Is Sanskrit the best language for computer programming?

While dealing with Boddunan, the most favorite forum, I happened to look at a topic which envisaged the importance of Sanskrit as a language and its vitality in making developing of computer language easiest. It is known, and then it strikes into my mind to look deeper into this topic and move towards establishing the common known fact by making a simple Google search about this. Now, I start to search on this subject.

During high school, I have Sanskrit, and I loved that language the most simple fact of life is that there is a strong sense of preconceived built on these languages and everything that added to it in accordance with languages and its different rules and regulations. It is very easier to remember and for every word there is a set up of rules to follow and move beyond with it.

During Google Search, in this same subject, I found wonderfully crafted writing of Denver thinks where he explained in a clear cut manner about this subject. Even layman can understand in plain about this. I spend a hell lot of time in developing and writing languages, which are mostly related with applications, internet rich applications as well as some form of artificial intelligence. While reading the contents of an article written by Denver think seems interesting and provides clarity on this subject.

The way humans communicate with each other and send and receive communicative preferences has never ever been a comfortable language to pursue a computer programmer. It is apparent such communication differs with each person and with each person such communication goes in dynamic fields in every minute and many persons these can go within seconds.

This ia astounding as how humans forms of communications changes with due course of time. In the case of computer programming, in order to include artificial intelligence one need to understand the concept of clear that every composer and organiser need to accomplish that for every same action with the same set up commands need to be followed.

A human who always speaks the same languages can understand the inflow of such languages was as computer most times not able to understand such languages. Language Sanskrit has a logical structure which has every form of word for every situation and which can move the concept of ideas to understand better for humans as well as for computers.

There are many forms of contradictory theories which challenge such ideas. In reality, if one looks this language in the form of exact principles of organised manner then one can easily find this answer without the slightest form of hesitation. Every statement of Sanskrit can be easily broken down into different array which validates its position for each and every data to move beyond to understand the way it is being spoken and refer to.

Sanskrit is at first difficult language to follow but slowly one can accustom with it. Due to comprehensive rule based structure. It has been umpteenth clear that it is difficult to be the language of common man. That is why most of modern languages evolved from it and slowly established its identities.

In this approach, it proves that humanity is not attached with a perfect and true sense of speaking up languages. They do not want to mingle in great with their minds as they want to speak from their heart in stead heavily indulging their mind in speaking languages systematically. That is why language Palli becomes general language and Sanskrit is still to date is being used while worshipping Lord and other rituals. This goes on to show. Sanskrit is a natural language as well as it is easier to compile all forms of data in terms of arrays so that it can be easily understood by computers at their best.

It provides the forms and factors of statements in the same form which it comes from mouth as well as it considers the statement as not being so weird but being the perfect and straight form of sentence where it becomes easier for computing languages equipped with artificial intelligence extremely easier to understand and comprehend in terms of computer processor.

Sanskrit is extremely logical and comprehensive and all of its words and semantics have to go with certain precise and considerate forms of actions where one can find the exact sense of a sentence which has just the one single place for each expression. It is clear that for a particular verb no further form of syntax cannot be used. So, a form of sentence can be easily converted to another form of sentence without a doubt as well as other forms can be changed with same set of sequence and all these forms are extremely critical and extremely friendly for languages which are mostly similar in nature.

Sanskrit as a language is extremely, precise and it has not redundant and confused words to start with. It does provide some forms of unambiguous understanding of languages and provide clear cut precision and that is why most of tremendous computer programming developers are from India. It becomes one of the most natural element for them to choose from and to involvement with what it meant to be the languages or using their daughter languages since their childhood.

It is one of so perfect language that people does afraid to use it as they fear at any point of time they can make a mistake while describing particular forms. Most verbs and nouns just go with some forms of brilliant forms of expression and mostly they are similar in nature. Some people who oppose this form used to say that it is difficult to write coding language based properly on Sanskrit. It is not true as due to this perfect precision one can nearly use it with deeper perfection and speed in which a code of artificial language with that proper configurable actions does provide additional forms of actions.

