Aspects of the HP Star Wars Special Edition Notebook that inspires me

What an amazing design expresses from “Star Wars Special Edition Notebook”. Extremely powerful design with dark colored theme with the strongest possible coherence with the theme of Star Wars Special Edition Notebook from HP. Like Galaxies of universe, one can find a gold mine of information about, more and more with tons of additional features. A complete package with stubborn hardware inspired from Galactic Empire-inspired design provides a stunning look of notebook.

It has commanding 6th generation of Intel Core i5 processor which provides super fast processing power for notebook. It has a wide collection of the contents related to rare Star Wars content which helps you to move towards the unending persistence towards revealing darker sides of galaxies.

The concept of dark side theme to create an amazing experience with HP Star Wars special edition notebook inspires a lot and create spontaneous proximity towards like it in the galaxy. Intel processing power falls into which creates maximum performance outside with stubborn and smarter performance out put provides stubborn improvement of performance.

Entire graphical user interface of the notebook is spell bound which inspires ultimate and ominous dark side graphics. From its first hand impression one can find wonderful wallpapers, screen savers, concept art and original trilogy surf-boards and all these are original contents.

This notebook comes preloaded with over 1100 images. It has “concept art” created from Lucasfilm artists and most of these artistic presentations come with a collection of behind-the-scene photos, costumes, set-designs, models and many more. All these informations come preloaded with different themes which provide ample evidence of feeling of staying within galaxies where the presentations of a dark theme and performance improvements come alive while working with notebook. All these wallpapers come to reload with R2-D2 and light sabers.Collection of wallpapers goes with black and white stills, Tatooine and more. All these create an environment most similar to Star Wars scenario light within your presence.

Galactic base standard fonts such as “Aurebesh” font which comes preloaded within the font library of the Star Wars Special Edition notebook. At present users with awesome feelings of citizenship of Coruscant which deals with ultimate presentation of universalistic experience powered with stubborn sound, wonderful visual and artistic presentation of light hearted excellence of staying within the galaxy.

In addition to it one can find the first Marvel Star Wars comic series, as well as e-book excerpts from Star Wars Universe and different movie trailers from the Star War series, on Star Wars Special Edition notebook. In this way, novice users can learn in detail about different iconic presence dealing with unusual brilliant presence of Star Wars.

Now, you can witness power of a notebook and with it comes all the way brilliant anticipation of all such ingredients which would come to light different aspect of staying within wide arrays of environment that comes to reload with Star Wars Special Edition notebook. Star Wars Special Edition notebook has high definition intel core i5 processor. It has brilliant backlit keyboard which creates one anonymous instance of complete presence of Star Wars environments.

It has brilliant B&O Play which creates entire sound schemes just the same as like that of you is staying within galaxy-spinning power. With its awesome sound experience brings you closer towards, the middle of the universe all at once. It is a complete schematic experience at its best and does provide an awesome experience and complete dynamic movement of ideas and dreams comes all live at once again.

It is all nearer to the senses. One could lose complete control of the senses and bring all such senses to the other world where one could reach towards complete dynamic senses of reaching towards the universe. Due to presence of full high definition antiglare display, viewing angle of Star Wars Special Edition notebook broadens to make entire viewing angle life like with the presence of a wide viewing angle.

It has 39.62cm (15.6″) diagonal FFHD anti-glare display. With life like display of notepad provides real world presence of Star Wars with complete crystal display which does create some of the most dynamic presence of the universe all within screen sizes of laptop. With dark side theme of Star Wars Special Edition notebook, one can enjoy notebook experience with complete red backlit keys, With dimly lit rooms you can perform a complete task with completely illuminated keyboard.

Intel processor and multitasking:

It provides ample opportunities for you, to think broad and create most imaginary moments and ideas that creates one of the most brilliant and imaginary experiences of all time. With its stunning and absorbing sound effects one can find exact details of every crystal sounds with its powerful audio by B&O Play, that moves your sounds towards ultimate realities. With its reliable intel core i5 processor which handles multi-taksing makes easier for people to work out.

