Are antiviruses going to die?

With widespread adoptions of Android Mobile operating system, it goes on to show that slow the importance of antivirus in operating systems is fading to anonymity. With the widespread use of open source as alternative as well as a concept for operating system beginning with mobiles to laptop, it becomes apt clear that slowly antiviruses are going to die. Or it is not let us disseminate it and find out real reason behind this. Slowly, Microsoft is offering its own brand of in the form of Microsoft Essentials prior to Windows 8 and subsequently Windows Defender. That goes on to show, is there an eccentric to employ third party antiviruses further on computing devices?

Android being the most popular smart phone operating system irrespective of original equipment manufacturer which is then shown how deep rooted the use of this operating becomes. One could easily find this as we could see that more and more people who are using a smart phone have android inside of it. There is no question about it. Windows Defender is built-in antivirus for Windows 8 and beyond and it does provide, descent antivirus protection which runs nicely with, Windows and provide an excellent solution of updates.

It’s update here. Definitions are interlinked with Windows Update where we can find ample evidence of nice protection with continuous updates from Microsoft. It has many additional feature and it continues to run in background and protecting Windows.

Are antiviruses going to die?

Microsoft has plenty of privileged features for betterment of security. Most of the vulnerabilities of Windows comes from internet browsing and for Windows in the default internet browsing is internet explorer. With due course of time, internet explorer has gone through a complete overhaul and it continues to provide deeper security mechanisms.

It has ActiveX filtering, tracking protection, web page privacy policy and smart screen filter. There is every possibility to report for unsafe sites to Microsoft server so that a community building among different people so that Microsoft continues to build stronger operating system.

Similarly, with android operating system, there is no need for antivirus as Google with its multiple security strategies continues its protection for betterment of android mobile operating system. In non-root android devices, most of the security arrangements are taken over by Google while in cloud mode so that every possible application installed within the system should be equally checked through its visualisation server in order to present security android devices.

Most of android devices desperately take the help of original equipment manufacturers sending up periodically updates. Though from android 6.0 onwards Google is changing its update policies and contracts with original equipment manufacturers to send periodic updates to android devices.

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Due to large amount of people using android and more and more corporates are encouraged to install their own version of website app to speed up and formulate easy processing of applications slowly. Many users are shifting towards making android the better device. Concept of device administrators in android device is significant and it is important to allow any application this privilege by going through thinking processes.

Do not put forward any application in this administrative privileges hastily without thinking about it. Generally android device manager has this privilege and keeps it on as this is necessary for Google to control your device from a distant location. It is important to permit android device manager, to lock or delete a lost device. Most of Lenovo devices also want their default launcher to allow it on android device manager.

It is important not to tick on unknown sources inside security of settings. In this way, you are not allowing installation of application from sources other than the play store. This is the best way to stop the advent of malware inside android ecosystem of application. Most of android application inside of Play store are very well scanned up and then properly taken care of inside virtual server environment of Google’s security. That is why most android devices remain clean and run well off without installing antiviruses.

Google also activates one newer security setting which takes extreme stock of applications installed through application environment other than android ecosystem. Verify apps of security settings, goes on to show that it enabled one can block or warn installation of apps that may cause harm and it applies to all application ecosystems such as Galaxy store and so on. Most Samsung mobiles especially the Samsung Galaxy mobiles does come with signature based updating for its own set up applications.

We know Samsung develops many applications and most of these applications are of no use but some application do provide extreme essentials and for this Samsung developed the concept of signature based updating system which can block updatation of its own applications other than Galaxy store and Play Store. This is another form to stop entering of viruses and Trojans.

You can encrypt your android devices to stop shoulder surfing. But most of internet connectivity do not function well with encryption. If you on 2G or 3G then, for surely such connectivity does not work well so it is important for you to use encryption if you are only using Wi Fi as an Internet connection.

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Galaxy mobiles does have some additional option such as find my mobile which has remote controls, sim change alert, and go to find my mobile webpage which provides an additional option for security of its lost phone. You can even set up sim card lock for your phone so that whenever the phone is lost any stranger has to enter a pin to use the device.

Most of modern android device do have safety assistance feature for an emergency situation, and in those circumstance only emergency messages can be sent by taking pictures from front and rear cameras. It asks you to set up emergency numbers in the case when you are in a difficult situation.

It takes pictures of the location and sends messages to assign numbers. It provides information for sending emergency pictures which take pictures using the front and rear cameras and send them to emergency contacts. It asks you to assign message intervals so that after a certain duration it can again send pictures and messages to emergency numbers.

Windows 8 and beyond does have Windows Defender to defend Windows computer and this use of most antiviruses has become slowly redundant and out of date. It is of necessary to install third party antivirus on Windows ecosystem as native antivirus for Microsoft works brilliantly without compromising security systems. Internet Explorer of Windows 8 has protected mode for Internet Explorer which makes a system secure from internet viruses and malwares.

It stops unknown active x control from taking control of the system. Reach to Internet Properties then tick on advanced and then reach for security settings of Internet Explorer and then enable enhanced protection mode and enable integrated Windows authentication and these two settings do require, restarting of your computer. Both these settings can be reached to internet properties, then advanced. Then settings and then security and then you can reach both these two settings for internet explorer.

Windows 8 does have a nice firewall which is far better than the firewall which we used to be with Windows XP. Windows 8 firewall helps to protect your personal computer to prevent hackers or malicious software from gaining access to your personal computer through the internet or a private network. Windows Defender monitors your personal computer and helps to protect it comprehensively through constant update of its definitions and security settings.

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It helps to prevent viruses and spyware by constantly updating viruses and spyware definitions. It prevents malicious applications from running and stopping computers by preventing administrative access, through the process of quarantine. It is always on and the real time protection is always recommended. It alerts you whenever malicious or potentially unwanted software attempts to install or run in your personal computer.

With the growing increase of the internet all over India, there is amply difficult for users to recognise viruses and other internet malwares. Most of these corporate transactions are carried on with the internet for this it is important to implement high scale security status which is mostly related to hardware security could lead to refinement and sophistication of internet security.

Most of open source operating system deals with the concept of separation of processes of user data and applications. When applications run within an ecosystem of operating system, even if installation of malwares could not enter into some other portions of operating system which might lead to the limitation of processing power of computers or mobile operating system.

As long as cyber crime exists, we still have traces of existences of malwares and viruses in the internet world. That is why it is pertinent to be alerted as well as conscious of existence of such imminent danger all around the internet world. Now there are many such nodes of internet which begin from a smart phone, computer.

Applications and so on. Slowly. Every instance of internet security moves to the arena where we solely depend upon all such possibilities of defending with original equipment manufacturers in order to completely secure and feel safer operating system for your perusal.

Certainly we slowly move away from the over dependence of third party security suites as with due course of time, the need and essential of using application and software should also be properly checked and authenticated by hardware manufacturers. While looking at all these aspects of most of original equipment manufacturers, devise their own strategies to develop the security concept of building a stronger and secure environment for operating system.

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