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A peep into future of India’s new opportunities-2020

Many economists of the world are projecting India, along with Brazil, Russia and China (BRIC), as the future super economic powers. It is estimated that India has a distinct comparative advantage as it possesses a vast reservoir of skilled manpower. The emerging demographic differentials reveal that over the population profile which is concentrated in the Continue Reading »

There is no patch for human stupidity

Having human forms or attributes as opposed to those of animals or divine beings. Humans are full kindness and many other definitive attributes. Five fingers be not the same. Similar percentages of contentedness do not stay with humans. Percentages of perfectness varies from people to people. Humans love to stay with social gatherings and fond Continue Reading »

Aspects of the HP Star Wars Special Edition Notebook that inspires me

What an amazing design expresses from “Star Wars Special Edition Notebook”. Extremely powerful design with dark colored theme with the strongest possible coherence with the theme of Star Wars Special Edition Notebook from HP. Like Galaxies of universe, one can find a gold mine of information about, more and more with tons of additional features. Continue Reading »

How to get more battery life out of Android phones

With due course of time, battery life of android phones has become more and more excellent. With the advent of android Kitkat, minimisation of processor use with optimisation of graphical user interface provides smoother use of processing powers of operating system. Most of android phone are meant to be used for entire daily activities so Continue Reading »

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