Monthly Archives: October 2015

How to resolve Windows 8 activation problems in Samsung OEM PC

Unlike Windows XP days, when most laptops do come with a large number of Windows installation discs which are essential for users to reinstall or reformat windows computers when there is a necessity to do it. Windows XP was a beautiful operating system which has many security vulnerabilities. Many a time. These security vulnerabilities are […]


Remembering those days, might be there on before for many days, where the life of to day seems to be a source of unknown entity where there is a search for happiness but there are uncountable tears all overs. Every where seems to be there are vague thoughts, which bring out tears into the eyes […]

Luminous constant

Whenever, thinking about hoary past, there has been incoming of large number of flashback scenarios where we should find a large number of continuous incidents which should provide ample evidence of significant incidents which are mostly worth mentioning. All these are set of different and divergent incidents in the flow of ideas which provide some […]

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