Facebook Launches Faster Facebook Lite App For Low-End phones

One of the most popular mobile and desktop applications is Facebook. It grows from strength to strength. At first, it defeated popularity of Orkut as social mediums a decade back. Orkut replaced popular Yahoo messenger. Yahoo Messenger was very popular decades back but due to it lacks of customisation and privacy option slowly it disappears from the scene. Then comes the era of Orkut from Google. It became prevalent in developing nations such as India and some Latin American nations. Facebook was there at that time, but during that time it consumes larger speed of data, which makes it more unwanted decides back in developed nations.

Orkut was swift and more adequate to slower network conditions where it becomes easier to load and it has faster load times. Decades back there has been a slow internet connection with these nations. Facebook was hard to load and android was not present in those times. Therefore, there is not any chance of using Facebook with applications. Only through desktop, it can be found. At those times, there had been the presence of symbian and other mobile operating system which can only present with a lighter version of Facebook which seems to be not providing the complete desktop version of facebook but only links and lite version is shown to the users.

Surprisingly after becoming so much popular, Orkut began introducing its heavier version with more customisations. During that time, probably a decade back, Facebook was getting popularity in most of developed nations and in seeing impending danger of Facebook overtaking its reins in developing nations it began to roll more features to Orkut. This demands speedier internet connectivity, which do not exist in developing nations.

Most people shifted to Facebook because of its wider customisation options and stricter privacy settings. Time to time it reaches to better security parameters by adopting more and more private setting in accordance with wishes and whims of people. Then, comes the age of android which provides provision of applications for specific websites such as Facebook, twitter and so on. Then comes the Internet revolution throughout India where smart phones have become more affordable and lower middle classes started using it and with it comes the use of internet, which empowers them to use all such applications with a single tap.

Slowly, Facebook began to introduce newer features, which are mainly related to adding some more goodies to already heavier Facebook applications. With a nice research and development team, Facebook begins implementing newer features related to android such as lock screen notifications, sns notifications, auto uploading of images and synchronisation between personal computers and face book android applications. It makes original face book android application heavier and wants speedier internet connection to run. Slowly, there has been signs of people concerning developing countries begin to dislike this as most of the features take a huge load on system resources and drain the battery as well as it takes a huge chunk of data connections which most times cost money.

Then, comes another Facebook update, which provides an opportunity for users to opt for saving of Facebook data so that pictures do not load on its highest resolutions. Still, it becomes not so likeable by most users as they want all these updates to load quickly. In modern life styles, most people do not have enough time to wait for anything to update for many seconds. This creates an additional problem for Facebook. It is for sure Facebook is not going to leave developing nations especially. India as there as was increasing large number of people joining Facebook as well as using it most times. It deals with larger and convenient use of the revenue model, which Facebook is using most times.

After seeing all these trends it has now become amply clear that people want such an application which not only provides faster face book access but also provide information within the shortest span of time. Facebook Lite is the solution as this application is barely less than one MB download and runs in slower network conditions. It puts forward all updates of timeline slightly higher time than that of original Facebook application. After logging in it should ask you about who you are already known on the face book by looking into your contracts through find friends feature of android. Then, you can add any friend from there or simply skip those contacts to reach to time line of Facebook Lite.

Then, it should show your list of friends in contact, but not using face book by inviting function. If you invite them, then they should see the invitation link to open a new Facebook account. After doing this click on did to reach the next screen. All these should appear, for the first time you logged into Facebook Lite. The next time is not all these should appear. Facebook Lite has mostly the same tab as Facebook’s original application.

Facebook Lite presents whitish icon for face book and it is one of the most efficiently produced applications, which present all such information in a compact way. It does have data usages statistics but does not have any special tool to reduce the use of data. In a way, it is not necessary as. Facebook Lite takes far lesser amount of data what original Facebook application takes. I feel, Timeline of Facebook Lite is much clutter free and all these images appear clearly and lucidly without any signs of additional distraction.

In a way, Facebook Lite is a winner if you wish for a lighter application of face book, which works in almost same way as the original application. It consumes far lesser amount of data and does not cache images. In this way, various parts of data wastages’ are saved completely. It is a welcome step as we have seen. Facebook is constantly updating its original Facebook applications, in order to make it light and works in a faster way.

It makes additional preference and provide users faster access to updates of their time line and thus slowly it is getting more and more leverage from users. Even people who have high speed internet access really start to use it as it consumes far lesser amount of battery and central processing unit. It supports most of basic Facebook functions. It is like earlier Symbian version of Facebook and adds push and camera function to its android version. It is not an alternative to the original android application but it for sure provides some additional advantages to users to choose what it best suits for you.

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