Some say Sanskrit does provide plenty of meanings of same sentence without altering exact meanings of sentence, it is true and does provide proper sense of actions where it compels computers to use their mind to use which sense of sentence they wanted to use while communication and does extremely helpful for developers to build easy configured artificial intelligence languages with deeper sense of perfection.

Some western scholars used to justify loopholes of Sanskrit name with the course of using English as debanagiri script so that it takes more than that of syllables with that of it uses the computer, in reality they forget to understand that while dealing with computer programming language, we tend to move towards semantics as well as syntax that deals with mostly the forms and factors using with that of languages of Sanskrit.

Most of Sanskrit syntaxes used to move into certain forms of language structure and for this the use of bytes while dealing with forms of coding languages that deals with, artificial intelligence becomes extremely shorter and precise.

The strength of language in Sanskrit is such that one can easily find that most of modern languages have evolved from it and continue to exist due to strong sens of foundation the language of Sanskrit poses into. There is no way to evolve this language as this language perceived to be constructed by the Lords seems too perfect to configure for every other situation to showcase better understandings of this language which perceivable the perfect for every form of configurations.

Detractors say that it is the most difficult ones to decipher but perhaps they failed to understand the need for such action as with due course of time we tend to find exact forms of happenings when we see the entire coding formats in every sphere needs a complete overhaul of expression as with due course of time we could summarize exact happenings in life in a completely systematic manner without proper need to inherently look all these points of actions.

It is important to understand. The efficacies of computer understanding human words is not the same as that of humans. Humans can guess many actions before exact words are spoken but in the case of computer or mobiles such as Android, Apple, or Micorsoft they need to understand exact sequence of words and that too if those are being coded in the current forms of coding one could see most of these forms and factors of artificial intelligence do tend to show some wrong results as they tend to understand from the tone or the tone commands which may speak certain forms of words in certain different forms.

If artificial intelligence based on scripts primarily based upon Sanskrit then it is absolute sure and completely true that slowly, computer would understand what it tries to speak about from the exact configuration of sentence due to extremely logical structure and slowly dependence on the pronunciation forms of announcement would go away as here artificial intelligence would work in the form of exact logical construction of vocabulary instead of phonetically understanding of languages.

That is why when we speak English command to any text-to-speak software it hears the phonetically which mostly based upon Western English and does provide some other forms of the same pronounciation which we actually think that in. Some say, comprehensive forms of code computer language are at higher forms in terms of bytes, but one thing must be remembered as the part and parcel of developing artificial intelligence is that Sanskrit language does provide most space and does have limited vocabulary structure.

It can provide many meanings to the same sentence and does remove the chances of data redundancies. In this way, it does creates inner and inherent mind of computers to create and build a perfect artificial mind which could play with sentence and words as most of these have limited in number and does creates extreme conscious elements to put forward their thoughts of actions.

Last but not the least the tone therapies of artificial agents of Android, Apple or Microsoft to see in microscopic eyes seems to suggest that most of these have tones like that of robot and are far from being provided with the sense of talking of normal human beings. One need to understand that in order to make fully comprehensive success for artificial intelligence one need to find out that the computer or applications should speak in the same indigenous people. Sanskrit codes do provide huge forms of refinement of speaking and it can create huge improvement the way language is being spoken to and talked about.

Language of Sanskrit creates different forms of imagination as well as additional forms of imagination and it has the power and configuration to realize life in non-life objects. Most of modern Indian space research have this fundamental and it has been seen the real strength of Indian space voyages where they easily reach to the difficult path of mars with the first attempt. India have made their super computer based on this approach and it continues to build such gigantic establishment technology, and it does not depend upon what so called scholars of westerner think of it as it has been seen the refinements and precision of Sanskrit languages makes it live forever and still people use it for their rituals and for super believes.

Ultimately, it goes on show that Sanskrit is the best language for computer programming as well as for artificial intelligence and space science. It continues to provide an easier way to calculate and reach out to different difficult and dynamic logics.

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