Bangkok dream world

Tall buildings coupled with where the dream begins and it is perceived as the distribution of happiness happens in the city of Bangkok. Some would perceive as the beginning of consciousness starts from here where as some perceived as the dream city where everything can be made easily. All such praiseworthiness accumulate inside the city of Bangkok. My travel to this dream city creates many instances of perseverance where entire journey schedule is meant to be remembered always which provides excellent communication of thoughts to go back to that place once again.

Bangkok is a city and largest city and chief port of Thailand. It is one of the leading cities of southeastern Asia. It is known for its rich cultural heritages related to Buddhist architecture. Bangkok is currently more than two hundred years old.

It is one of the most beautiful places of the earth. For what reason the attraction while reaching out to Bangkok continues unabated in the minds of individuals for longer runs. Beautiful surroundings and state of the art architectural grandeur attracts many foreign tourists all over the world continuously in order to revert back here to enjoy the beautiful nature.

Way locals treat visitors have been exemplary where one could find the sense of closeness with humbleness with honesty towards tourists which make them feel at home always. Welcome attractiveness posed by local people to visitors what matter the most. People no longer feel the sense of outsider while moving in these remote places in general.

Entire area is full of brilliant decorative elements with continuous presentation of commercial activities with brilliant foods, tasteful and delicious foods provide one of the most enjoyable places on earth. Centuries old architecture, ancient sculptures with the right mixture of modernity showcase how privileged and considerably developed society of Thailand could have been.

One could find no differential element of the mixture of architecture of modernity with the form and factors of antique architectural elements. It seems from a distance all these architectural excellence time and again calling back the visitors to attain those places again and again. Here, one could find admirable mixture of culture and perceived thought process of Thai people at their best. The mannerisms of people of Bangkok one could easily sense their punctuality, brilliant lifestyles, cultural excellence, peaceful coexistence and deep love for their own culture.

Safari World: 

It is the one world of birds and can be fully experienced by people and tourists. Entire area of safari world is of approximately, 170 acres. It is a world of zoological excellence and provides much needed food for education as well as for complete entertainment to watch and enjoy lifestyles of birds.

Entire area is about five kilometers and one could feel the life as if inside some Africa safari. Visitors could enjoy life styles of animals being placed in natural conditions within that space. In this jungle environment, most of wild animals live naturally and visitors could watch enjoy their living.

One should find many rarest of rare animals of the world living inside safari world. At some side, one could find tigers slowly walking into dense forests and some other side. Long necked giraffe would surely take bananas offered by visitors. At some other places with some running yak which suddenly stop after seeing the vehicle of ours and trying hard to gaze us and scare us as if it knows us and forget us and try hard to recall all about us.

It all provides some excellent thinking parameters for visitors reaching out there. At some other places, orangutang, which tries hard to bring back its falling pant which provides some seconds of happinesses while moving inside safari world.

At some other places, black deer would be running in flocks and then stops suddenly to jump at one place like a new born child which tries hard to stand and walk. It gives some absorbing exceptional experiences. In this safari world, one could find large number of presence of giraffes.

Marine Park:

Marine Park is nearer to safari world. Here one could experience many water shows in animals such as orang show, indus-lion show, dolphin show, water play of elephants, seals and walrus.

Mini world:

In mini world inside safari world, where birds would be seating upon visitors hands and shoulder without fear. It is one such absorbing and beautiful experience of all time. Here one could watch the exhibition of fire where the wonderful exhibition of fire techniques could be seen by visitors. In addition to this does not forget to watch the most watched and best of Asia’s the sky war show, stunt show, dolphin and beluga show for visitors. All these shows provide some of the most astonishing presentation of art in newer form to enjoy and live in these shows completely.

Sean Nirmit show:

Sean Nirmit is the biggest theater in the world. It is placed in the genus book of world records. This is state-of-the art modern theater where fusion of excellent lighting coupled with excellent computerized effects makes theatrical experiences of audiences even better. There are utmost 2000 luxury seats for high valued visitors.

Here, visitors can easily learn about Thailand’s history, lifestyles cultural excellence, religious beliefs, traditions, Buddhisms, social and religious art and culture in a different way. All these information comes with vibrant visual shows inside this biggest theater. It should be an absorbing as well as lifetime experience for visitors out there.

In addition to this one could find different ethical stories, life styles of village life of the Thai people, view of paradise and seas and rivers all over while inside this theatre. Most valued experience when artists would welcome visitors and spectators at the entrance gate. It shows how Thai people valued visitors and their way of sense of welcoming people provides some uttermost and delightful way of entrance into this biggest theater.

Trinity Temple: 

Trinity temple is situated inside besides central world shopping complex. Here, Lords of Hindus Brama, Bishnu and Maheswar are worshiped. This temple opens for visitors from morning at eight am to evening five pm. Besides here, there is a beautiful marble temple which opens from 8.30 am to five pm for visitors. Wat Fracai is a nice Buddhist temple. This is situated nearer to the Grand Palace. There is a dress code to enter into this Buddhist temple. This Buddhist temple opens from 8.30 am to 3.30 pm.


National Museum of Thailand is situated at Na Frathat road. This museum is inside of grand place nearer to Wang Na place. Here one could see the utmost and finest presentation of culture, tradition, art and archaeology brilliance of Thailand in snippets. It is important and brilliant for schooling as well as for entertainment point of view. This museum opens from 9a to 4 pm except Monday, Tuesday and government holidays.

Grand Palace: 

This grand palace is situated inside central Bangkok inside Fra district of Thailand. This is decorative and beautiful grand palace. Its constrictive style is brilliant and beautiful. This place is constructed with teak wood without any knell. There is a compulsory dress code for visitors, and this place opens for people from 8.30 am to 3.30 pm.

Bangkok is a brilliant place for visitors. Its culture, foods, places of great interest and the hosting of visitors do provide some of most rarest of rare imaginative visiting expression for people to reach out this place for most times. Count on experiences where one could find one of the most luxurious lifetime experiences while travelling at all directions throughout Bangkok. All these present itself with some of the smartest tourist destination of the world.

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