What consists of a blog?

For blogging one need not only to be at internet always as one need to think that blogging is a set of consistency of different processes such as blogging client, which is must as it provides a platform from where articles of blogging interest could easily be published. It can be called at the back end of software as it connects with hosting account may be free or purchased account so that software management could be possible while staying at the anterior end.

Blogging client provides intuitive ways for users to have a perfectly set platform to write down articles and most times no serious coding knowledge is a necessity and users easily manipulate the size of articles as well as other forms of decoration while seeing a graphical user interface. From the uneasily without any need for expert guidance and help.

How blogging works?

Now, blogging client needs one software platform in which it will run and update physical database as long as inputs from logical database is constantly updated. It is called blogging platform. It is installed on a server, which might be permitted in the case of Blogger from Google or be purchased in case of self-hosted Word Press blogging. In the case of Google’s blogger, user does not have any control over hosting as it is being given freedom and that of the html code is allowed for free. In a way, blogging platform acts like a server of blogging client and provides different facilities for installing add one into blogging client.

Most of purchased hosts do have certain pre installed add one and, most times. These can be varied into two types such as shared and dedicated blog hosting. In shared blog hosting, administrator has specified shared rights which it can use to secure blog. There are certain pre-installed as well as new additions to post from me to time. These come from reseller hosting not from administrator itself. In a shared hosting environment even though it does cost money to buy it for the administrator still it has many limitations of installing add one on servers.

On the other hand, in the case of dedicated blog hosting, one does have plenty of rights to rework with satisfying speed and reliability. Where as in the case of free blogging service such as Blogger from Google, one does not have right to access into blogging platform, though blogger’s client platform is a mixture of blogging platform and its client so that there are some features which users could easily find about and utilise in its fullest capacity. Blogger’s blog work in a semi-shared environment where administrator does have some rights over it actually working and the whole blogging platform runs in an environment of content delivery network from Google and that provides and show case the speed and reliability of blogger’s from Google’s working.

As a user one has to choose from Blogger and self-hosted Word Press platform. There still get a lot bloggers who have been using Blogger’s from Google platform to show case their writing and descriptive skills beyond stages of imagination. They think I need a custom domain name to identify their presence inside blogging spheres. On the downside, blogger from Google does provide a limitation of visitor’s entry into blog by approximation of one thousand peoples per day. It is an approximation but still there are limitations and it is quietly acceptable considering the approach Google is providing this service for almost free.

Self-hosted Word Press platform:

On the other hand, in the case of self-hosted Word Press platform one finds that one has to purchase a host, then domain and then certain additional add on if the security of website is paramount for users. Most of times while using Word Press one consider to be mostly aversive to spam and other types of extreme bot attacks. This takes a chunk of hosting time and most times server becomes down and out when a real or organic visits website. That is extremely difficult to consume thinking the way one hope to create and maintain website to circulate ideas and different ethics which he wants to share with different persons at different point of times.

That is why most users not only purchase host, domain but also third party server like that of Site Lock or Norton or so and then even go for SSL configuration in order to encrypt the entire bit of communication from server to visitors and so on. Others also go for purchasing of content delivery networks where most of the contents of website hosted on a remote and distant server circulated all over the world with an equal mass to different location advantages where speed of website and security of website or blog matters the most. Even in a shared hosting environment there is some kind of disadvantage where most users related to these environments felt this after some time they run blog. Even shared hosting has limitations of visitors per day as it sets to almost 25,000 per day in a secure and appropriate hosting environment.


Most of shared hosting blogs are hosted on a single computer and in a shared hosting environment most of times there are almost seven to ten blogs running and what is most dissatisfying factor among these is that even if at any point of time, one blog on the same shared hosting runs out of mill, it does affect other shared hosting websites or blog and that can be bad for any blogs. That is why comes the need for introduction of back up service and mostly related with hosting add on such as code guard or so which automatically empowers blog to install the blog entirely in any case of disaster where most of times, these could not be anticipated or thought in advance.

Blogging is a simple idea, where, the blogger, creates content and then summarises the content and then post those contents to blogs which can be found through the name of the domain. On the back ground of it works the perfect content delivery network where, entire contents are stored inside data base of blog and then data base connects to blogging software such as Word Press and then it connects with its back end such as blog administrator and then it provides nicer and lucid user interface where blog works. It all seems to be a straightforward process but in reality all these have to work in tandem and that too in a virtual server environment where everything is possible is shared with the concentration of providing a perfect platform for users to work on with.

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