It performs reliable performances which you expect and really counts it on for excellent performance. Star Wars Special Edition notebook is filled with stubborn and comfortable ergonomics designing excellence with a padded sleeve fit, which can keep up with excellent comfortable holdings even during uneven surfaces.

The dark sides inspired design from Star Wars creates complete gigantic presentations of universal and present complete visualisation of galaxy design elements which ultimately creates one such complete visual entertainment all at one go with Star Wars Special Edition notebook. Dark side inspired design creates autonomous presentation of all environments related to Star Wars. It has powerful wireless capabilities with complete design experience coupled with slim, sleek and refined design provides awesome experience with refined complete control.

Star Wars Special Edition notebook comes to reload with Windows 10. It works nicely with clould-storages and everything is one of the go to provide awesome computing experience for you. Now, you can control great things with the latest version of Windows where every possible work comes with familiar feelings of Windows.

It just gets better with the times and provides some rare and awesome moments for you to feel the great happenings of your life. It has 8GB of random access memory (RAM), provides nice gaming experience with utmost multi-tasking performed all across different applications to create a richer experience. Star Wars Special Edition notebook comes with additional 1 TB of storage space to provide your complete offline control of all of your data so that everything will be within your notepad whenever you need it. Now, you could have more than 1,000,000 photos, upto 500 movies and more than 240,000 songs within your note pad. This creates additional opportunities to store more and create easier and faster space for you to redefine the computer experience.

Hardware specifications:

It comes with NVIDIA GeForce graphical user interface to enhance and produce optimised gaming experience with high definition presentation that redefined watching and enjoying the experience of the computer within notepad environment. Brilliant crystallized and awesome clarity of defined exhibition of brilliant display provides awesome computing experience.
It has re-writable DVD drive so that you can write your own media easily. It has optimal and integrated re-writable DVD drive for providing awesome DVD experience.

For optimal small office and home office environment Star Wars Special Edition notebook comes packed with ports such as display, printers, devices and more with complete easiness. Star Wars Special Edition notebook comes packed with extremely helpful resources, which provide optimum computing experience for users to provide fun side of Star Wars challenge with the most useful functionalities that inspires complete control of notebook experience that should inspire many such users like me.

This special edition notebook from HP is designed to celebrate the release of the latest movie of the Star War series. It provides awesome design and must be a treat for all fan boys of Star Wars. Vinyl finish Darth Vader on the top of the laptop panel coupled with awesome red Galactic empire logo creates much needed fan boy experience of Star Wars. It has HDMI, power, SD card slot, ether net port and DVD-ROM. With great audio output customers do have bold sound output to match the theme of Star Wars.

HP also added, additional security systems to its HP Star Wars Special Edition Notebook for comprehensive security features such as client security, biosphere and embedded TPM. All these notebooks are empowered to perform and deliver maximum powerful performance. Its articulating reclining stand provides the perfect viewing angle from all sides in a convenient for users to use in any directions while dealing with notepad.


It has built-in HP noise reduction software to reduce the fan noise so that users can use the computer without hearing the noise. The silent mode enables excellent performance enhancement for users to create and visualise much needed creative performance enhancer for users. HP Star Wars Special Edition Notebook has built-in 1GB webcam in order to create much needed collaborative management.

It has 10 point capacitance touch panels in order to create an enhanced user experience for users. Most of system sound conveniently modified to set it out much needed Star Wars sounds for users. HP Star Wars Special Edition Notebook provides crisp images without any distortion. Battery lasted for few good hours with complete gaming and multimedia use. It lasts for more than four hours with Adobe Photoshop and Microsoft Office and gaming.

HP Star Wars Special Edition Notebook is a collective piece of Star Wars elements. Entire hardware graphical user interfaces are fantastic and does provide an excellent way to entertain yourself if you are a fan of Star Wars. Touched is very good which has glass markings in order to control movements of touch while performing multi-tasking.

It shows similarities with that of rebel spaceship of Star Wars movies. It has super cool deep red and black casing which provides ultimate Star Wars mod for notepad. Packaging font it shows a nice look with stubborn and ultimate freshness of notepad which is mostly provided some new and innovative way of creating super notepad experience.

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of HP Star Wars Fun Side Challenge for Indiblogger. All opinions are 100% mine.

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