glimpse of past struggle of independence. Respect to Subhash Chandra Bose has been one of prime proud moments for people of Orissa as he belongs to this great land and we continue to salute for his greatness and wonderful achievements though there has been many events of his still not noted and hidden in mysteries.

Present government is releasing classified files and it is expected within a few months unraveling of mysteries surroundings sudden disappearance of Subhash Chandra Bose should be known to all Indians. Slowly, I walked back to home and took deep breath and just try to remember all these incidents while walking towards jogger’s park and just put on a smile in order to note it down on my samsung note on galaxy device so that when I put those in writings every incidents should come to my memory in clear and lucid manner and should I provide all these in precise and prominent manner in order to show case all of these happenings and perhaps some administrator should try hard to find the correct way out so that every pedestrian and joggers should find at ease while walking through VIP road leading to jogger’s park.

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