Is Professional Blogging A Sustainable Business Model?

Now you get a website. Preferably powered by self-hosted WordPress website. Now, you want to monetise content of website. A website does not come for free. Hosting, domain, add on like site lock, code guard all comes at a price. There are overwhelming options for blog monetisation. There are a number of advertising options for web masters. It is always difficult to choose from a variety of advertising options. It is important to choose from a variety of advertising optimisation techniques in order to get back from the real value of your content.

To optimise advertising content, one needs to find multiple ways to optimise performances of advertisements. Placement of advertisements in blog content is important. A blog or website is a single page presentation of what it contents inside website. Proper advertising visibility is important. There are multiple approaches for advertising optimisation through various processes. Google introduces the asynchronous advertising option, which shows case loading of advertising script without hurting page speed of website too much.

Most of advertisers allow utmost three advertising placements. It is important to determine which places are important to put advertisements. Size of ad size and placement of ads is important. Most times, with self-hosted WordPress website one finds another option such as placing ad directly under file transfer protocol under file manager. It speeds up loading of website. It is important not to Gzip website, as it could reduce the generation of revenues. Without Gzip a website could earn almost double that using Gzip in website.

Place ad units nearer to content of website. Most times, these ad units nearer to head of the article or within the content of website could generate more revenue than placement of advertisements at some other places. Place advertising content within paragraphs, lists and nearer to vital contents of website. Place ad after first fold of website. That is when user scroll down then comes another page of website and placement of ads in such areas could provide proper visibility of ads while scrolling down in articles by users.

There are many customisation features of ads. Basic ads should be much similar to visibility of website. Colours of ads should not be more reverse to that of what the colour of advertising should have been. Font colour of ads and website should be consistent or should have identical visibility. Always think about size of ad units, as this is crucial, as it should not have overwhelming proportions over fonts of website. Ads should not distract the vision of website. Visitors should find more attachment of information from advertisements.

It is important in order to provide three advertisements per page. More than three ads could prove to be more of a distraction for visitors. More ads could turn out to provide a sense of ad-blindness for visitors. There are different views of combining two ad networks together but many a time this is not a good option. If you are going for then go for it, or if you are going for Google ad sense or its various alternatives then you should go for a single advertising option. It generates more revenue and more optimisation options for web masters.

Google’s ad sense is number one choice for most webmasters. Many webmasters are not that lucky to get an approved Google ad sense account. There are many other adsense alternatives are out of it one could reach to Chitka. Chitka ads perform well with most of US visitors. Webmasters are located inside US and Canada, mostly go for it and webmasters located at some other places do find lesser generation of ads from Chitka. Another good alternative for the generation of good amount revenue if you do not have approved adsense account is provides a greater amount of the generation of revenues, though lesser than that of adsense, but it is a good option for webmaster. At first webmaster is required to apply for this account, and wait for some time. If it is approved then they should receive user name and password in the mentioned email account. Most times, some ads are nearer to Chitka ads but some ad units do provide generation of image advertising which most times, go on to augment visual element of website. Infolinks advertisement is becoming popular. It is most suited for website that has a lot of content and provides an excellent opportunity for users to generate revenues from articles.

Infolinks provides plenty of customisation options as well as other forms to generate ad revenues. Too much info links ads could create a sense of ad blindness for users. It is important not to add too many different types of info links advertising options and try to use minimisation of info links in order to find out advertising optimisation from contents of website. Other options are direct advertising option such as writing contents of website for an advertiser directly into website. These options generate a huge sum of money but still are not enough at most times. All these sponsored posts do not generate good amount of reputation for website.

Countless webmasters who are mostly successful stress on the need to generate good content and in initial years advise them to stay away from the prospect of advertising. According to them it is important to generate more and more reputation and page rank of website in the beginning of website and then move forward to the prospect of getting into good advertisers after establishing themselves in the field of advertisements. This can be a good option for some and not so good option for some as you never know how good reputation you should be getting in the process as most of times, building reputation does not come at you immediately, it might reach at you within a month’s time or within a year’s time or it might take more time.

Therefore, how webmaster should be staying in these times without incurring any of such revenues. It is the decision new webmaster has taken. Every website is unique so as the ways to earn money from advertising options. It is important to generate search engine optimisation option such as circulating content of website to different mediums in order to increase page rank options for website. Slowly, this should increase the value of website to a greater option, this could lead to more, and more generation of money in future times. It is all about marketing ideas and identification of distinct paths in order to market website better. In the process of marketing one need to be extra cautious of the fact that overall content of website should not be undermined.

As a webmaster one need to think about the ways and processes of satisfying what advertisers are wanting from your website. It is all about getting and implementing most of the ideas of advertisers in your website so as to make it more and more user-friendly and more customised to the need and satisfaction of advertisers. In this way, this could lead to a more lucid view of choosing advertisers in order to make website perfect for running of advertising units. Just look for what advertisers want from your website, write content on specific categories and try to generate more and more and lucid and clearer thoughts on a specific subject so as to create a niche instance of website.

In this way, such advertisers who are looking into the contents and try to connect them with the theme of website then they should be overwhelming approach at your website for direct marketing. If yours website generates more and more interest among certain segment of users then they should be reaching at you from time to time and this should provide vast majority of returning visitors and that could create a series of dedicated communities for yours content and this is the first step of creating a sense of brand within different spheres of website.

More and more visitors’ means the presence of a large sect of visitors means the generation of large amount of revenues from contents of website. Content is king and this should generate more and more interest within varieties of customers. It is a well known fact that there is no shortcut to success as well as there is no hard and fast rule to receive a larger amount of revenue within the shortest possible of time. Every website is different so as the ways to practice and reaching to the zenith of success. Try hard and find out the ways and different routes to find about what is the best source of revenue optimisation model for your website is. After identifying the revenue generation model of your website then go for that specific set up option and then for sure with due course of time you should be successful in better monetizing of website.

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