Trams of Kolkata

Odisha not being far from neighbouring Indian state West Bengal, the prime metro town of eastern India is Kolkata. Most of people nearby from these neighbouring states for some reason or other reach out to Kolkata. During earlier times, there does not have metro railways. Now, there have been numerous number of metro stations all around in India adjacent prime metros. Kolkata or erstwhile Calcutta has its own inner city railways known as the tram. If you fall on there, do not forget to ride on trams in Kolkata.

Trams of Calcutta are different from metros stations. From a distance, it should look like a sort of city bus, its tracks should be moving inside of roads like the roads, and from a distance, it is very wonderful to celebrate it. It is true, anywhere around other metros or cities you would not find any semblance of running of trams inside of roads. It is a unique experience. When you ride on the tram, you should see and enjoy the entire township and its distinctive architecture beauties of the city of Kolkata. You should think, something like running of electric powered machines moving at high neck speed at different parts of the city of Kolkata.

Age of trams of Kolkata is almost seventy years old now. It is part of the oldest passenger service running successfully in India. It carries beauties of the age old times and carrying the signs of modernity during times. It has created them out of this and how people of natives of Kolkata continue to create nicer stories about relationships of trams with that of the city of Kolkata.

There has been many stories all about the relationships of trams with that of the city of Kolkata. Numerous daily office goers used to use this as their normal way of going out to different parts and they wait for a different path and waiting for trams at different locations. Slowly, all these incidents scripted on minds of people who went out with trams as their everyday travels. Trams have become so intimate to travellers that they know other people and also they recognise and understand the drivers and other members who have become so friendly with fellow travellers.

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When reaching towards foot board, drivers of trams used to slow down the speed of trams deliberately in order to help us to follow to foot board so that there would not be any difficulties for people to come out of running trams. It creates beautiful relay movements within among diverse people as well as with tram-drivers so that it becomes one of sequential habits with passengers as well as with drivers of trams so that it becomes one of complete flawless synchronised movements. It is one of a newer class of relationships among visitors as well as with drivers of trams.

There are sometimes some parts of roads where trams used to run with super speed within ranges of ponds, trees and beautiful flowered plants. It is as if trams are running within different scenic environments with astonishing presence of civic understanding. While writing this article, the scenic beauty entrusted with tram as if Almighty bestowed sundry parts of preserving the beauty of nature to its maximum nice is being carried into the world in its maximum capacity. It seems the smoother speed of tram tries hard to suggest and exemplify that slow moving trams is slowly making these trees to dance into the tunes of speed and beauty of tram as if entire road is creating with different types of multifaceted niceties all around in these entire arena.

It is true, it seems entire scenic beauty seems to justify that every other people who seat on these trams seems to suggest within their own set up mind as the creation of innocent childish minds that seems to suggest that every time we have been reaching to the stage of wonderful affinity within perimeters of trams. All these tend to move towards the stage of fantastic affinity of a brilliant relationship among trams and nature and probably the live viewer is being audience is standing inside trams.

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Scenic view of trams is memorable in all seasons be it during the times of summer were long standing trees prove to be the signs of shades and cooling effect and that too flow with additional speed due to speed trams running there. In winter most of these trees are filled with nicer flowers all over and those smells and fragrance of trees provides some much relieved and wonderful affiliations towards creating one of the most delightful paths where we could reach towards the position of wonderful scenic experience all over.

Kolkata is famous for its wonderful celebrations during durga puja times. Entire area is a lot of times in plenty of celebrations all over which provides some of the most revered and wonderful situations where trams runs through the city within different flowing shadows of lights and some bone pelting coolness all over. Trams run through different parts of Kolkata where we experience different forms of architectural presentations of this city while at some point of times there has been presentations of some sort of older and weaker buildings and then at times comes stronger and modern building which provides some of the most revered and wonderful presentations of modern marvels.

At times you will feel to reach at one place and at some other times you should feel to reach at some other places all these provides real and fascinating presentations of real life which provides and show case how much older is the city is and how should one could find some of the most defined and most brilliant presentations of life all over. In modern times, many tram stations closed for various reasons but still whatever stations are operated within tram routes presents itself presentations of modernity with complete mix of ancient heritage. Tram services around Kolkata have become older at times but at some stretches one could see the presentations of green environment all over with subtle presentations of trees which represent the beauties of the tram and its surrounding environments.

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There are almost 120 tram services all over Kolkata. Width of tram services is four feet and seven inches. Length of one tram is 64 feet. There have been ten substations in the routes of trams. In one tram, there are 60 standard seating accommodations for people. Over one lac people to with teams daily. It goes on showing the importance of the team in the life of people of Kolkata. It is the lifeline of people as well as one of major destinations for people who flock to this city to spend leisure times.

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