Queen of Nilgiris in mist-wrapped Coonoor

What a real site. With mist-wrapped blue mountains of Nilgiris surrounds far and wide, probably creating one such enticing events where one can find the purple morning glory at its best. The sun rising at the easy and its shines distributed all over the entire area making lush green presentation worthy to emulate. Presentations of golden sunflowers slowly moving here and there pointing to the present day environment of perfect sight to see and enjoy. In between there is the presence of tiny hamlets creating the presence of life with nice surroundings and natural presence. Coonoor is situated in Tamil Nadu, the southern most state of . While writing this article, there has been heavy and torrential rains all over Tamil Nadu and experts say it is the highest rainfall of this century there.

In the shade of Dodda betta the presence of Coonoor justifies the tremendous presence of the natural environment where one can find the uttermost presentations of reality of life surroundings all over the earth out there. It is thought that the place Coonoor is all famous for living place of Coon tribe but now there is no presence of them there. Some experts do not believe this as they say the name Coonoor comes from the presence of blue kurinji flower. The speciality of blue kurinji flower comes from the fact that it bloom once in 12 years and makes entire Nilgiri mountains bluish. It is the presentations of perfect color with stipulated findings of natural presentations that make entire blue mountains enticing to watch and enjoy.

There are numerous places to see and enjoy inside Coonoor. In the sides of Upper Coonoor, there are many places to take leisure time switched on as most places one can find the presence of lush green interface and cool weather. One can enjoy trekking in nearby areas. There has been wonderful places and outings are there. One can easily take steps to those places and enjoy the scenic presence irrespective of dynamic presence of environments. Blue mountain or Nilgiri contains a huge set up mountain ranges where one can find the presence of exponential forest regimes which creates a perfect set up the environment all around here. Beautiful Sim’s Park created in 1874 which consists of footpath, ravines and beautiful lily pond to take different snaps out there.

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Sim’ Park:

There are marvelous trees and many trees are rarest of rare where we can find interesting educational observations which couples with deeper forms of rarest of rare trees and woods. In Sim’s Park many trees and plantations have been brought from around the world such as from Chilea, Cape of Good Hope, Venezuela, China, Patagonia and many countries. The rose garden of Sim’s Park is beautiful and enjoyable in nature. Deep ravine and winding footpath creates generations of enticing existence where we can find the presence of wonderful creation of nature at its fullest bloom.

Lamb’s Rock:

Lamb’s Rock is eight kilometers away from Coonoor and it is nearer to Coimbatore Plains. It provides one of the finest austere view where one can find presentations of live plants with perfect austerity where one can enjoy ambience and presentations of deeper surroundings ambience all over the place. While reaching moving towards Lamb’ Rock, the presentations of Law’s Falls which provides ample evidence of a nice and cool water fall in height of 180 feet. It is seven kilometres from Coonoor. There are many places in India which present exact sites of dolphin nose, but the dolphin nose at the outskirts of Coonoor simply marvellous and wonderful. It is ten kilometers from Coonoor and most times, entire area all around Dolphin’s nose is covered with mists.

In one such day, if you are lucky enough and there would not be any such mist around there then one could see the existence of Catherine Falls from top of nose of Dolphin’s nose. That scenic presence, if you are lucky enough to witness then it is the real existence of scenic presentations of real existence of nature out there.


Once rules by Tipu Sultan are now the remains out there at 15 kilometers out of Coonoor. It is situated 6000 feet above sea-level and presents a glorious and marvellous view from that distance. By moving some more distance out there from Coonoor one, can easily reach out to Wellington, a nice cantonment home to defense services staff college. Nearby golf course is nearby Wellington presents wonderful reinstatement of marvellous scenic presence which is mostly famous among film makers to shoot sequences of songs. Just crossing the beautiful golf course come ahead the place named as “hidden valley” which presents a marvellous place for trekking which not only creates wonderful presentations of nice and smoother environment but also one of brilliant place to go for trekking and other activities.

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By road Coonoor reached at Bangalore as well as from Ooty or from Coimbatore via Mettupalayam. Coonoor all famous for made line, handkerchiefs, embroidery and European bedsheets. Most of these lines cost pretty but these are real and worth to acquire. Most of these places people have to put forward, advance money in order to acquire linens. Ketty Valley lies inside St. Michael Convent, which produces wonderful linens, which are mostly top linens. There is plenty of fun ride for children too. Beautiful train ride from Coonoor to Ooty and back presents a nice ride from within different terrains of hills and mountains where we find plenty of beautiful windows of joyous with ample presentations of endless vistas.

Ketty is situated in between Ooty and Coonoor. All over this place presents with lush green lavender flowers, which bloom everywhere in its season. There are plenty of cabbage fields, and lush green lavender flowers present more and more delightful enticements where people moving there find the most places like the treasure hunted places. It seems one reach to the place where there are heavens out there. Ketty is 15 kilometres from Coonoor.


Beyond there, we reached at the place named as Kotagiri which is 19 kilometers from Coonoor. This place is situated to the west of Wellington. It is the oldest hill station of India. Now, it is full plenty tea territory. Views of planes, falls and trecks provide ample evidence of breathtaking scenic and gorgeous view all out there. The presence of the Moyar River out there which suddenly goes down and builds up towards to the top of mountain, which presents itself sudden disappearance due to presence of mists out there. It seems like the state of heaven. It presents itself with nicer environment of Misty heights which are 10 kilometers away from this place which presents itself a nicer place to play golf and offers an environment which presents itself nicer surroundings of the golf course with a duck pond.

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Coonoor is 6,100 places above sea-level and inside Nilgirirs ranges. It is located 17 kilometers from south eastern sides of Ooty. It is located 314 kilometers south of Bangalore. National highway from Mysore to Coonoor is there. Coonoor is known as Queen of the Blue Mountain. It is the beautiful valley from amidst Nilgiris, within plenty of virgin forests coupled with innumerable streams. Most of these places are covered with a large segment of presentations of mists all around which makes entire places living nearer to heaven.

Dood Petta which is nearer to Ooty and Coonoor presents large sum of tea gardens which most of estate provides free drinking of a cup of tea in order to taste those and if satisfied they could buy those. Place is the way of reaching nearer to heaven. Moving forward some distance one can reach to Dolphin’s nose, where three sides the rock structure is visible from the other side of the mountain. Sound echoes from there and hefty sum of sounds can be audible out there. One can create loud sounds in order to echo back. It is really a delightful place to click wonderful pictures out there. Entire forest is covered with a large chunk of floras and faunas and presents itself with wonderful and scenic views which can never ever really forget.

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