Factors affecting consumer buying behaviour in vegetable shopping

The term marketing has wider connotations. It has different linguistic meaning attached with it. From time to time different linguistic zones tries hard to make some other meaning which is very much convenient for local people. In day-to-day vegetable market, this term has different meaning for buyers as well as sellers. Most of the buyers have a tendency to buy vegetables at bargaining prices. In local vegetable market at most times, cost of particular vegetables varies from place to place and seller to seller. It is the duty of the buyer to watch for it and for some seller for fresh vegetable. Price might be higher than the same sort of product at other seller but with some later times.

All these permutations and combinations led to calculations involved with marketing. It is the sole aim of marketeer or seller to sell all of its product at a profit rate and the correct time. As most vegetables inside vegetable market are perishable products and does have a certain lifetime to its existence. After a certain period of time price of these products could become extremely low. All these aspects are better known to vegetable seller and for this different marketing strategies could provide and announce them for better profit oriented scenarios for them. Selling a product is one of the most difficult propositions so as selling a vegetable product is almost more than to it as in the long run. Time of perishability of vegetable product is important.

On weekend, I reached for a nearby vegetable market of my native place. My native place is famous for various vegetable products as most of these nearby village areas are filled with a large sector of irrigation projects which lead to a massive set of production of vegetables. Most of these farmers brought foods from there and sell at at a different time. First principle of marketing for buyer is to move to entire buying area in its total from one stage to another so as have to a through look of what are the vegetable available there and where there is fresh vegetables and where there is not so fresh vegetable out there. First I roam into entire vegetable market area slowly from one side to other and hear the announced rates from different vendor while going through it.

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Most of vegetable vendors used to call the rates of vegetables and mostly the lowest rates and most times at a certain point there would be a competition among themselves and one should hear different pricing at different point of times. One should not be intimidated by the lowest price of the same vegetable as at certain point of time one could find not so fresh vegetable used to be charge less by vegetable seller. Be mindful of it and move forward while hearing about rates and prices of vegetables. There are different varieties of some vegetable product like that of some particular vegetable from a particular segment tend to cost more though it has greater value of food attached to it. Always consider pricing font while watching for all these and buying these products before it.

In an era of increase demand, even higher production does not demand lower pricing. People do have more money and that creates, more opportunity for rising prices. That is why it is vital always to go for intelligent marketing. This trend should be there where you should find a huge number of variable pricing fonts, where intelligent buyers should go for comprehensive buying decisions. While asking for a particular vegetable product one seller says if one buy it half a kilo then it should cost at 25 rupees for a kilo and if one purchase for a kilo then it should cost for 20 rupees per kilo. I was surprised, why at such stiffened heat times, that seller, should have aimed to sell all its vegetable at some profit times but that seller choose to make this profit formulae, so as buyer who wants to buy for half a kilo would want definitely to buy for one kilogram of that vegetable so that all of its vegetables should be finished at rapid place.

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As a buyer, the first prominent part of buying for a buyer is to go for, quality of vegetable and if quality of vegetable is nice then, such bargain price even for one kg or more for such particular product, which seems to be at par with equal distribution of pricing and value for money for all of buying decisions. It is important to go for such decision making times as it not only makes you feel nearer to value for money but also do provide some sorts of additional forms of acquiring different variable zones where you would be able to choose for and reach to a particular stage where most of times decision to buy certain products do make a clear cut and precision point. In this bargaining purchasing one kilogram of particular vegetable if going to help you to attend additional value for money then it should be for you and you should go for it.

Many a time at such time, one need to buy some particular vegetable product at some higher price at most times, good quality vegetable product cost higher than normal segment of vegetable product. So, one has to find out more and more bargaining propositions among one’s decisive mind to go for decision buying behaviour of buyers, as one should go for good quality of products and compare price of product with that of other similar product one could reach towards absolute essential buying decision so that cost for money should at par with one’s own decision making processes. In between I observed some rare vegetable definitely costs of higher but one could go for a lesser amount in term of identity in order to have different types of vegetables in the kitty.

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It is the permanent decision making process as vegetable marketing has always been a perishable state, and for this one need to implement strategically all such decision making process as most of times, while moving into market and simultaneously taking decisions while roaming inside market does implement and provide different bits of strategy in creating and implementing consumer buying decision do provide additional bits of informative elements to move towards positive and strategic marketing decisions. We are living in the world of electronic commerce and shopping malls arena where most times many such anticipation of bargaining of vegetable does not come into the forefront at all.

In shopping mall we do not have any such space for bargaining of food items as we tend to buy what was written with it so there is no chance of any such bargaining moments on the other hand one need to understand and find out that if one could see the trend of bargaining one could find that at local vegetable market price varies and there is every possibility of bargaining of vegetable items where one could find enough evidence of lowest pricing of good product which enable higher amount of cost for money for vegetable products.

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