Everything is conspiring for our benefit

In this world of vivid description at any point of time it has been very difficult to find out the right frame of expression of life which should provide exact happenings that has been depicted all colors of life in vivid and perspective manner which should devise and describe all facts of life in exact manner in what so ever definitive manners. It was an awesome evening while nearing to fall winter. Yet the fascinating effect of Halloween just was gone and the merriment and the enjoyment of showing some of the most definitive devil anchors in different coherent and colored ways have just been finished yet. While there are a few drops of rains, just as out of atmospheric but still the heart cries within her has just been beginning to create some awesome feeling as if the entire universe with her.

She is yet to know the real reason of her sadness but feeling it just right now has just been creating the entire situation some sorrowful moments which she is trying hard to recuperate and collect at most satiable institution. Even she is listening to any sort of sad songs but still her heart is crying. She has to find out the reason and has to dissect her mind in a clear cut manner in order to find out the real reason behind it. It is almost difficult here to find out the reason but still she is continuing with her endeavor to find out the real reason behind it. She looks at the sky and want to reach out to balcony in order to have a clear sky visible so that she could have clear cut definition of life from the overview of the sky. She slowly walked into staircases and while walking she feels the signs of extreme headache. She works hard to find out the real reason behind such extreme sadness as well as extreme headache but still not able to find out the real reason behind this. She marched forward into the middle of the staircase and still half a way to go to reach to open sky. She moved slowly.

Life is not full of roses all the way, but still she is not able to find the trace of single roses as she feels entire route leading to open sky up above balcony seems to her as if the signs of extreme relief. For the time being her first try is to reach there at the earliest so as to feel secure and relief of all sorts of pain emanating out of her mind and heart. Her only concentration is towards the sun and the shininess emanating from the doors of the balcony and she is moving slowly towards that environment. Suddenly the feeling of pleasure and extreme happiness oozing out from her face while she is reaching nearer to the balcony. Signs of extreme defensiveness have made her most peaceful. She has no one single destination to find out and she slowly walks towards it. Her walking is now becoming slower as she knows her aims and goal and she smilingly moving towards the balcony to see and find out the pleasure of sun.

What an evening when the sun is about to set and the pureness all over is spreading like wild fire and making the entire atmosphere nice and dreamy. She wants to stay there for a longer time and wants to enjoy the beauty and vagaries of loveliness and find out the real meaning of life while watching out the sun from that vicinity. Entire atmosphere is full of plenty of coolness and she looked at the distant road where she could find moving from speeding vehicles out there with break neck speed as most of them must have targeted to reach to their home before it is sun set. It is a fascinating same age old story of how migratory birds returns to definitive time just after completing their migration towards the same destination and at the same time always. It is the same age old story of people returning home just before night.

Why there is so much fear towards the tendency of niceness comes creeping in and why most people want to move home before sun set and that is why comes the break neck speed of vehicle and that can be dangerous as breaking laws of travel and communication is not at all good. She laughs at these thought process of her and continues to stay there at the side of the balcony and it is already night and the sun sets and the darkness comes to double with showering rain as well as spontaneous clouds hovering all over there.

She stood there and feels nice and still not able to understand what makes her feel sad might the feel of presence of environment makes her happy and gave the perfect feeling to understand life beyond certain points. Complete darkness amidst extremely sorrowful environment seems to be fading out from the scenes of horizons to the advent and perform the happiest moment of her life she ever had. Slowly, she learns from life as the times of sadness has no longer age limit, it would go back slowly without a doubt so it is time to feel that within shortest period of time the moments of happiness would be reaching out and it is time to rejoice and let mind wait for this momentous time to reach to the spot where one should always be extreme happy and wonderful while dealing with terms and conditions of life in full swing.

For some days situations of life has been changed considerably with plenty of positive effects on all walks of her life and having it seem to her everything seems to be changed for excellence towards much devised and analyzed phenomenon. It seems to her everything just goes fast paced without waiting for her. It is true that time waits or none and it continue to move irrespective of whether you believe it or not. It moves on the cyclic manner and those who stay ahead of time continue to win this inner war and competitive depression. A person fighting with stiffer inner depression can hardly be seen by others as most times. There should be two similar opposite forces fighting with each other in order to conquer in the fight against all odds. All these tend to showcase how such life can occur and how could such way of life can be controlled with similar based expression where one should not find anything sensitivity about the trends and fighting spirits of life.

She looks at the sky and saw the presence of innumerable stars all over in those places. She finds there are many stars which do provide some sort of visible signs of positivity where she is able to find the exact similarity of positive actions. Every positivity could prove to the most disastrous happenings of all sorts of negativity and one needs to be extremely cautious of these sort of trends. She closes her look towards different stars out there and slowly realises that even in times of along these stars are smiling like never before. Their every gesture is providing feed for many smiles. All these are most positive signs of life are still there and how beautiful life can be. It creates the perfect tense of living a happy life with all sorts of positive vibrancy which she feels should have been there a way long back. Life has been full of colors and the utmost desire to excel all forms of adversity is to move forward in her endeavour to achieve what has already been left behind. It is not worthy to look behind and this for what has happened. It is time to move forward and cherish the long term goal of achieving everything what has not been achieved so far.

Life is not a matter of leaving everything behind but to achieve what has not been attended so far. It is all about creating one such wonderful environment and leaving all traces of competitive spirits and worrying about what has not been achieved so far but still one need to find everything about achieving the most of the perfect tense of achievement. All these thoughts so far has been the senses of her of what she has been thinking but all these positive thoughts and ideas submerged due to advent of superfluous negativity onto her thought processes and this set some of the most negative aspects of thinking which with due course of times slowly removing all such aspects of positive thinking of his mind.

She feels refreshed and move towards a positive direction and determined to achieve more what has not been done so far and want to overtake all of her competitors who happened to cross over her in the past few years. She comes to the close of positive aspects of living and slowly moving towards it in order to find that life is not that of difficult what it sought to be as from the behind the positive aspect of life still continues to hold betterment of life standards which on many occasions she ignores for not so prominent reasons.

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