How to rectify internet banking disconnection from e-commerce websites

In today’s arena, due to the most favorable regime, there are cores of heavy possibilities of electronic commerce sites mushrooming and creating their own spaces within consumer’s mind. E-commerce ventures such as Amazon, Flipkart are performing nicely in the era of cut throat competitions. They are providing many items in huge discounts and slowly they have improved their logistics part which is a huge bonus for most of the consumers. In this era of internet Banking where most of financial transactions can be possible with the help of net banking and debit card banking of most of nationalised and some privately owned banks. Most of these priced discounts on items sold through e-commerce sites are located in pre-oredered pricing formulae. Most of cash on demand items are not sold with huge discounts.

In Flash Sales where discounts upto 70 to 80 percentages, are available can be accesses with a pre- payment option which can only be done through net banking facilities. In order to perform net banking payment of any purchased items from electronic commerce sites. Most of repeated purchases come in such way. So, transactions through net banking are important otherwise consumer could not be able to purchase such items immediately. Most of top e-commerce website do have certain related period and mostly during festive occasions such as during Puja and Deewali holidays and all these are heavily advertised on various hellish dailies on front pages and all these do provide some sort of attention for people who want to buy such related items. Most of these cells are called as annual or year end sale and during these times most of the people who purchased items Mostly they have to do in terms of new banking facilities.

So, importance of net banking while doing transactions with e-commerce websites is important and it is significant that your computer and its Web browser especially internet explorer should be fit and well configured enough so as to face the comfortable challenge while performing financial transactions. Most of these transactions are https which is performed on secured peer to peer protocol and it is important to keep your computer cleaner enough and safe enough so that you should not be facing any such eventualities by hacking or other parameters while performing financial transactions. It is important to perform such transactions on the bank account of yours which has a lesser amount of balance and should not be attacked with any other bank accounts as such. During this year, while purchasing of some items on top e-commerce sites with especially I have found in some of flash sales some items are not moving towards the stage of not connecting with net banking.

All such transactions have a time limit attached to it mostly under 15 minutes and such transactions of rebated items do expire after such time duration. I have faced such issues during that time and surprisingly most of these items could not be reached to the logical conclusion of ordering of items due to not connecting to net banking facilities. It is suprise for me and in a loss for me as during all these transactions I have seen most of such flash sales have always been difficult to attain but still I have been able to reach to it in past but this time most of these orders have stopped due to not connecting to net banking facilities.

Two months back I completely refreshed Windows 8.1 laptop and now it is a completely innovative operating system and I only have Internet Explorer in it as I go with the principle of installing fewer applications and softwares. So, the first question well within upon myself why such state of things is happening in the first place as in earlier times, connecting to net banking from or Flipkart happens to be easier and completely automated process of receiving secret code on registered mobile on net banking bank and then putting that code this completion of the transaction is always possible.

So, why such abruption occurs and continues for some days and for this I have lost the chances to purchase some of most rebated items which happen to be the most sad part for me and for this it is important to find out exact problem of it. It is clear that the computer is clean and there is no trace of the virus is there and I do have a good and sufficient Internet speed as in the past it is always there and the internet was working properly. Why such State is happening and why such no connection to net banking is happening is difficult to answer till the real cause of such state of things is to detect it out. First and foremost the web browser I do use is Internet Explorer and I have to reach to its settings in order to find about is there something wrong inside its settings or not.

I open-ended Internet Explorer and then click on its settings ‘Tools’ or alternatively “Alt+ X” then the drop down menu appears from there. From its drop down menu, I clicked on “Internet Options”. Now, “Internet Options” opens from it and it has seven tabs, I choose to see “Advanced” and then a list of “Settings” appears from there. I browsed through it till I reach sub menu namely, “HTTP 1.1 settings” and tick two boxes under it namely “Use HTTP 1.1” and “Use http 1.1 through proxy connections”. Then, I moved downwards to reach towards, “Security” settings of Internet Explorer, and tick on following security sub menus.

Enable Windows Integrated Authentication

Use SSL 2.0

Use SSL 3.0

Use TLS 1.0

Use TLS 1.1

Use TLS 1.2

Then, I restart the computer and now open and then I connect one purchased items for payment through net banking to reach towards its gateways and to my utter happiness now the net banking connection from e commerce sites such as Amazon and others are now a reality. Now, I find the real issue of not connecting e-commerce site not connecting with net banking and now my impending problem of no net banking payment of online purchased stands resolved.

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