It is the part extending from Friday night. Advent of weekend more defined towards periods of weekdays where every possibility of the advent of leisure time is out here. It is mostly the amount of time more hastened towards the period of recovery from tiresome periods out there during the entire week. Most of times these periods are eagerly awaited in order to move towards some travel times in order to venture out in open to make mind freer towards every possibility of gaining more power towards making the week more successful. It is general practice for me to see the first light of day of down nearer to see my native place.

It is a conventional expression to see the morning sun moving from the horizon towards top of the sky. It is the earliest period where I find, walking in the morning time provides immense joy and happiness and the power coming out from the rising sun is immensely helpful in making the entire atmosphere joyful. Morning tide of the sun and the sea is so spiritual and immensely powerful that the entire respiration process revitalised and comes out from the sense of origin. As usual, morning time brings out most refreshing movement to urge me to move out honest to express the sense of first light of day.

That day was full of clouds and of about one at night, there were deep showers in and around the native place. Water is falling from condensed atmosphere, and surprisingly, during four am in the night there was a power failure at the point of place to which I was supposed to walk through the entire route. Streetlights are switched off and the atmosphere was full of darkness due to presence of hovering clouds all over here and there. While walking through the streets of Puri, I reached a place or street, which begins with Hanuman temple and ends with Goddess Temple. It seems the entire atmosphere is filled with shades of light with perfect blends of darkness.

There is middle level of illumination through my native place is entirely and illuminated area. After extreme downpour, the clouds broke after the heavy downpour. Power failure is there, but at four am the entire sky is cleared and there is no trace of clouds and rain. It is perfect time to go for a morning walk. After too much state of work during the entire week, now it is time to go for walking and jogging to illuminate the sense of power, which was embedded deep within myself to bring again into activity of prominence for the entire week. Earphones are brilliant equipment to convert electric signals into sound signals in portable conditions.

While walking alone in morning time, ear piece and listening to songs provides extremely convenient situation for me to walk and listen and remove any sense of fear that might have been there at any point of the walk. Jogging is a type of cardiopulmonary exercise to generate more energy and it is always good for health. It was close to four am in the dawn. With nice music to ears moves nearer to the sea beach to witness presence of the morning sun. There is V.I.P. road, which is only for name sake though most of the route is covered with people building their home on government lands condensing the entire route to a minimal route. Most of roads cover dung of cows and dogs. Due to extreme rains all of these are in a state of liquid state and become it is extreme difficulty to walk through in those locations.

In order to avoid extreme rush of traffic, I prefer moving inside short lanes to move towards the sea in order to witness rising sun and extreme down times. It comes, short routes as well as other lands where I find extremely nice to walk on. Entire route is full of house holds and that makes the entire lines not so boring to walk on. In the morning time, due to the advent of tap water, many self-believed, spiritual house holds continue to pour water in front of their home.

On that day, there is no trace of people as most of the people are inside their home due to power failure and heavy downpour few hours back. I reached the street which begins with Siva temple and end with Goddess temple out there. I looked at both ends of the road at the begin of the square to watch whether there any vehicles out there and surprisingly there are no such vehicles out there. Entire atmosphere is filled with moving and hovering clouds. I saw one manual rickshaw, moving towards my route, that manual rickshaw is completely new with a large set of rings attached to it. I was with ear phone so I anticipate this. That manual rickshaw is moving without any rickshaw puller. Then I was surprised for some time, as I feel it might have been due to falling slope towards me that manual rickshaw might have been unlocked.

I slowly make progress towards, in front where the manual rickshaw is moving towards me. That moving object stops while reaching towards me, and then stopped there, how come, at a steep slope how come without rickshaw driver a rickshaw is in a position to stop beside me. This is against the laws of nature, and laws of gravity but still it is happening. Then I slowly move ahead and stop to see that manual rickshaw, which again stop after moving for some time nearer to Shiva temple on that street and then it stops twice, and suddenly to my utter surprise disappears from that place. It was complete a nonsense situation for mine which proves to be a sense of the presence of unknown entity where for the first time it seems to me that there is the presence of something.

Human is powerful but it seems at different point of time there is presence of unknown entities, from time to time, they suddenly appear but for what ever reason, they appear and only experience would be able to understand, the way life and extra life comes after and how to deal with believe it or not it completely depends upon, the person who tends to read this article. Comments are welcome and comment with experience of ghost and alien entity is completely welcome.

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