Tata Zica: Gear up for great

It is evident from the product launch of Tata Zica that it is one of the most desirable product launch from Tata. Since the product launch of Nano, the single most refreshing moments Tata Motors provides is of excellent brand name. Now, placement and segmentation of Tata Zica will show case how this product will perform in the future. It is ample clear from the specifications of Tata Zica that its immediate competitors in the car market segment would be from Renault Kwid and Hyundai Grand i10 and Maruti Suzuki Celerio. Now, there would be straight competition among all four cars in the car market segment.

From the designed theme what Tata Zica showcase, it is clear that Tata has moved from ‘Indica’ designing and started to build cars for generation next professional as well as young individuals who does want a style statement with a masterstroke of speed with complete versatility. It does provide a wonderful and stupendous look. Glossy black color of cars goes on show the nice finishing of products. Fog lamp casings are the most interesting part of Tata Zica and its tails lamps are nice and comfortable.

Cabin lay out is exceptional and comfortable for inmates. For the segment of the car from Tata Zica, the inside material used for cabin layout has been exceptional and of high quality materials. Entire space inside cabin layout is well enough for accomodation of four adults to sit comfortably inside. There are many cozy and convenience items stored inside this car. It seems that this product is very well thought out product from Tata which conveniently presents some of most desirable and most well thought of interior designing. Interior infotainment module has eight sound output powered by Harman module which does provide stupendous live sound experience all over interior cabin layout.

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There are options of USB. Bluetooth streaming of audio output as well as auxiliary in sound output systems. So, entire cabin space would be completely comfortable space for streaming of medias as well as enjoying music without any hefty effort. All these controls are mounted on the steering wheel which can be easily controlled while driving. Great navigation system is installed which does provide step by step guidelines while driving. This guidance module can be tested through application of smart phone. Currently, this application is available for android only and in future it is expected to move to different mobile operating systems.

Another unique feature is called as Juke Car App, which should synchronise ten phone with one internet connection while playing music from one host phone all at one time to provide stupendous surround musics all over in entire cabin space.

It has been almost 17 years of the launch of Indica cars from Tata which perfected the presentation of diesel cars in the Indian market thus expose loopholes of Maruti at that time not presenting the perfect diesel cars. Indica cars have huge sale figures but the recent launch of Tata Zica provides some of the most exciting aspect of modern day car driving while equally looking at perfection and equilibrium of technology with easiness and comfort. Tata Zica has some of the good level of security features such as anti-lock braking system, electronic brake force distribution and corner stability control. It has also a rear parking sensor. Tata Zica comes with both petrol and diesel engines.

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Tata Zica should be placed among the segment of the regular city car. There is different driving mode. The best option should be normal driving mode. The driver’s seat has adjustable heights. It is a refreshing change. Tata needed it for years and comes with a stupendous presentation of ideas which has some of its most surprising features which should attract young professionals. It is really a pleasant Tata product with strong interiors and very good engine systems. It is aptly clear that Tata Zica should be the strongest contender for replacement of aging Indica.

On the upfront when one looks it from outside, there is completely nothing similar to Tata Zica with that of Indica. The hexagon design with new grille look is expected to be very attractive. Pulled back headlights are very cute with aggression and chromium design element attached with it. Its cabin interiors are one of the best looking out of all. Air conditioned vents inside cabin layout are well thought out and clearly visible. The name suggests that Tata believes that it is a quick and energetic car just like zippy in action. It feels entires structure of car present itself a sense of liveliness for users. Tata Zica popularly called as Zika, is due to be launched in first week of January. There is every possibility of this car to become one of top seller brand in the small car market segment of India.

Tata Zica will not be replacing Indica, but will go side by side with Indica. It is a great decision as there are many Indica fans out there. Tata Zica has a fresh and contemporary design element. Entire accumulations of all such thoughts and ideas have been brilliant and provide some of the most stunning look. Recently, Tata has signed football superstar Lionel Messi and makes its trademark name more premium. The launch of Tata Zica, with all of its powerful features one can find extremely heartening presentation of modern car all the time. Tata Zica has been constructed from scratch. It provides the amount of sophistication and well-furnished mixture of modernity with the design provides some stunning and beautiful out look.

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Tata Zica will be a product from Tata Motors to take note for. It is very well made of and well capable of facing tough competition among different same market segments of cars. It is certainly going to help out Tata in emerging more in car market segment. Tata Zica is a seamless collaboration between design and engineering at its best. Designing and layout of interiors do provide extreme hand made solutions to drivers in providing out driver’s side coin storage and toil ticket holder. Ride quality of Tata Zica is superb on roads. Due to advent dual-path suspension, entire drive-ride with Tata Zica is very much contented. This car must be the driving point of this car as with due course of time Tata would definitely march forward in building some engineering marvels in the near future.

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