How to choose a perfect blogging platform and host?

To choose a perfect blogging platform one needs to concentrate more on different available blogging platforms and for this a decent internet search can be more that prudent and then try to open free or trial account on these blogging platform to test and know on first hand the pros and cons of such blogging system. It is important to realize fonts characteristics and their use so that when ever you present your web blog to visitors these should provide legibility for you as a reader. The internet is all about presenting different bit of ideas and understandings to readers through proper and legible understandings.

Fonts should have sufficient contrast and proper background in nicer for good and understandable readings. Fonts colours and links should be there nicely so that it would not be hurting the eyes of individuals while they are online. Choose a nicer page style and avoid extreme brighter pages style as these could hurt the eyes of readers while they perform seriously longer readings. If your blog does have long articles, then you should always go for minimisation light settings of backgrounds.

How to Choose the Perfect blogging Platform?

Page layout of blog should be clutter free, and there should not be any obstructions in reading in the form of advertisements in the middle of the article as well as other irrelevant links which distracts uses while reading the article. Entire page layout should be clutter free and legible enough for users to understand and carry on continuous readings uninterrupted. If you want to present important links and that should not be at the bottom of the web page as links should be there at relevant locations in order to present readers some smarter ideas and relevant information on demand.

A page of web blog relates with entire viewing space in which a blog appears on web page uninterrupted and that is why it was duty of every web masters to understand and create a sense of visibility and legibility while reading blogs. It is for sure to understand, the functions and the manners in which advertisements run in a blog lead to some wearing signs for readers but still a limit to advertise-space should be there. At most times, contents embedded inside blogs come almost free of cost.

It is the share of advertisements which count the most. Still, one need to limit the performances as well as functions of such advertisements so that these should not be considered itself some sort of sign of weariness for visitors. Always remember to write minimum one thousand page for article or more so that it can garner enough values as well as further enhancements of other bit of performance options as no one would certainly like the presence of one or two paragraphed articles with one hundred spam comments. It devalues the eccentricity of creating a blog.

At most times, the essence and the importance attached with a blog creation relate with sharing of information and values to people so that they should be reading these and refer some appreciative comments about it. Most of times front page of blog are similar to what a website does to its landing page. Now-a-days it is almost similar and really to present some information about the article in the front page and that should not be more that ten so that the page loading time would take a huge toll while loading the front page. No one wants to wait forever for loading of the page and that could also take the additional burden of internet charges.

Reduce number of articles on the front page and present article excerpt instead of the full article. In this way, you would not be missing out important articles for readers to read. A blog is not just about creating it in a straight forward manner, but it is all about presenting one of the smartest and perfect presentation of a landing page where most of the times users reach to such pages without interruptions. It is not wise to insert large images inside article, and that image does not have any informative ideas attached with the theme of the article. It is always important to go for, smaller sized image that can have relevant information related to the article.

If you do not find such article, then you can ignore such images. It is all about making perfectly landing pages for users so that ultimately they should enjoy being reached to the stage of reading articles on your blog. It could be the single easier interface but the quality of the contents that matters the most and it is the single most important parameters to determine and devise newer strategies to understand and find out different notions of development ideas.

Social networking on your blog:

It is true to say that through the mediums of social networking there is every chance of relevant and real visitors reaching to your blog. Google recognises the importance of some of such social networking sites and gives prominence to search results of such collective networking optimised sites. There are many analysts who feel that. Presence of such popular social networking sites at the end of article empower users to share a good article about different social networking sites. All these are points of great debate as there are no hard and fast rules for a site’s popularity and behaviour or readers to share an article after they read it.

All these does not come free at most times these sharing elements do take a heavier toll on the landing page as well as it puts an additional burden on hosting package and this could make the site load slowly in the long run. Most of social networking sites work on cross site scripting which most of modern browser stops from loading thus creating completely wastages of inserting icons into it.

Now-a-days most of modern browser do provide an additional way to share articles through different add on, justifying ever changing, and realm of modern web browser where everything could not be landed on different propositions. That is why it is almost imperative to consider non-implementation of social networking icons on weblog. There are many ways to install shared networking icons on your blog such as through minimisation of images so that it loads without imparting too much on hosting resources. All these lead to brilliant and speedier loading of website without too much impact on hosting.

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