The road to jealousy?

It cannot be said and done but the path of jealousy is blind with stiffened hardship where it just falls into the trap of undefined entities of creating extra bit of hardship and unwinding internship of creating desirable hardship for third person. Is it necessary in the first place, or is it the most defining and tiring meaning of life where we want to grow and want to create endless miseries to person where every time there is so much of hardship and constant repetitive hardness to people in general. Aim to win over anything is always good but winning at the cost of other is never ever meant to be achievable endeavour where at every point of time the person wants to conquer the world not by surpassing what others want to achieve but by reducing privileges of others and replacing their position. It is always not so desirable ways to achieve endless success, but it is the most misnomer ways to create the perfection.

Do away with theory of obstruction:

Other’s success should be the inspiration for the person not the path to be taken into as obstructive ways to stop the privileges of successes. Life is not about seeing every success stories as part of the theory of obstruction but it is all about aiding and abating all these for the betterment and choices goal to reach the path of perfection. Consider that there is no such thing as an obstacle in the path to success, one needs to find out the goal and aim and pursue the goal endlessly without any need for removing obstacles. Take an example, while in a sprinting competition say one hundred meter competition, every competitor should have to run within perimeters of his own area and if he or she just move to other tracks then there is every possibilities of shunting out of other competitor from the zone which should in a legal world enable the competitor to be the fit case for complete suspension in its entirety.

What we learn experience, it is all about not removing competitors from the scene but it is about creating a self-sufficient entity in order to try hard to cross over competitors. Do not be jealous of others, instead one could easily find some sort of possible inspiration from the success of others and enable and create wonderful world so that everyone should be following your stories. Keep trying to do not jealous of what others achieve as this could lead to some sort of negative connotations where it might lead to the complete form of jealously. It needs to be checked and properly managed so that in the long run the form in which path of success one goes on does not deter from any such wide array of formalities which makes or breaks every form of idea which should go in the way for perfect positive outlook. Life is all about looking ahead and moving forward towards the path of success through crossing all success stories where every form of success comes with determined form of inspiration coupled with just in time format of success where every form of idea could lead to defined set up complete automation.

Go for complete automation:

While pursuing path to success armoured with strong sense of ownership and exhibit complete form of stiff automation could provide defined and dedicated will which could lead to process automation which powers up every bit of idea and units that could enhance and add more towards the path to provide every form of movement where ultimate  form of success should lead to defined form of goal settings. Take the success story of Microsoft where, it even at this stage is offering Windows 10 as free update to users of Windows 7 and beyond. It is unthinkable as most of top-rated companies still rejoicing with their success being unable to see the world as it is. It is empathetically view of situation which matters the most and sharing success and see the form of success in its own interpretation which creates the perfect sense of world where every possible endowment and achievement goes on to provide the sense of complete automation where every time the movement perfection comes with added advantage to move forward in its endeavour to conquer unknown.

Success is all about sharing the achievements as well as giving back to stakeholders what slice of success. Another undesirable side of success, which nearer to the stage of failures is the story of Samsung. Due to Samsung, success of android reached to its logical conclusion but sadly with due, course of time due to cost factor and germinating of local manufacturers, which create a low cost device that eats out market share of Samsung completely. Another factor that eats out specimen of Samsung is that it continuously sends all probability of continuous updates to its legacy devices, which left the users in lurch completely. Still, many popular Samsung devices are still not supported completely by Samsung though of late it tries to provide users some exclusive value added phenomenon such as relaxing music and some nice application in order to augment values of devices to completely some other levels. However, it is a completely newer arrangement, but it seems it is too late.


Perfect timing is what it matters the most as everything has its own timing and related environments. If anything surpasses the perfect timing, then for sure, one needs to calculate, the timings of every populist measures, that should create an entire phase of definite endeavour to produce populist measures that should provide a perfect commercial for success. Jealousy is all about creating negative impacts, stopping the growth of others for the sake of own and creating a situation of self where which should not possibly allow happening. Think as yourself as the mind of a small child which shows love to all near and dear ones, without any other signs of jealously in what so ever manner, thinks in that childish manner in order to see the world as it is. It will soon remove the traces of any signs of jealously in what so ever manner and enable you to go for a perfectly smoother ways so that there should not be any further signs of jealously into yours manners in what so ever manner. Success is a continuous story it needs to be taken into serious consideration as with long due process all such movements towards accelerated successes could lead to some of the positive drive towards reaching towards the goal of maximum.

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