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In this world of cut throat competitive advantages where every second is vital and every moment goes on to provide some sort of relevant and essential ideas which no one would ever want to lose it and confound it. The world has become a smaller place. Now, it has become smaller with many social medias such as Facebook, Twitter, + and so on. Now, majority of people all around the world are talking with each other, liking each other’s face book posts as well showing signs of pulses in order to appreciate what has been shared with the world.

Now, we can easily communicate with each other without wasting a single moment and all these information are now live and showing with great neck speed due to the advent of Facebook, Twitter and other social media applications. In earlier times, most of social media in websites due to its large user generated contents take a while to load as well as due to presentations live contents it does take huge loading times.

On the other hand with the advent of superior operating systems such as from Google, Apple, Windows from Microsoft, it has been clear that such enterprises want users to use mobiles just as similar to that of computers. Most of these work in the principles of separation of operating systems with that of application environments. Most of these modern smart phones run with the simple concept that operating systems have different arrays as we as applications have different arrays. This is to ensure complete security of .

Now, there is a complete difference of presentation of data of mobile app of Facebook with that of website of Facebook. Facebook mobile app runs always and stays synchronize always and does provide some sort of live streaming of information to users. In this way even in slow , one can see the presentation of faster form of streaming and this creates an avenue for faster data which provides room for speedier communication system. Other forms of application to send a message directly is that of Whatsapp which is fast and clean and provides greater avenues for stronger data as well as provide faster data communication with each other. We are living in the world of telecommunications and information technology where the speed of transactions of data which matters the most.

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In this era of umpteenth possibilities stronger changing of ideas and proper management of data does provide different avenues for faster data management with a stronger sense of intelligent data sharing all over internet arenas. In this world of extreme competition, when reaching to some place does take use of different mediums in proper senses. Now, there are many applications of Indian Railways where we could find details of PNR statuses as well as timings of trains and arrival on stations in order to get ourselves prepared for the best ever journey.

In these competitive arenas even reaching to an unknown place does show case how one could use mobile and different applications to find out exact information and by using or Here maps one could find the exact locations without asking for any one of the exact locations of the place.

This continues to provide some form of information management where we generally feel afraid of asking strangers or locals about a particular place and for this we could easily use the mobile to determine and reach to exact locations. There are so many avenues to know the exact weather conditions in place. This is no doubt huge bonus in order to know the forecasts of weather. This must be helpful for people living in natural disaster areas, and recently the untimely rains at Chennai do provide ample suitable opportunities for users to find out rain forecast in coming days.

There are many un built mobile application provided by original equipment manufacturers as well as one can download these from Store in order to show cause and provide exact and detailed information about weather forecasts. This would generally help out traveler to know about detailed information of the place they are reaching out to. The grand of Puri is now completely Wi-Fi enabled and it has public access. In the evening and morning time one could find many people with smart phones reaching to grand and using this public Wi Fi access and visitors could also use it and could use internet for free.

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It has good speed. In Delhi, the AAP government has promised for free Wi Fi in many places, I do not have idea about is it available or not but state government of Odisha has done it and it goes on to show that if some one wants to work for the betterment of society then he or she could do it easily without any sort of disturbances. Now, most of the leading banks have their own applications which do provide easier information about their bank accounts to users. Now, they do not have to run to banks time and again in order to reach out some other forms of knowledge and that creates simple banking and banking anywhere concept to a greater extent and it does create greater avenues for smart banking facilities and this creates modern concept of smart banking at its best.

Now, most of banking transactions can be performed with banking applications. Most of banking applications do provide different forms of one time password (OTP), which does provide hassle free banking transactions in the form of not waiting for messages of authentication from the server of banks. Slowly, we are receiving to the stage of extreme easy transactions with complete security at its best.

Now, one can see easily how Adhar Card is connected with a bank account and all these can be known easily from bank applications. One can send money from one account to the other easily while all sorts of right to transactions can be performed with secure authentications from bank accounts in terms of sms or one time password. Now, most of these transactions performed with smart phones do indicate the forms and factors for a technology driven traveler not to take with him the traveler’s cheque, or money while travelling. With due course of time people are purchasing electronic tickers with sms at their smart phones and receive in their email accounts.

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They take print outs of these receipts and avoid staying at rows for longer duration. Now, users can buy tickets at eight without staying at rows in front of railway reservation counters. Most of places one could find that in railways reservation rows, there has been some agents who used to stay upfront and stays at the front of rows since morning times in order to stay upfront and get the tickets first and this reduces the most of possibilities of getting tickets at the earliest. One the other hand, with e ticketing system, one could find and purchase a ticket at the correct time, and all these can be performed without reaching out to the railway reservation counter.

While all these smart ticketing environments and purchasing management go on to show how easily with the touch of buttons one could reach out and make a complete smart travelling experience without worrying about to reach out to different destinations. Now, we are living in a time where everything can become smarter with additions of smart ideas and brilliant management of constructive ideas where all this information can be easily acquired and managed inside of your smart phone. One need to be alerted and brilliantly placed in order to find out the best possible travel destination with the strongest sense of travelling acumen.

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