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There are many people who want to install specific social medium add-ons so that they wish readers could read these and share with different social networking websites. Facebook, Google, Twitter and many others provide users opportunity to create fan page and follow people on it so that whenever users reach and like these pages, they would receive updates of blog automatically on their time line when ever any such relevant updates comes at the web blogging site. Blog provides a wide range of theme option with a high degree of customisations available to users.

It does provide easier customised theme where with a small script of php can lead to living streaming of particular segments of the post in sub-segment. To make it clearer let us consider an example. If you want to show case related posts at the end of article segment automatically on the basis of category or tags, then only a simple php script on a single dot php file can help you to achieve this. There is no further need to add an add on and make heavier website. It can reduce page rank of blog and then further there are lesser chances of returning visitors due to heavier page load times.

With addition of simple php script of the single dot php related posts based on categories or tags can be easily shown cased automatically without stress on hosting. As a web master all these specifications and ideas are taken into account carefully with equal zeal and anticipation to understand how to speed up a website without adding so many unnecessary scripts into it.

Customisation of blog template or theme:

Two of the most popular blogging platforms such as Blogger from Google and self-hosted WordPress platform does provide various methods for fully customisation of theme templates. In Google’s Blogger, theme is known as a template and it can be modified and scripts can be added into it. Header, functions, single and sidebar elements are all at one place in Blogger’s template. One need to find it and then add various scripts to perform process automation such as creating automated related posts or creating pagination at the end of page elements etc.

These in Blogger’s entire template do take some time to load and perhaps it slows down website for quite a few times if the JavaScript entered into blogger’s template connect to third party websites. One can easily do away with by downloading that script if it is allowed and then save that file as name dot js and then upload it to yours host or to free hosts and then rename the javascript link and then add it to template of Blogger from Google.

The benefit is that the concerned Javascript does not have time and again call the concerned third party-services. While creating a website the primary motive of web administrators should have been to create a faster website or blog so that it does not consume a hell lot of bandwidth for users. It is this ease of modification of the template of Blogger by Google backed by dedicated community who relentlessly devises newer strategies to produce and show case some nice customisation of Blogger’s template without worrying about major speed drop of landing pages.

It is the ease with which CSS and other elements of customisations can be added into the template of Blogger that creates a nice case to use it and above all it is free to use and wonderful to implement. Just try and you should find the easiest form of a blog presence. Blogger from Google provides a nice way to control spam comments by integrating Google+ commenting system into it which is actively back by Google with dedicated communities as well as Google’s own security system to wipe away all forms of spam and bots from Blogger.

Few years back Google’s blogger was very slow to load on web browsers which make it unpopular with users. Google also finds a nicer pricing model with Blogger so that now it provides a cleaner and legible domain name service from Google which integrates nicely with Blogger custom domain-service. On the other hand, with self-hosted WordPress one can easily customise theme files and host files in the back end as well as at the front end of WordPress.

Front end is hosting part and it is available in the theme file for hosting and it is available in theme file of hosting whereas in back-end part these files can be accessible inside WordPress-administration. Types of php scripts can either be added to single, functions, header, footer, sidebar dot php files-easily. In addition, of and are completely not necessary considering the presence of addition of php and other elements to show case different customised environments inside theme of blogs.

WordPress does have severe problems related with spamming of comments and bots as most of WordPress sites faces such attacks at any point of time and for this there are some other mediums to stop spam attacks such as implementing site lock and other relevant features into hosting of website. It is the ability to add external codes into theme or template of blogs that enable users to opt for two most famous blogging platforms such as Blogger and WordPress.

Pinging new articles to article tracking sites is a completely different proposition as in modern day search engine optimisation techniques these article tracking sites can be very well known to be bots which ultimately provides higher pressure on websites and its host which can prove to be very much distraction for real visitors. It is the content which works ultimately. Content is king and it works and if the content of blog is of high quality then, ultimately visitors should reach your blog and nothing would stop your blog to be ultimately popular.

Professional and serious bloggers should always go for deeper learning of on-going trends so as to understand in which way all important characteristics of blog works. It is all about updating oneself from time to time to find out more about how the function of blog and internet works. If blog administer wants to use self-hosted blog platform then one should learn sufficiently about PHP, Pearl, CSS, MySql and other important coding parameters in order to learn and understand from different updated coding to make their site more prominent to understand and provide adequate meaning to what blogging is all about.

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