Seven Ways to Speed up Your Android Phone

Samsung sells android device under the brand name of the galaxy. Many dedicated users are there who are still back Samsung Galaxy android devices. Here, writer focus on some unique methods through which Samsung Galaxy powered by android devices speeds up to a greater extent. First two tracks are based upon optimised galaxy devices without further need of rooting android devices. This article needs to be based on non root android devices. Samsung Galaxy devices do have better power saving option which can cut down excessive use of central processing unit as well as screen power saving option. This option is best suited when power saving mode on Samsung Galaxy devices turned on. Personal experience shows phone does slow down while “power saving mode” is turned on.

How to speed up Samsung Galaxy android devices:

Due to limitation of the central processing unit while working in power saving mode, performance and speed of the galaxy device does take a toll on it. Screen power saving option lowers screen resolution in order to last battery longer than expected. Automatic brightness of phone does take a huge toll on phone’s resources and it is better to manually put the resolution on the phone to a tolerant level.


Samsung Galaxy devices are powered by android, do have a nice hardware option known as SysDump which can be done without rooting android devices. Go to phone book and there type “*#9900#” without quotes and then you should be shifted to “SysDump” automatically and from there you should see a list of option where you should be reaching out t second option known as “Delete dumpstate/logcat” and touch it and then delete it and then scroll down and touch on “Exit” to exit from the Screen. You should now feel faster Samsung Galaxy devices powered by android. You should be doing this from time to time periodically to make your device faster than before.

2.Use a faster memory card:

Since jelly bean update, most of Samsung Galaxy devices powered by android has the option to shift installation of application in “application manager” to “SD card”. In order to work with different application faster one need to install faster memory card with faster MBPS speed one need to go for micro SDHC card and that too preferably from  Performance and speed of Samsung Galaxy devices takes a huge toll due to slower performances of SD card.

3.Install Greenify:

Greenify is a brilliant application created by Oasis Feng with over five million downloads. It has star rating of 4.5 out of 5. It keeps your device smooth and never like the first day and it lasts for a longer time in a unique way. It has a unique auto hibernation feature which works in non root android devices. It uses force stop function of android to work in a nice manner. It operates in android 4.1 and further. It makes batteries last longer and make your phone faster and works in seamless manner. Greenify works with system administrator as well as function through accessibility. It functions as a service within android eco-system. It has average foot print on RAM and does not hog on system resources.

4.Use a better speed booster application:

One of better speed booster applications is CM Speed Booster which is less than 3 MB in size. It automatically hibernates standby application, to extend battery life and speeds up the phone. After e of application, enable its standby engine to force unused application to hibernate. It uses “Accessibility” feature of “Settings”. It runs as a service. Enable it and then it should automatically scan for resource logging application and slowly it should stop these application while the phone is not in use. Go to its “Settings” and enable “kill tasks at the screen turn off” to reduce overall power-consumption.

5.Disable unwanted applications:

Samsung galaxy devices are mostly preoccupied with a large number of proprietary software and applications. Most of these applications are not much of use, mostly these are not wanted, and most of these applications have to be disabled. In order to disable these application one need to tap “Settings” then “More” and from “System Manager” sub menu reach to “Application Manager” and from there reach to “All” and scroll down to select which application to be disabled by tapping on application and then, select “Disable” from it.

6.Use Opera Max- Data Management application like a firewall to Samsung Galaxy powered by android:

Opera Max is just for better data management on android device. It saves data and minimise battery use. It stops unwanted services from contacting internet through back ground services. It provides you with better control over data consumption of your phone. It allows you to block any applications running in the background. Yours internet usages are controlled in an efficient manner. Blocking application running in background conserves battery and saves precious internet bandwidth. Thus it minimises your battery usages. By stopping applications from connecting internet create more opportunities to save battery.

Most times, through running of background services, some application connection internet and thus eat chunks of internet bandwidth without your knowledge. Due to these automatic processes, most of the times, these applications eat chunks of battery life. As these are background processes, all these runs without consent of users and acts as services and very difficult to stop these applications while android is working with some other visible application. Use Opera Max- Data Management to stop these annoying applications from contacting the internet from time to time. Opera Max- Data Management application works like a firewall in non-rooted android phones. It uses a virtual private network facility of android phones.

7.Use Facebook with Chrome of android:

No one can live without Facebook. It is a fact. Facebook of android is a resource hungry application. Log into Facebook from chrome of android or download “Facebook Lite” application from Facebook, uses less data and it is hardly one MB download. It works in all network conditions. It works fast and it has mostly the same set up features, just like original Facebook application. It installs quickly and does not have huge set up resource hungry background services just like Facebook original application. It speeds up the phone as it does not run unnecessary service. Android services take a huge toll on the battery and eat most of free spaces of RAM.


It is a good idea to use alternative lite applications of popular social networking application to reduce the number of services of android uses. Android is a marvellous mobile operating system with open source in nature. It empowers people to become increasingly innovative and more idea centric to make their device speedier and faster.

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