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Cloud computing has been the biggest phenomena since the advent of android mobile operating system. Due to a large chunk of network connectivity we have seen an upward surge of collection and accumulation of data and keeping data safe and forever has been the biggest problem for most data mining companies. Android proves to be providing the right kind of solution to these impending problems. Data is now collected in huge numbers beginning from computers to mobile as well as other smart platforms. Mostly people are using mail in electronic mail format which compels companies such as Gmail and others to create a segment of achieving so that more and more mails could be easily accommodated and more and more spaces for safeguarding and keeping of data can be easily formulated.

Owing to Windows 10 more and more data are now being stored inside cloud through in built sky drive as well as many other data are constantly being uploaded to Google Drive, Sky Drive, Picassa, DropBox and other cloud platforms. With the introduction of android comes the SNS service which compels most of cloud platform to show case their cloud data into user’s handset. In this way, data stored inside cloud platforms have some sort of offline links as well. In this way, those photoes, videos and documents stored inside different cloud platforms reappear on the smart phone’s gallery segment through SNS service. The surprising aspect of this also is that these data of cloud platforms do not take any iota of space inside your smart phone.

Drop Box is a big cloud platform player but its android installation does not come with move to SD card option and for this links of data of cloud platforms could be seen, and if that continues to accumulate then ultimately that could have space problem for main memory of smart phone. Google’s own photo application is known as photos do provide an option to move to SD card and it makes a headway for complete and unlimited space for users. With this concept of the distance between android powered mobile devices as that of with distanced cloud servers become far lesser. With the introduction of fourth generation of internet in most parts of India, it has become pretty obvious that speed of internet now rises to fast track speed and this makes entire realm of working of internet faster with due course of time and there is hardly noticeable difference between local files and cloud files will become.

What it performs slowly the umpteenth importance attached to the type of collaborative importance of simultaneous transaction of files between a local hard disc with that of server side cloud computing servers. Now, it has become completely easier to perform and attach files in both segments. Now, users can upload any files to cloud server from android and slowly everything now becomes a perfectly coordinated approach between cloud and local servers. Microsoft surely learns from these modern trends of data management and empowers users of Windows 10 to reach out to maximum cloud server computing with its own cloud server which makes easier access for users to upload files and those files can be accessible from any devices irrespective of mobile operating system they use. What it makes is that now data stays on central server and as per now there are many such reputable firms such as from Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Drop Box and so on and users can now responsibly rely on those server easily and can now easily upload contents.

With due course of time, pricing of internet packs has not become extremely cheaper and for this it is important for users to understand they should upload contents to cloud servers so that there’s data can stay for there for ever and even if you forget about it at any point of time and after several years such memories stays with cloud server to reappear again for them. Most of persons have different multimedia contents and most of them have more than three to four different types of devices through which they can easily access such contents. Suppose you have a desktop computer, a laptop, tablet, smart phone and access computers on the office and you have internet or Wi-Fi connection for all such devices, and now you can centralise all data contents everywhere. By uploading contents of Drop Box or say any other cloud servers and installing client of such server will enable you to access contents all across devices.

What it does be that every content is now on a centralised server of one cloud server and those contents can now be accessible to every possible device you use. Now, most of clouds servers implements the most precious offline content linking which is based on super programming based language which empowers users to implement the most modern forms of linking of multimedia contents which create smaller but stronger size of multimedia content to appear when you click on link. It creates content display inside that of the gallery more powerful and most convenient to use about. What it does now it removes constraint of local storage and most of time, local storages are difficult to collaborate with each other as most of times the native or the main device need to be switched on every time and this is not possible to switched on native device and also internet connection all the time and for this the concept of cloud computing gain upper hand and most of enterprises have been using this most of time.

Now, with the concept of cloud computing most of the data stays with cloud instead of the local device and for this no permanent internet connection and creation of server computer is not at all a necessity. it is important to understand that most of times all these aspects of cloud computing creates a safer harbor of all of yours data and any devices with secure authentication user name and password can easily access desirable multimedia contents without any further need for creating a server computer. Now, any devices with the client server and user name and password and after perfect authentication can move towards the stage of complete authentication and can access those documents and can also easily add and subtract documents without any further need for accessing the original server or device. With the advent of server side computing or cloud server one point need to be clearly stated and noted is that most times, know the difference between local server with that of client computers or devices has not become completely redundant. Now, any client device can become part of server computing as and when empowered client devices can upload additional requirement of updating of data and that data can then reach to server side client computing and can be accessible from different authenticated devices easily.

Similarly, with due course time it has been seen that there has been complete discrepancy between different data types such as there is a vast difference between images and videos. Most of videos do take time to upload and this makes the complete collaboration takes some time and it is important to remember and understand that Google’s successful venture such as YouTube has now slowly making way for users to avail the most important offline features with a stuffing 1.29 GB space for free users to download offline contents to stay with cloud server with linking facility so that with the same user name and password all such contents can now be easily accessible all across devices. What it makes is that now offline videos stay with cloud with completely new type of configuration from Google those contents stay with same account forever and can be easily accessible for user to use and enjoy direct video watching without any need and constraint to download contents as well as nothing to worry about the amount of space required to put those videos on devices.

Slowly, we are moving into the era where every possibilities idea and happenings can stay with complete sort of the perfect combination of cloud computing and local computing easy. The most challenging part of computing enterprises such as Google, Microsoft, Samsung aims to reduce complete distance between offline computing and online computing. It is true no person in the world would stay online forever and this one need to find enough configuration so that all cloud computing sources could be easily accessible through offline computing. Most of large internet enterprises slowly understand what consumers are facing the problem and slowly they are building enough fire power so as to enable customers to use such computing easy and without any further need to continue to stay online forever. Offline videos of YouTube on android devices as well as DropBox working with Gallery default application of Samsung Galaxy devices just goes on to show how there is complete reduction of offline and online contents and how users can now easily see and enjoy the perfect combination of online and offline computing and all of its data can now easily be corelated.

One problem, I have watched while dealing with the applications that deals with massive difference between offline and online linking of data, is that some enterprises such as YouTube as well as others but one need to find out that such data can be seen in visual presentation but cannot be easily shared with others as most of times in order to share those data one need to download contents from the server side and then share it and this means that one has to connect to internet and then share those with other. So, in a way now we reach at the stage where the visible side of viewing we have seen that there is complete similarity between offline and online content sharing and most times on visible sides the difference is fast reducing further. Though still there is time for complete collaboration between online content and offline content where the visible aspect of cloud computing remains as it is. In order to enable complete collaborative empowerment one need to understand that one need to figure out a complete solution to remove the perfect difference between offline and online content sharing in order to make cloud computing best.

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