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Needing to examine the world in the eyes of a misnomer can provide suitable identical phenomena where one could see some of uncommon entities which most probably move towards the most possible advancements of life which should not never ever happen so far. Advancements of thoughts different variable ideas could provide a single unified solution to everything where we find more and more diverse forms of idiosyncrasy which does provide advancement thoughts from the conventional one to reach towards the level of perfection. Looking at possible ideas through the process of peculiarity and distinctive derivation of ideas could pave the way for the most common mass of programming efficacies which might lead to the system of complete protection.

Most of computer languages run with the simple principle of straight logic that deals with a completely straight set of configurable language which is expected to provide some set of systematic responses all the time. It is anticipated that with the change of mind and mood all these thought processes should not ever move to the stage of complete possible instances where one could rewind entire generations of thoughts with the same sort of mentality of computers. In reality, every human has some sort of the same set of information as well as some set of dynamic presentable performance improvements in order to change the order of different work ethics.

So, how can a computer recognise such set of ideas and set of languages so that in the long drawn processes when the format of artificial intelligence is thoroughly applied then it should not provide the perfect understanding of competitive excellence while dealing with all forms of automated responses. What should be the real solutions to all these forceful presentable linguistic problems being faced by computers from time to time? It is utmost real and comprehensibly understandable to know how a simple form of language could lead to different types of discrete meanings if it is not taken easily with the same set of thought processes with that of humans who generated such thoughts.

When implanting artificial intelligence upon artificial entities which derive upon power from different sources other than respiration which humans do recieve as such then it is clearer to single point of view is that, when talking about some form of ideas that form of ideas generated from the sender, should be exactly same received by the receiver. Most of times even during exchange of information there are some third mediums such as wind, sound and others which can distract entire thought processes and provide distinctive meanings to the semantics which originally shared by sender. It is natural as we know we are living in the world where one form of energy is taken to another form of energy to make a complete energy to recycle.

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Energy is always there as it can be created nor destroyed but it passes into one form from the other. It is the same set up of force which ultimately does create distinct forms of energy capacity to move towards the stage of complete numbness. Still to date we have never known the source point of energy and it is considered to be there somewhere and where at any point in the . These are not concepts but more information and realism can be added into it. More and more provision for sophisticated analogy of unique dynamics which do provide interesting phenomenon for every action for the generation of energy when it is needed by any sort of action of humans.

Energy deals with the physical system of the body and it deals with ultimate capacity to run in what so ever manner to create different forms of intelligence. That is why I am not hard and fast rule for elements to create and profound use of energy at its core values. It is related with capacity of a physical system and its absence to perform the most amazing job. While creating the same set up of energy modules, in an artificial entity such as computer, robot, which re transfer energy to some of other model such as through the form of other energy it became extremely impossible to manager and judge exact running of a artificial entity in dealing with artificial intelligence.

In this scenario, energy change from one segment to the other and then by using that change agent it is expected to make additional changes to artificial entity while making double transformation of energy. This is not so expected as it is perceived to be as energy is meant to be changed from one segment to the other without any way of moving to tether of energy which might not work or so far it is not working at its finest possibilities. In modern days mobile computing the term tethering is very much admired to share internet with different mediums. Can such phenomenon be equally applied to energy and that can present oneself with equal distribution of energy and can create a sort multi tasking of all such activities?

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So far such trend has not been covered and perhaps scientists continue to dwell and find out different forms of transformation of energy and equal distribution of energy so that one day when we make this can easily ours non useable energy from one form to the other. If that is possible on one day, then slowly we would find human shredding some of their energies in favor of artificial entities such as robot or nanobot to make them self-sufficient towards achieving self goal of running their mind in accordance with the situation and other considerations. This would make the creation and construction of self-serving artificial intelligence or brain that could work exactly like that of humans. Then, only we would find the performances and running of robots as self-serving human as their capacity would be the better most choice.

Tethering of energy is reverse to the concept of energy where we do find some sort of abnormality in detection of universal law of nature where energy is neither created nor destroyed but it passes from one form to the other. If tethering of energy sees the light of the day, then most probably we would see complete modification of universal law of nature where energy cannot on by itself shared with different mediums in one form or the other. In a tethering environment, one definite source of energy then distributed into many other components to be used with different mediums. One single source of energy here cannot be converted into another source of energy but one sole source of energy is divided into some source of energy, whether these phenomena are an absolute possibility or not is the million dollar question.

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Attachment of the same energy at the same time to separate objects is at all a possibility or every odd has the future and ultimately something or at some other one need to find out the exact answer of these trends. Most of glorious discoveries of histories can be seen as that of some or more odd or ever think of phenomenon that has been discovered and henceforth we have found all these extreme possibilities can have matching meaning and wonderful achieved evidence of reaching towards the single most possibilities of achieving unknown invention which could prove to be single most absolute creation of perfect nanobots in future.

Ultimately, is a vast world and here we would find absolute possibilities of reaching to ultimate goal of achieving unknown and reaching to far wide sphere where we would find greatest part of discoveries and reaching into the world is to reach out to different dynamics of unknown is to conquer the part of age in the world. This would be only possible with the strengthen mindset of creating and absolute nanobots which would work in effortless manner so that ultimately the reach towards unknown would be to reach out the most possible far and wide spheres without any such need for restrictions on human age barriers. For the time being it should be acting like that of absolute unknown entities, of crossing the barriers limits of age of humans so that all these mysteries surrounding that of the mysteries of should be declassified.

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