How to resolve Windows 8 activation problems in Samsung OEM PC

Unlike days, when most laptops do come with a large number of installation discs which are essential for users to reinstall or reformat computers when there is a necessity to do it. was a beautiful operating system which has many security vulnerabilities. Many a time. These security vulnerabilities are very late to patch and that makes entire operating system-corrupt. This leads to corrupt of root files of operating system which urge users to reinstall operating system files again and again through the process of formatting. For this genuine copy of Windows operating system is required. For this the disc copy of operating system files solves headache issues for most users.

There are various pros and cons of this issue. Now, in modern personal computers that comes preinstalled operating system reformat of operating system such as or Windows 10 does take some geek mind to make it but with slight modification layman can do it alone without help from so called geeks. In this article, we will learn about how to completely reinstall and reformat factory image of operating system file for or Windows 10 without need or help from intellectual minds. It is important to install factory image of operating system files when reformation operating system on your notebook. This article will deal with Samsung computers and later on the author will focus on some other computers.

After using for almost seven months of Windows 8, there is an option to update it to Windows 8.1 and subsequently I updated it to it and then after using it for few days, I did find some abnormalities of using it as it does not connect to server of Microsoft any more to update patches. Whatever the further solution I implemented it does fail to provide relevant solutions for me. In earlier cases, Windows 8 has been updating critical patches and all security vulnerabilities from time to time with ought any need for my supervision. That is not happening with Windows 8.1 and that makes very difficult to proceed with it.

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Borderline is that I do not want to use a haphazard operating system at all that could make my system entirely vulnerable to progressive internet threats. The invisible updating system of Windows 8 and beyond just stopped me to implement and carry out innovative repair system and that makes my working of this so called Windows 8.1 operating system mostly vulnerable to work on with. So, I decided to bring back the first version of installed Windows that is Windows 8 so that automatically updating of security updates and critical patches of operating system from time to time when it is connected with internet can be carried out easily without any need for worrying factor for me.

At that point of time, I decided to downgrade Windows 8.1 operating systems. For this, I use it charm menu and then take back system to its earlier version. While doing this it reminds me that Windows 8.1 cannot be reinstated as it has to be downloaded again from Microsoft server in order to update it. Earlier I had to down load Windows 8.1 in my internet connection and it does take a huge toll of time and amount of internet data to make it. I was sad enough to understand this, but I have to do this as the problem of automatic updates with Windows 8.1 continues to haunt me like no other before.

I downgrade operating system to Windows 8 but forget to use it on the factory image version as subsequently within a few days updating continues but in charms menu and settings and then PC info and in Windows Activation it says Windows is not activated. As factory image version of Windows 8 powered by Samsung is not installed and that creates huge problems. I have tried every other means to update this operating system and make it as activated but all such works in vain. What to be done with it now? Samsung notebooks come preinstalled with large number of Samsung software which mostly works in a nicer way. Most of Samsung Apps of android do have some sort of crapware but its notebook software are of immense help for most users.

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First I update Samsung update which is the software repository of all of Windows software from Samsung, it takes it about 33.6 MB to download the entire content. Then, I install recovery from it, as by mistake I have not installed factory image version of Windows 8 so most of the software from Samsung are not installed. I have to install it and it has hidden portions within a notebook which cannot be deleted and most of these installations of software and drivers come from their hidden portions. Most of times during formatting these portions stay. Normally while wiping out all portions the hidden portions are not wiped out they stay and Samsung Update, extracts, Samsung software and drivers from these hidden portions.

So one does not have to download all such drivers and software and games which are mostly bigger sizes and does take a huge toll on internet charges if at all it has to be download from servers of Samsung located at some other locations in the world. Install Recovery from Samsung updates or software and then run it. Recovery is over 200 MB download but it should be installed within seconds from Samsung update without any need for internet connectivity. It will extract those files from hidden portions of Samsung and install it within seconds. It will ask you to restart Windows and then after restarting of Windows it will again start at the first screen and then the installation should be finished and then end Samsung Update.

Now runs recovery from charms menu of Windows 8. Create factory image from its left hand side and then run as per instructions from it. The selected task must be done with administrative privileges and if User Account Control is being asked about it then allow the recovery to do it. After completion of the task which might take one hour or more to completely factory image of operating system and save it to other than the system drive as while reinstallation data on system drive will be completely erased. After backing up factory image from recovery now select Recover from recovery and select the back up and start the installation and the entire installation period takes almost half an hour and within that specific time period does not stop or abrupt installation of factory image of operating system.

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It is important to connect to electricity and close all necessary applications on Windows as well as back up important files to an external hard disc for a completely safer Windows installation scenarios. Now, at last I have found the solution and resolved successfully Windows 8 activation problems in OEM (original equipment manufacturer) PC (Personal Computers).

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