There is no patch for human stupidity

Having human forms or attributes as opposed to those of animals or divine beings. Humans are full kindness and many other definitive attributes. Five fingers be not the same. Similar percentages of contentedness do not stay with humans. Percentages of perfectness varies from people to people. Humans love to stay with social gatherings and fond of sharing of information to know persons in order to stay socially. Most of ethical hackers relied upon social engineering aspects in order to gather definitive information from users. That could lead to hacking of social accounts and moving from there to create the first stage of personification of person.

Social Engineer:

Most of ethical hackers create the role of social engineer, where they try hard to divulge more and more information possible in order to crack social media accounts and produce more and more information in order to hack into various accounts. Due to utmost popularizes of social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, where everyone shares most of personalized information which gathers the most valuable personal information in order to hack into personal information of individuals.

Social engineering is one of the biggest and wildest threats we have been facing in the present day and that creates the stage for us to use the internet and other social networking systems with utmost security and perfection. We have plenty of personal information within social networking accounts and that could expose us to different vulnerabilities, and could lead us to a financial loss as well as impersonation. We have been often misguided by the sheer pace of inconvenience provided to us from different social networking systems. It is important in order to add people to friends list which you know otherwise reject those suggestions.

How does it relate to hacking passwords?

Facebook does provide an option for restricted list which enables such unknown friends to restrict the information which they provide to friends list. It is wiser to reject people who you do not know as you expect all those information which you share only for people you know. Most of social networking websites do showcase favorites of theirs and that is available on its timeline. Social engineer or ethical hackers study these favorites of yours and then try to guess which passwords could be you have put it inside of your social media accounts.

Most people, use passwords from their favorites for sheer convenience to remember passwords. It is important to assign the strongest possible passwords in order not to provide any such form of anticipations for hackers. Now, most of modern web browsers provide the possibilities of online remembrance of passwords. Now, you can use difficult passwords as yours web browsers should automatically open your social media accounts. It is expected for yours to use on personal computers or devices in order to use and log into your social media accounts.

Android devices user accounts to log into your account:

Android is now present everywhere and it uses the concept of application for different social media websites, in order to further customize user’s interface. Now, most of android devices come with android apps and those instantly logged into social media accounts. All these works with the principle of double passwords or pinning system for easier remembrance of passwords.

Now, most of android apps related to social networking do provide other opportunities for two stage passwords, which first ask for full original password and then. Ask for the pin which is a four letter pin mostly consists of a number and that remember your device.

Similarly, with Twitter android apps, one can use it for authentication of all Twitter logins from discrete devices such as with different web browsers as well as with different devices. In this way with this form of hardware authentication of accounts. With this form of hardware authentication, now hackers find it most difficult to hack into social media accounts unless and until they find your device.

With most versions of android, comes reloaded with android device manager which can erase such devices remotely, so if yours device is lost at anyone point of time, then also you can erase all such data remotely and this makes work of hacker more difficult as all data could be erased easily.

Dumpster Diving and impersonation:

Few people always careless about disposing of all such important personal information before disposing devices or hard discs. Dumpster diving is the form of collecting information from garbage dumps as it is natural for people to become careless. Hackers are going through all such disposable information in order to get back real information of people from garbage dumps of information and then create a form of impersonation.

It is like stealing social media network, bank accounts and other forms of online recognition system from personal and change all such passwords and then steal the personal information. It is like creating a form of impersonation and this could lead to the identity crisis of people in general.

Information security:

There are some websites which asks for personal information. Be mindful of such sites. Use modern web browsers which automatically detect such sites, which have such malware intended activities. Be confident and confident enough before releasing any such information to such sites. Another aspect while using computer in public network is to stop all traces of shoulder surfing, and before putting password do look at different sides whether some one is watching or not as well as see everywhere whether there is any traces of close circuit cameras are there are not in order to full confident of using internet and all such personal accounts.

It is not wise to use the same passwords for all accounts. Google or other major enterprises do provide one password policy and they unite all such accounts of yours, all in one set of logging. It is important in order to use different passwords for different accounts. In this way, you stop hackers from guessing your passwords. It is important to remember that passwords are your strongest possible to ticket into your profile on different social networking website. It is important to remember proper use of passwords.

If you have android or Apple phones, then download application of specific social networking applications such as Twitter or Facebook and then use hardware authentication policies so that access to the account remains always at the state of constant authentication mostly device specific. If you want to buy a new device or exchange a newer smart phone then go for a complete erase of all data so that a new user of the same device would not be able to access your data as well as all forms of social media presence.

Most of top social media websites as well as Google use the form of encryption protocol so that all information goes out of the browser remains encrypted always. Its same applications also use security protocol to secure your online presence. That is why for every internet user it is important and impertinent to remember all such security networking facilities in order to provide some additional form of security. While you are with internet there is no guarantee of any authenticity of information and security of all of yours data but still you can go for some sort of additional bit of management of information security where you could utilize all forms of decisive control over yours presence of data.

Prevent networking hacking:

As webmaster the single most difficult part of exercising control of the flow of data is to stop all such bots so that precious network bandwidth should be always available for organic visitors when they reach for your website. Bots is automated attendances to yours websites which primarily is to create spam comments into your website.

It is important for webmasters to implement third party firewall service which works on the principle of reverse engineering of sending traffics to its networks and then filters bots and moved out them and stay all such organic visitors to yours website in order to create the much needed reliability among users as well as constant scanning of website from malwares and other bit of code injection in order to make yours website free from any such malware attacks.


It is an issue of information management. As a regular computer users as well as web master or system administrator, you need to remember that you have the prime reason for staying secure in these cyber world is to create a form of understandings of all such information related with security of website and proper management of websites in order to produce higher form of information management so that yours device or website would never ever been able to fall into the trap of hackers in any form of principle which has been discussed in detail in this article.

Just Google it and find relevant information of security and how to be secure always with the internet and there are plenty of information available out here. Learn from these articles and try to implement on real life whether as webmaster or as an internet user, and be proactive and surge ahead in your endeavor to have a perfect form of security and ambiance for successful cyber security. It is important to use renowned enterprises such as Google, Microsoft or others and use their websites or applications or their play store to augment your knowledge for further enhancement and creation of a completely secure environment.

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