Hiking on the Munsiyari Bugiyal

I was about to move to a new destination due to transfer order. I was prepared to join at Bangalore. Leaving Delhi was somewhat not good for me due to the advent of complete familiarity of environment there at the office environment. Still I have to as a transfer order comes with some days of transit leave. Shukla is one of my good friends who come from Munsiyari of Uttarakhanda, as he was to transfer to the same location and he suggests going for some days of hiking on the Munsiyari Bugiyal to enjoy imminent enjoyable environment close to what nature offers. Tracking is one of my favorite pastime habits which I fond of to go for in case of time permits and the mostly hilly environments coupled with stance to reach out close to nature has been the most presentable achievements which I always longed for.

Route from Delhi:

This time the location is Munsiyari Bugiyal located in the Johar Valley of north-east Pithorgarh district in Kumaon. While on the road it is almost 223 kilometers from the north-east side of Almora and 588 kilometers from north eastern side from Delhi. While on the road from Delhi we moved from Delhi to Moradabad and then to Kathgodam and then moved towards the beautiful road towards Almora while crossing through Bhowalu via Vijaypur and Chaukori. In between comes upon the Abbot Mount and the ghat roads are very curvey and it goes on to show how serpentine entire route can be and then we reach to Chandak and then to Pithoragarh. We took lunch there and took a rest for about two hours and then ours cab moved towards Jhulaghat which is about 33 kilometers from Pithorgarh. Then we moved towards Dewal Thal and then Thal  and then to Nachani and we took camp out there entire night and on the morning we moved towards Birthi Falls one of most paradise and beautiful water fall environment there and after watching beautiful suprise from nature we slowly moved towards Ratapani and then reached at Munsiyari at five pm.


What a beautiful presence of nature. It is like a brilliant theatrical situation with a large sum of dropping down the natural environment in the form of grand and lush green mountainous regions out there. There are peaks of Panchchulli Range, Rajarambha, Chiplakot and Hansling mountainous ranges. All peaks are over 19,000 feet which show cased presence of large scale presence of beautiful mountains peaks all over in that area. Sun set at Munsiyari is one of brilliant place to stay calm and watch nature and hear the most dazzling sounds coming out from natural environments. The pompous and magnificent presence of purple color of sun blazing out for the final time of the day provide wide screen amphitheatrical experiences where most of thoughts coming out from various dream out environment just shades enough presence of nicer and wider experience where one could find the presence of paradise on earth.

The color tone of pink and grey profoundly presence the admired oxygen of life to see the most colorful presence of life where it seems that the systematic standardisation of every form of action in its absolute best just makes the living of life longer with prudent rich of purposeful admiration. Slowly, the colors faded out and slowly entire atmospheric environment moves towards the still state of quiet. One can feel the comfort presence of quietness out there where every form of finite element exists at every entrance of existences to show case the presence of purposeful finite elements of life. On the far hills side one can exquisitely look at the blinking of lights which go on to show that people are living there and this shows one of most fondly watching experiences where it seems the return of wonderland beneath earth.


En route to Munsiyari:

I stayed overnight at Almora and then drove towards Bagheswar. Bagheswar has ancient religious presence and it showcased how the ancient sculptures and presence of large scale of religious monuments. Then I drove towards Vijaypur. The forested slopes show cased a nicer little environment where most roads go through serpentine paths coupled with the presence of hamlets in betweens where children there mostly waved their hands towards passing tourists to show case the presence of joy all over out there. I camped nearer to Wayfarer Retreat though visitors have other opportunities to camp either at Chakori or stay overnight at renowned rest houses in those areas.

The driving holiday trip is absolutely leisurely and full of clean oxygen which I receive goes on to make me remember that how a cleaner environment could wipe out all such past tired knees and even driving for long hours just seem to go out of my memories. I must mention here about Ramganga East Gorge from Thal. Thal is 26 kilometers from Chaukori. It goes on to show a case that I received one of the most delicious and clean lunch and the behaviour of people out there is wonderful and just creates one of the strongest affinities and long lasting bond with that place. From there one small curvy road leads to beautiful river out there. I spent some time out there. It is like feeling of paradise out there.

