Luminous constant

Whenever, thinking about hoary past, there has been incoming of large number of flashback scenarios where we should find a large number of continuous incidents which should provide ample evidence of significant incidents which are mostly worth mentioning. All these are set of different and divergent incidents in the flow of ideas which provide some form of glimpses of evidences were certain incidents come and go within perfect flow of considering ideas. When looking at all these forms of a set of incidents we find a larger set of ideas as well as certain important milestones which provides certain luminous perfection which demands worth mentioning.

Life is like precise luminous constants when looked deep inside we find a multiple set of diminishing returns, where we find a certain set of educational learning and leaning towards important destinations. Most of such incidents do provide clear and lucid importance to life events and provide clearer and perfect incidence to make life worth living. That was nearer to winter time, where the climatic conditionality in and around hilly town is superb. It is no doubt that it is the place nearer to heaven. Most of nearby hills are filled with a large set of small yellowish flowers which are sprinkled everywhere. Mustard flowers sprinkled everywhere. All in around hill tops make entire hill tops yellow with nicer display.

With incoming mild sun and rays reflected on these flowers makes entire atmosphere full of, considerable sect of yellowish rays. These yellowish rays from a distance look like, a set of golden blanket all over the entire area. It is drawn time and Saturday. It is morning time and already at the dawn time. Eighth standard at public school of Tensa is one of the most brilliant experience and a lifetime experience. Standard of education is so high there that almost every student feels that they have the power to excel and healthy competition, among users provides certain stupendous unanimity among students to make a thorough study atmosphere excellent and wonderful.

Low clouds are merging with roads which provide hazy look in and around the entire area. Slowly, moving towards school which is almost half a kilometre away from there. After reaching school the festive holiday related to Puja time occurs. It is expected teachers should be providing home tasks for us. In near future the group and team building, concept has been incorporated and every student has one group partner to complete tasks. As per teacher is concerned, they expect every group member of two, to read and study every concept and create a harmonious environment of team building in order to make and supervise the entire reading atmosphere perfect.

Incidentally, a fortnight back, class teacher Mrs. Padhi, created groups among students. Each group has two members and it is expected to produce all of the group members to work in unison manner. I reached and yet my group partner reached the class. She is a new student in class, and surprisingly, teacher had called her and she named me as, her group partner projects. I was in my seat and class teacher at that time, called my name as roll call. I responded to roll call and then. Teacher asked why late? My class teacher is so well behaved that, even if she was angry at me but her words are so sober and polite that everyone should be speaking in honest and humble manner.

I explained that yesterday. Parents and younger sister went to the club if localities for a family get together, and that reach up to midnight. Incidentally, the title of the project presented to us and it is entitled as the forms of creating awareness of literacy among uneducated elders.

Tensa is small town and most of nearby localities here are full of tribal population. Most of tribal are doing great but most of them have never seen the light and sound of schooling. Due to their nature of jobs which are mostly oriented towards forming of a large set of engagements and the creation and accumulation of employment provides mass scale means of utilising their time, which hardly provides time for them to read and move towards the senses of education. It is a great project which demands to agree them to reach the stage of extreme agreeable tendency for tribal elders.

Entire area is full of jungles and trees. Most of tribal do tend to favour to stay within the green environment where they feel staying at home. Their homes in those areas even within vast stretches of trees and branches there are usually, cleaner with their own scientific inventions out there. They live within perimeters of jungles, and most of these lands are cleaner. Most of these areas are become cleaner with natural environments and elements of nature out there. They use branches and leaves of trees which mostly fall in and around those areas for fuels to cook food and lighting purposes.

Entire area is filled with so much of cleanliness and trend to stay healthy, that one could hardly think about how such signs of cleanliness should happen in the first place. Even in such natural conditions which are made of mud and leaves still signs of perfection seems to loom larger with perfect cleanness conditions. They are mostly illiterate but they tend to move every cleaning option in terms of scientific and technological point of view which tend to show how could one such state of exhaustive mind in such alien world where one hardly sees the advent of modernity to civilisation tend to show how natural their thought processes could have been.

Ours project is based on to educate such tribal and bring back to their modern scientific environment but still we both are apprehensive about it as we see in this point of time. Science is far worse than native education. Tendency towards complete greenness within environments stays always healthy and prone to nearer to the natural world provides various glimpses of unusual variable environment were at many points of time, we find glimpses of nature at many points and as many directions.  Should we approach them for a modern educational system or should we let them leave as it is still very difficult to decide upon?

Why should we ruin their pure thought processes and why should we move towards the stage which in their own way perhaps, the best set up an educational system for them? Why should we confuse them with it and it is best to leave them as it is and let them find their way of innovation and modernity through their peculiar ways and practices? We both smiled at each other and decide to left back from that place, and prepare report in favour of not brining back to them to the so called modernity in order to find different and divergent ways to create and form development through the processes of natural learning.

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