What it takes to be a blogger?

Most prominent question is what it is taken to be a good blogger? It is about writing what people do not know and let them convey about different new incidents and lucky people know about it through your writings. For example while moving on the road, you see one truck parked at the side of road, and on the back side of it there are two names plates on that truck. So, click on that on your smart phone and write one detailed researched article on it.

Make investigation about this trend and try hard to know about it whether such trends are normal or is it some instances of fake name plate system all these could possibly make you feel and understand how the process of system works and what are important characteristics attached with it and welcome readers who wants to pose some suggestions and comments. In this way, with all these niche topics blog becomes hugely popular due to word of mouth and other relevant ingredients to make it a complete recipe for success.

Always, keep at your perusal pen, paper, smart phone and a laptop. Be alert and vigilant to what is happening all around the world to learn more about different new incidents and note it and if possible create a screen shot of incident and wrote article of about minimum 1000 words and then attach that screen shot into that article to publish it into internet. After taking a screen shot with android Mobile, upload that photograph into Google’s drive, the cloud storage system and then bring out the link from that screen shot and then insert link of that image into the article to reduce server load times completely.

If you upload that photo on your host, then upload it in the format of GIF in order to load that image super smarter way. GIF image file also works nicely if you use any third party content delivery network system and it provides more and more prudent and sophisticated ways to understand and show case how loading time of blog becomes super smarter and readers used to find and read your blog which should be loading in super speed. While, writing an article always remember to understand and learn the tricks that such screen shot should not be at any point of time slow down your site.

Always keep pen and paper with you as you do not know at any point of time an idea might come at you then, you should be writing those ideas on pen and paper to remember it and prolonged that idea into a complete clear-cut theme. Later on while writing article, put words into that thoughts and make a remarkable article for people to read and understand and in this way slowly you master in yours act of writing contents and you will find that after certain period of time, writing of articles and providing words to yours thoughts should now become much easier and clarity in thoughts and precision in finding real meaning to everything comes forward.

There are many ways of opinions while pinning thoughts into your words as some would say do not pin on longer sentences and other should advise that go for natural ways and do not go for any other newer advices. It is difficult to take one way, so write and write and ultimately you should be finding yours convenient way to understand and create one of the most smashing and perfect linguistic option of blog presentation. While writing for longer sentences, be concerned and understand that the single most objective of blog writing is to keep the reader engaged all the time and at no point reader should not feel distraction of what the article is all about leaving the article in half way.

It is of utmost importance and clear-cut dimension to know how good an article is and in which manner entire performance of the article is presenting in front of users. First write article on Microsoft Word and then after writing article go for native proof-reading inside Microsoft Word and then connect to internet and there are many website which offers free proof-reading of articles, then paste that article in blank article space and then proof read to know about different sentence structure as well as spelling and grammatical errors. Ultimately, you should want your readers to read more about the article, which should be flawless and clear cut in its different ways of handling psychology of users.

In Microsoft Word, always select Tools then Options then Spelling and Grammar and check for Show Readability Statistics and then in writing style, check for grammar and style in order to present perfect proof-reading write up for visitors.

Put thoughts into words:

Blogging is all about presenting the right information in the correct manner so that visitors when reaching out to the article now important parameters about blogging. It is true that creating a self-hosted word press sites demands some sort of technical information but do not hear about it as it seems that one could easily learn about different tips and bits of Word Press hosting while website is on. One should always get a real interest by reading through all articles that are available on the internet. A decent Google search about Word Press tutorials should always provide you with enough information about how to make and manage a self-hosted Word Press sites.

There are many tips and tricks about Word Press sites, and one should get enough information about these write ups. Put thoughts into words by seeing every incident in correct manner and from all these you should find enough information related with reality of life so that provided all such vital and practical information there more and provisional bit of related information could be driving out from all sorts of practical presentations of life. Whenever you find any factual information, accumulate that information in pen and paper, so that ultimately you could easily put your thoughts into words in a perfectly clear-cut and lucid manner.


There is no hard and fast rules regarding the creation of blog but still one should always search for any sort of niche marketing ideas in order to create a perfect blend of successful blogger. Many bloggers provide some sort of niche information to bring in large number of visitors so that ultimately, it is visitors what it matters the most. All these information provides real time information management, and that helps in creating and managing a better blogging system. Till you get fully confident of writing articles, write an article and then proof read article and then publish it. Slowly, with due course of time you would find more and easier field to write more articles and that could lead you to create and manage a better blogging system.

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