Ramganga river there presents ice cold water. A perfect place for a picnic and there is some picnic party out there. The trees out there are full of red color fruits in addition with it comes the red colored leaves with the complete mixture of green with red provides excellent sumptuous presentation of nature on the earth which goes on to show case one of brilliant presentation of wonderful nature all at there. About 34 kilometers out there comes from Birthi Falls. Another nice place and close to nature, one can find entire existence of a green environment with full of clean oxygen to provide prudent for reaching that place.
Birthi Falls is the tallest waterfall in that area. It is about 400 feet. I parked the car in that place and then by walking moved towards Ratapani.

Presence of rhododendron trees with blood-red flowers goes on show how beautiful place that was. The waters of Birthi Falls look like marvel of clean waters and falling sounds of waters presents one of the most melodious and dolby digital sounds emanating from nature. What a lovely walks out there. There are no signs of any dust. Weather is nice and cool. Winds are flowing touching skins and getting the feel of coolness even during summer time. Entire area is filled with rhododendron trees. Evergreen shrubs of a collection of smaller shrubby trees having the presentable leathery leaves with clustered with bell-shaped red flowers with contrasting green presents the signs of paradise during entire tracking routes.

From there, I can see the signs of vantage point and the ultimum destination towards Kalamuni the 9000 feet out of there while at the back drop I can see the presence and existence of Panchchulli Range. From there, I can see the township of Munsiyari at the back drop from a distance. I longed to stay in that place for the rest of life though I could not. I want to enjoy entire movement and spend each and every seconds at its best as I know after some I would be leaving that place and heading towards Munsiyari town but still the seconds I accumulate on that place seems to suggest me towards achieving some of most memorable moments of my life.

Musiyari Bugiyal:

I went back towards Kalamuni. Incidentally I checked almost about eight kilometers from there. The journey on that land was so absorbing and colossal that I could enjoy every movements and every attachments there with complete craze of beautiful weather at my feet. There I came across the snow peaks in and around Balanti Potato Farm. I found the presence of the ancient forest of oak and rhododendron. It is totally magical out there. Presence of ancient rocks as well as complete thanks to a native of that place who has preserved such ancient forest through their generations. Munsiyari Bugiyal is a nice meadow with complete presence of the hayfield.

It is the easiest place to track I ever heard with presence of nicer and smoother presence of grasses amidst everlasting views of the Panchchuli Range. What a magnificent view from amidst moving surroundings with clouds move here and there with complete presentations of snow peak mountains from the hinterlands. On the far below side of Panchchuli Range I could find the presence of a small hamlet later come to know its name at Harkot which presents an outstanding view from the top. Moving terraced greener routes with grey mud covered automated walking man’s route just goes on to show case the presence of one of brilliant admiration of presentation of greener belt where one finds exclusive absorbance of life out there.

On the eastern side of this trekking route, towards downside of this meadow, known as Bugiyal dips the present of Nanda Devi Mandir provides presentation of nice and calmer place and reaching there and then return back towards the old roads where the next destination of trekking began out there. On the next day moving towards six kilometers from Munsiyari townships while coming across a beautiful road I reached towards a small village known as Dar Kot. I was surprised to find houses over hundred ten years old which shows the presence of past years of life on living on my eyes. The home made woolen blankets sold by natives out there arise out of excellent quality. Most of these are costly but of good quality.

While walking for some distances I found Munsiyari Rest House. There one can find the presence of a curvy path which moves slowly towards the mountain of that place. After walking for 30 minutes, I reached towards a meadow which is full of oaks and beautiful rhododendrons. On its northern side, there is a pond. It is a nice little place for a picnic and for trekkers to refer to the natural environment and enjoy entire atmospheric conditions at its full glory. Munsiyari is relatively smaller place and to reach there is not so easy. The road leading towards this township is full of beautiful surroundings with complete astute and presentable environments where every form and factor of life seem to suggest are living with their presentable environments.

I must admit reaching Munsiyari is a small and fruitful entry into one of the most revered and comfortable place where I find the presentable hosts, nice people, green environment and happy minds. Clean oxygen and sweetest water I have ever drunk is one of the most specialised present there I must admit having reached there. I must admit the road to reach Munsiyari at times there have been present in relatively dried run in patches but with due course of time tiredness completely aborted due to presence of nicer and greener environments. While driving there has been numerous places where one could find the resorts natural presence of lovely waterfalls, rivers, oaks and lovely red flowers of rhododendron flowers. All these tend to abolish the upcoming tiredness and creates one of the most admirable proposition of living an entire life out there.

It is part of most satisfying and leisurely treated driving enabled holidays with a complete one week rest for me while moving towards complete hilly surroundings.

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