Modern architecture

There have been numerous myths about the state of the art environments about how a city is constructed. It has gone through numerous think tanks and measurements of surviving towards the single goal of autonomous entities was not every possible decision making affects any other futuristic perspective. There are many types of person such as creating building as the perspective of eagerness to make the world a better place to live. These should have been considered at the stage of leadership with the complete form of visionary entrepreneurships. They want to build a better world with concrete houses made of bricks and cements. Some other people always oppose such trends as they think too much of bricks and cement structures should hamper the natural development of the environment and in the longer run may hit natural environment harder.

Many support this theory and some other opposes these theories. Most of opposition come from state where they already were successful and there has been too much of development consisting of cements and bricks. Another school of thought is that, most of the times, so called developed nations aims to stop the progress of developing and least developed countries by completely opposing development of these countries through other means. These can have a point for serious discussion as recently government has stopped functioning of some of these non-governmental organisations (NGOs) which continuously carry on agitations and try hard to stop development through the means of agitation and stopping people to work further.

All these forms of agitations come before some of the most prestigious development projects which aim to bring back humongous development agendas, which should cater into stopping for different development at different points in time. Considering the organisations, which backed these movements, has not shown their agitations in their own nations. So, why they are in the name of a green environment and other aspects stopping continuously all these development agendas. Sometimes it is hard to grasp why such people continuously creating so called agitations to stop development agendas.

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These are full of thoughts which might be true or they can have some sort of perception attached with it no one able to grasp and understand. Similarly, in a locality where any person has a nicer house and front boundaries surprisingly neighbouring people do tend to feel jealousies for no such reasons. They tend to feel that it is obstructing their own sake of development or they want to so superiority complexes above the other for no such reasons. Then comes the assimilation of a number of people and make an unwanted signature campaigns and then it creates a situation of theme of jealously where many unwanted situation might come alive due to presentation of unwanted environments.

For what sake one feel jealous of others at the same time one need to think beyond and goes forward towards some other forms of thought processes, and it is always to decipher why so negative emotions comes out from humans because no such reasons. Brian cells in humans are a complicated process of different veins coupled with different other brains which come in contact with each other in numerous ways. There are so many alternations and confusions among different cells and nerve cells that no one could ever imagine how such brain cells are working and still to date. Humans have never ever been able to understand and devise how such process works. So far, no one able to devise and find an answer to how such positive, negative and other aspects of emotions works and these some sort of ever changing dynamism which no one able to solve it.

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All these lead to some sort of definitive understanding of what the brain consists of. Just look at the brain of a child which concentrates only on the single subject of deeper faith and unlimited affection which provides stubborn building block of creating one such brilliant architecture of development of which no one would be able to devise and draw any parallel with. Similarly, why there are such people who instead of understanding about their own self and development carry on thinking about others and continue to build bad to worse relationships with others by taking steps that are not so compatible with style of so many people in general.

Life is similar to a structure of bricks and cements, which create a state of constant development for years together. It all accumulated into some sort of mirage of tired security, which perhaps some other people tend to think of some other ways. It all concentrated inside out into the brain where one could find deeper and wider understanding of everything that comes straight into mind and self. If at any point of time there is the stage of development then be it do not worry about it as ultimately at some point of time the process of recycle will alter different stages of universe where at each facets of cycle one should find the decisive information and conclusive evidence of destruction and creation of world again.

We have seen and experience how such developed world such as Indus Valley civilisation and some others gone into history due to catastrophes of some or the other. Whatever town planning and development they have done have always been seen in the presence of destruction due to the constant cycle of the universe. Ultimately, stars do die, so nothing is permanent so why not go for a complete form of development to make this world beautiful and wonderful to live. Let us support development and go for complete announcement of some of the most wonderful happenings and reaching out to different stages of the world where we could find the signs of complete enhancement and development of the world to its fullest and finest glory.

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Not all these are forms of impossibility as we should go for what ever way to touch and reach to ultimate form of development to manage and find out the bitter truth of reaching out to complete form of development where after thousand years when a new civilisation finds out the traces of older one through different forms of excavation then should always be surprised by the form of development of ours age and should always be finds out how such a nicer and wonderful civilisation was there at this stage. Think about it always and one should always find an exact answer to this irrespective of the situation and dynamics.

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