Kabi Samrata Upendra Bhanja

Language is the mirror of society. It depicts exact happenings of time. It showcased directive mirrors of that time which provides more and more happenings and incidents of durations where one could see the term of references of the day-to-day habitat of people living at those times. Some times in languages of middle ages literatures have complicated dynamic meanings to a single verse. It does indicate that in those times writers have to live under extreme situation of fear where they tend to fear in portrait exact happenings in direct awesome manner.

Middle writings of the great poet of Odia literature Upendra Bhanja have complete control of semantics and some positions particular verses does provide more than ten meanings. It ought to be a challenge for analysers to find it out which particular meaning is perfect for particular segment of sequence of verses where we find analysing meaning of such verses does provide complete analytical mental aptitude and complete exercise of semantic and grammar sense to reach to real sense of entire flood of verses.

Sheer talent of Upendra Bhanja is beyond doubt and as a scholar of odium languages I have read and try hard to devise all of his wonderful writings which does provide different states of human beings from time to time in order show case how beauty can be described and analysed in complete senses. During those times, most of kings try to override writers and take away their writings and rename on their own name at those times, might writings of Upendra Bhanja showcased the testimony and valiant attempt to find out what has already been seen and the way he showcased in his verses proves his extreme talent of systematic configuration of words which creates verse or sentence of poetry which could provide different alternative meanings and it is for analytical to decide upon which way the meaning of verses goes. This goes on to show that in those times most writers do intend to write simple livings of day-to-day attendances of lives but still serious writers do try to include meanings of beauty in simple and coordinated manner.

Modern analysts do tend to find the real suprise element over the use of such high quality semantics that could provide a different set of meanings of distinct writings. It creates a stronger semantics and is great for Odia language as a whole as it does have a tendency to show how strong this authentic language could be. In all sense, it goes on to show that one has to acquire enough competence and definitive strategic control over languages in order to write such brilliant verses of dynamic connotations. While writing such wonderful verses, Upendra Bhanja also showcased the rhythmic part of these verses so much so as that generations after generations continue to memorise such strong wordings with a series of luminous verses without a doubt. How could a writer write such strong poetry which is very long like a series of dramas as well as do show case one of most amazing and wonderful poetic justice to verse presentations.

From the writings of middle ages, it is umteenth clear that there has been a vast difference between standards of livings of rich and poor. Rich people have an affluent life style in middle ages and rich ladies have many attendants and they do have various freedoms to choose to choose it from. People have more consciousness towards preserving and keeping environment intact and writers of middle ages tend to look and examine various impacts of environments seriously. They look and observe the environment with some other perception and more to it added to the environment when many different parts of the environment do provide, characteristic representation of various environmental propositions. Environments becomes different sorts of characters and try to reflect and personalise different characteristic representations from time to time in order to present and perform dynamic representations of discrete attributes.

Nature becomes parts and parcel of characteristic representation of writings of the great poet of all time in Odia language Upendra Bhanj. This creates another instance of writing where it presents and depicts more and more life into a story line where most of the time we tend to find about different analytic representations of characterisation of personality within different spheres of writings. People of those times used to love ornaments as well as they tend to read ornamental writings as it suggests people still love beautiful languages.

This goes on to show people do use simple languages were as regional languages do go towards the stage of simple languages devoid difficult sensitised representations, of languages. People love to read ornamental verses as well as love to sing those verses with specific set up rules where one could find extreme happiness most times during leisure intervals. So, all these verses create and manage a set up intellectual set up where one could find they reach to different discussion forums to let people understand exact meanings of it. Then some people tend to analyse this and think in some other ways and this creates an atmosphere of extreme discussion where one could find a wonderful stage of complete satisfaction among one another without a single point of distractions.

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