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WordPress is a content management system. It open-source and its code is actively being developed by many freelancer software developers all around the world. It is a web based application written in PHP and My SQL. PHP works for its administrative as well as management of website whereas My SQL deals with data base and content management system of WordPress. It is designed to run on Linux servers. PHP is a programming language aims to runs with web-based application whereas My SQL is a relational database system, aims to primarily runs with Linux servers. It is same as Microsoft Access. All of these are open source and followed by dedicated and enthusiasts web developers.

WordPress is a great platform for developing small website or professional websites. Originally aimed at creating blogging platform of static web pages but subsequently due to the large variety of customisations available web professionals can build any other website of their choice with it. Most of world’s popular websites are under construction with it. Many use it to create membership sites due to its exceptional nature of a relational data base system. WordPress has many themes. Themes provide customised look of website. In addition to this it also provides additional provisions for search engine optimisations as well as extra incremental web master techniques.

WordPress comes with provisions for thousands of plug-ins. Plug-ins are additional provisional programming interface, which does show case additional inclusions of different bonus attributes to websites. Changing of themes as well as additions of plug-in is easier and even a newbie in internet technology can easily do it without any help. Non-technical people can now easily develop a website without any additional knowledge about web development. Joomla or Drupal content management system does need additional expertise in different web languages whereas there is some proprietary software from web host which appears to be far too expensive and provide additional burden on entrepreneurs.

After installation of self-hosted WordPress, the first page is created known as about and then a post name is “Hello World”. This is to show you that your web page is now live and then you can edit any other page and add relevant articles and information into it. Delete the page created automatically with WordPress installation such as “Hello World” and about a page and then you create such pages and adds articles and relevant information into It. Themes can be changed in different ways. Themes can be customised from back end as well as from front end of WordPress. There is some Windows software which helps you to build theme locally.

You can consider using that too, or else you can go for buying theme which can provide much required theme meant for professional use. Or else, you can use free theme offered by WordPress and customised as per your own wishes to add additional functionalities for your theme. It all depends upon the whims and wishes of yours to go for some of the most outstanding web presence. If you go for professional themes which does not need any additional form of customisation and editing of PHP files. Where as in the case of free theme you have some expertise in PHP and other methodologies in order to drive out and create some of the most outstanding and visible presence of website.

In many cases, paid themes, provides good support and that is crucial in case yours theme goes wrong at any point in time. In many cases, while using localised or free theme whenever something goes wrong then one should create a child theme free theme so that whenever any update or customisation is done then other settings of theme should not be lost in the way at any point of time. Otherwise, a simple update to free theme could remove and wipe out all the other customised form is the theme. Most times, make a habit to upload theme to cPanel file manager so that there should not be any other discrepancy to your theme management. Most times, many themes can be installed directly through the WordPress dashboard, but it is better to install it from an earlier form as it should provide error free installations.

Next create a banner for your website. Generally, paint dot net is a brilliant software of Windows to create a nice banner. No need to go for professional help as it is important to create all these stuffs all by your self in order to economise website creation. If you go for free theme, then through additional knowledge of cascading style sheets (CSS) should help you lot. Google has “CSS background checker” to check about relevant. CSS scripts. You should go for W3Schools CSS tutorials to know about performances and running of different scripts and implement those scripts on your website to learn more about the way website runs and perform different visual presentations.

Some of free themes, does not provide editing of CSS scripts from dashboard, but still you can edit it from the sides of cPanel hosting of FTP file and find out css file from the theme directory. Posts in WordPress are time bound visual presentation of writer’s representations of thoughts, you may show it as bunch of static pages at home page of blog or present live articles when ever you publish these articles all in one go. Posts allow comments, but you can enable or disable comments or disable html attributes, in comment segment in order to stop spammers from entering into website. Pages are not time-sensitive and it does not limit time. All such static information such as about us, etc. can be displayed permanents on the home page.

With WordPress, one can be easily, edit past posts but cannot change permalinks of website, as this would put down specific links of website in public. There are some limitations as well as other benefits of using WordPress as full scaled web presence. Pages should not have comments nor it should have rss feeds for extra syndications. Pages should be meant for visitors of website who reaches for your website from time to time to read the different contents. There can be third party links or hyperlinks inserted into the body of websites. All these links should be inserted carefully as more and more third party links could provide supplementary worsen situation for search engine optimisation of website.

Do not use and install too much and on and do not install any add on from unknown sources. Install only handful number of plugins and check writer and authenticity of those plugins before installing. Use server plugins such as code guard to back up the entire database of website. It should back up website from time to time to save you in case something goes wrong with your website. In this article, I try hard to describe in whole what is WordPress is all about and how to customise and formulate your web presence so that everything that comes your mind must come through all sorts of innovation of such through web presence.

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