How to get more battery life out of Android phones

With due course of time, battery life of phones has become more and more excellent. With the advent of Kitkat, minimisation of processor use with optimisation of graphical user interface provides smoother use of processing powers of operating system. Most of phone are meant to be used for entire daily activities so it is expected to extend it throughout the day. With due course of time, more and more applications continue to operate within eco-systems.

They continue to run more and more background processes as well as try hard to show case real time information management in order to reduce the gap between off line and online contents. All these do take huge processing power as well as drainage of batteries. Android is being open source does provide a wide array of opportunities for users to install such applications which do care for your battery. Battery of android is important and it does provide continuous protection and running throughout the day.

One has to choose such applications carefully as there are some battery saving applications which do boot up saving battery to a larger extent but in reality it does the opposite. In an earlier article I have extensively talked about how to install ‘Greenify’ application in order to speed up the phone. Now in this article I shall be describing about other applications which can save your’s phone battery.

Use Black Wallpaper:

Most of Samsung smart phones come with AMOLED screens which used to illuminate more with color background. It is advisable to use a black wallpaper in order to activation of illumination of color pixels from time to time. Less illumination means lesser use of processing power and lesser drainage of batteries.

Lower Brightness and switch off automatic brightness or adaptive brightness:

If you are using phone inside home, then lower its brightness to the visibility level. It is the most common form of battery saving tips. With Android 5 automatic brightness is converted into adaptive brightness. It is a good idea to turn both off. Samsung Galaxy comes with ‘start screen’ which uses intelligent face detection features which illuminate the screen as long as user looks at its display. It detects your face with font camera so that screen stays on while you are looking at it. Smart says works best under the following conditions.

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The device is then stayed with head steady and upright. When it is well lit conditions, but the screen is not in direct light and the front camera is not being used by another application. This means that when the front camera is used by ‘Smart stay’ it does take huge server resources as well as camera applications started automatically do take huge server resources. Live wallpapers may increase battery consumption.

Turn of battery saving mode:

Turn on battery saving mode. Every hardware manufacturer does provide different ways to optimise server resources. Most of the smart phone come with different options such as excessive brightness, screen, bluetooth, mobile data, auto sync, GPS and live wallpapers. All these take huge server resources and it does drain battery considerably. It is wiser to decrease screen off when you are not using smart phone. You can get it manually or can reset it to bare minimum times. If you are using smart stay, then it is advisable to set screen time out more than one minute. Otherwise it would take more and more server resources.

Turning off Bluetooth may increase battery consumption. Disabling kinetic data will stop all background applications to connect to internet. This could save battery consumption. Turning off auto synchronisation of dat may decrease battery consumption. It should save battery power. Disabling GPS may reduce battery consumption. Continuance of GPS when the signal is weak may result in increase of battery consumption. Samsung Galaxy uses ‘CPU power saving’ which limits the maximum performance of the CPU and thus may decrease the use of batteries. Using of ‘Screen power saving’ used to lower the power level for screen dramatically.
Disable gestures and turn off vibrations and unnecessary sounds.

Motions and gestures are utilized to control your device. You can control device with natural movements like putting the device to your ear to call a contact directly. Remove vibrates when ringing from volume settings of sound. Disable ‘Dialing key pad tone’ which plays a tone when the dialing keypad is tapped. Disable ‘touch sounds’ which plays sound when making screen selection. Disable ‘Screen lock sound’ which play sounds when locking and unlocking screen.

Get a power bank: 

Now-a-days most of e-commerce websites such as amazon, snap deal or flipkart from time to time providing you with related option to buy out power banks which are definitely a handy option in case you ran out of battery power while you are on the go. With power band, you can recharge your phone easily in the case when there is no such power outlet nearby. Portable power pack employed to save your’s phone battery in case there is no such power outlet nearby.

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Opera Max-Data savings:

In an earlier article I have reviewed Opera Max and its vitality of using android operating system environment. Opera Max brilliantly saves on data plan. It is an exceptional data manager. It minimises battery use by stopping all background applications from connecting into internet. It data saves music streaming application like you tube music, Gaana, Saavn, Pandora and slacker radio. It gives you excellent data management and data saving .

It saves data by compressing video, photos and medias. It works nicely with chrome. It is important to switch off data saving option for chrome while Opera Max is on. There is not any noticeable loss of media quality. All data sent and receive to Opera compression server and then redirected to the browser. Most of the hardware manufacturer like Samsung and Micromax now taking partnership with Opera Max so that it preinstalls on most phones and then it automatically works with most applications.

It also helps save battery and data by allowing you to block any apps running in the background without your knowledge. Most of popular music apps use extreme data to stream music. YouTube video streaming with Opera Max uses less than 50 percentages of data and video quality is good. It runs Play store nicely but still, when one wants to download with Opera Max, it does not come.

One needs to disable Opra Max to download apps from Google Play store. It is important to download Opera Max from Samsung Apps as it became extremely convenient to use and it integrates with 9Apps, Samsung mix music and many other applications where consciousness of data becomes order of the day. It blocks apps and prevents data leakages and stops applications from contacted to internet without your knowledge. As a consequence it uses less battery and preserves internet and battery usages.

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3x battery saver-iBattery: 

It is a simple battery application and probably one of the best one and best suited for Android Jellybean, Kitkat and android Lollipop users. This application saves your battery by disconnecting an internet connection while in sleep mode. It works with Opera Max which stops background applications from connecting to internet without user’s consent. At a chosen battery level phone can then be automatically switched to FLight mode so that extreme power saver can be activated to save draining battery.

There are no ads. It works with Opera Max and Samsung power saver nicely to save battery power. This application is below 1MB that is precisely 638kb and does not have any impact on performance of your phone. It has option to put out ‘eco mode’ while charging. There are options to the timing of unlock, functions to suspend in sleep mode, time in sleep mode before disconnect, auto flight mode and periodical reconnection and battery status display. It is recommended to use recommended settings in every setting of iBattery.


It does not utilize any accessibility functions to run ending of tasks. It uses very little ram and speeds up phone as well as saves precious battery from draining. These are all examples of how to save the battery of your smart phone in order to list it longer. Samsung has its ‘Blocking mode’. When this mode is selected, notifications for selected features will be disabled. You will receive notifications of incoming calls from people on your allowed list.

Features include ‘block incoming calls’, ‘disable notifications’, ‘disable alarm and timer’. When it is enabled it can speed up phone to a considerable extent. All notifications will be obtained but not notified. It is all about common sense, while utilizing Samsung Galaxy devices. Android is open source, users need to understand their phone better and dig out hidden settings on their phone in order to enable it better and smarter and longest serving battery for better smart phones.

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