Executive summary on cyber risks

Zero day attack vulnerabilities are compromising the amount of differentiated timings leads to cyber attacks in multiple forms and ways. What it is surprising is that more and older forms of viruses which have been forgotten for many years continue to attack computer that too without knowledge of users. Many a time a small piece of software might be some older software can perform a huge bunch of security threats as well malware vulnerabilities were more and more forms of seriousness in attacks towards compromising systems provide deeper forms of disturbances within information technology communities.

Due to all these attacks related to attack surface interface of information technology communities makes entire forms and factors of vulnerabilities to a completely different and adverse security establishment. Many a time, enterprises finding it hard to compensate and distribute the amount of money to be given to different security threats. Working with a misconceived system can be mostly dangerous from the point of view of surface attack analyses. Most of attacks of malwares comes through misconceived systems such as server mis-configuration, improper and inadequate file settings, prolonged use of outdated versions of applications and other pre and post configured misfires can land many server computers as well as individual computers in trouble.

An intelligent attacker does not try to create and generate forms of brute force attacks on these systems. It continues to search for such vulnerabilities in order to find out and create an attempt to enter into systems from these security settings to create more and more disturbances within server computers. Enterprises should continue their endeavor for intelligent and regular software auditing processes and installing update patch into the system from time to time.

With these continuous dynamic implementation of software application security for all these weaknesses related with complete information about application, implementation of software security and finding out leakages within software security through detection of errors of commands can lead to system administrators for devising and generating fault lines of servers.

In the case of unique computers, one should regularly check for security updates, cumulative updates, installing enhance mitigation experience took kit and maintaining safer internet practices can lead to longer and higher provisions for security of their operating systems. System administrator as well as individual computer user will have to search about these security holes as well as misconstrued computer configurations in order to secure a computer system completely. Most worrying trends are that the total number of open vulnerabilities within server computers remains the same and times.

Enterprises takes years to patch these security holes. That is why the clever concept of sand boxing comes to the rescue. Sand-boxing of the entire application environment paves the way for running these applications within these sand-boxing environment so that even if there would be any such vulnerabilities then user can easily removes such vulnerabilities without infecting operating system files. Sand-boxing technologies digs out all such cross-frame scripting attacks, which are the pervasive problem even affecting millions of computer worldwide.
Most of application as well as computer system vulnerabilities come from internet explorer.

Internet explorer remains favorite ground for attackers to enter into system vulnerabilities. With the advent of Windows 8, Microsoft continues their pervasive haunt for developing and securing Internet Explorer through initiation of enhance mitigation experience toolkit, enhanced protection mode, integrated windows authentication, smart screen filter, in private browsing, active x filtering and reporting of unsafe websites. It is important to activate supervisory control and data acquired in order stop advent of all such vulnerabilities. With the advent of android mobile operating system, computers are now closely working with mobile and smart phone devices. With different tethering techniques they can closely connect with computers in the form of blue tooth, WI-Fi and USB tethering.

That is why it is important to showcase the room for a cleaner mobile operating system so that your computer also remains cleaner and works in smart ways. Many smart phone users do not believe that these devices could ever be infected with malwares. It is not true. Android phones are slowly converting into one of smaller scaled operating system with each and every form of activities related to applications can be performed here. Google thinks users should users should utilize chrome for android as their default web browser.

It provides an option for Google web light reroutes the websites searched for through servers of Google to provide more and more security coupled with speed of internet browsing. Google Web light has vast resources for malware ridden websites to identify and find out those sites and block those sites before they try to invade into Chorme and then android operating system. In a way, using chrome becomes one of the safer options as it works on live access techniques to stop advancing malwares into operating system completely. Few years back Google Play store was full of malware ridden applications which continue to create different forms of vulnerabilities within android operating system.

Since then, it has been updated to become one most securest form of application repository. Android operating system is based upon the concept of two parallel streams of operating system where we could find more and more separation of operating system from that of application as well as other accessibility processes. Most of attackers unable to break non root android phones. Now, they try to break into separate applications mostly third party applications in order to break into android operating system.

The Google Play store is the repository of an application environment where users download applications to mobile devices to use. All these downloaded application from Google Play store runs with cloud server instead of android hard drive and even if vulnerabilities are found these can be easily removed and android operating system stays completely secure and safe from attackers.
Most of mobile operating systems are performing better than desktop operating systems. This does not mean one need to feel too much of comfort and security and be careless while using mobile operating system such as android, Apple, Windows mobile and so on.

Android distribution policies goes on to show that most of the developers and hardware manufacturers opt for a completely customized and hybrid operating system and that can have signs of vulnerabilities if applications are installed other than Google Play store. They create many of hybrid mobile applications and that can pose any such security risks. Google updated its security policies and it continues to watch the installation of such applications from other application environment other than Google Play store. If any such risks are found within these applications then Google stops its installation and warns users about such application of utilizing it.

Most enlightened issues in these cases are the presence of weaker software certificates within such native application which goes on to provide the signs of vulnerabilities inside internet world.
This is to imply that it is better to use a smart phone preferably android for your day to day activities but do not take careless option while doing this. Android is very safe but still you have to do more to it at most times. It is seen that lackluster attitude from users can reach them in dire straits in terms of smart phone devices. It is better to use a smart phone than computer devices but still one need to be extra careful while dealing with it. Do not be too much comfortable while using android.

Be careful and use it. Most of security issues are the product of insufficient security parameters employed on client sides. With the popularity of android as mobile platform slowly with due course of time more and more updates to android devices are reaching out which enable to use more and more services and use it most like what computer users do which does provide more and more opportunities for attackers to snip into devices. As a user or system administrator one needs to rely on the important fact that attackers rely more patience than many on expertise. Most of real world attacks heavily dependent upon patience of attackers who continuously make real concentration on computing habits of users, in order to make space for attacks.

It is important for users not to rely too much simple practices of safeguarding of internet but rely too much security networking practices instead. Most devices have a huge set of information stores and data flows in terms of financial as well as commercial interests. It is important for users not to rely too much on simply safeguarding practices but rely heavily on secure networking practices in order to amplify further in safeguarding their devices from the clutches of the attackers.

It is all about creating and managing a superior platform of security for your device and computer and to stop all sorts of malicious attacks by completely securing your device from all forms of damages and breaches possibly try out by hackers and remove them from intruding your computer and safeguarding yours enterprise network from different malicious attempts time and again posed by attackers from distances.

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