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The literary meaning of the word “meta” means “information-about”. So meta tag of website is known as information about your website. It is these meta information which normally a crawl while getting information about any specific website. When a crawls your site, basically it gets information about the author, keywords, copyright and other information to check authenticity of website.

Meta Tags in :

Then, it compares all these information with available basic information to determine rank and authenticity of website. That is why meta tags are important components while building a good user friendly and web friendly WordPress website. Default installation of WordPress does not at all contain automated insertion of meta tags into website. So WordPress administrator has to manually insert such codes in order to make the website search engine friendly. Many researchers opined that of late it is not important to add such information as modern web browsers are sophisticated and well capable of handling automated information on website through other web tracking methods in view of DNA settings and internet protocol address of website.

is no longer implementing meta tag information in determining the ranking of website. Still, it uses some sort of meta information in order to generate adequate snippet for website while showing link to website. This goes on to show the importance of meta tag considerably. Furthermore, it does provide some basic information about website to a considerable extent by showing different variants of web presence throughout different showing of website. With the advent of Panda updates, more and more web masters are moving towards the prime motive of implementing all sorts of generic and important parameters in order to optimize search engine rankings in Google.

Content is king:

Google loves well written and descriptive contents. It can detect well documented article, poor quality contents and unoriginal text easily. Google supports those sites with quality content with superior reach and provides more advertising revenues more traffic and more business. Google relentlessly strives for well written documents of website and put additional onus on showing those sites ahead of others. Google does not see the popularity of website but still it search small sites with good contents. Research has shown that more and more people continuously use search engines in order to find relevant information about a particular key word.

Google has done this updates to search engine algorithm few years back after it finds that its search results are not yielding what the users are searching for. That is why it completely changes the way a search engine works and provides stringent filtering of websites that have not been so good contents. It penalizes websites which use additional form of search engine optimized methods without providing properly written quality content. It maps organic out reach of website in order to find a properly written contents. People normally have their way to find out well written documents.

They have reached properly well documented website from time to time and that becomes the most popular methods for website to reach real popularity. Google has its way to find out which website is indulging heavier methodology to reach out to many visitors which mostly include bots and artificial and paid subscribers. It is simply devote your time to write good and highly quality content in order to generate high class content. Write from your own thought process and provide good feedback on the subject that would help visitors to find more and interesting information that they are searching for.

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Use less plugin on WordPress:

Plugin slows down WordPress site, and has many possible security issues. Plugins are developed by a third party and you have no control over it. So, why go for such critical issues, just edit some of PHP configurations of hosting and you could find similar functionalities. Do not rely on third party websites to generate some good functionalities of website. WordPress is far better content management system that other available for creating website, as it does provide some basic advantage over the other as it has its own built-in system to index and optimize every other page of website. Still there are some other optimization that need to be taken care of.

Permalink structure:

WordPress has better permalink structure than Blogger from Google. It is always advisable to change the default post id structure to category plus post name structure to have clear legibility of the search engine about the way website runs. From the long URL visitors and search engines should be able to understand and know about the subject of the article and that attracts many visitors and keep returning visitors for long within the sphere of website. From settings on the back end of WordPress admin, you can change the permalink structure as per your wish.

Google’s Blogger now not allowing users to import articles from Blogger to WordPress as it discontinued its application processing interface. If you have done it then, you should go for permalink structure such of date of publication of an article just like what normal blogger permanence provides with. It is all about acquiring and getting search engine friendly URL so that, from the description of URL itself one could find relevant and detail information about what your website is all about.

Have a fast load time of WordPress site:

Google is serious about business of search engines. It loves websites that are faster to load times. Use a good host with adequate security. Use third party firewall service and change A name records and C name in order to add content management system for your site. You can create a cache of contents through plug in installed at the back end of WordPress but still all these caches are stored inside host. This creates extra load on server and website load time increases as a result of this. Use a content management system in order to cache contents at different geo-locations all around the world.

In this way, contents of your website are cached everywhere around the world and users are tabled web pages from nearby servers thus decrease of page load time. It reduces page load time of website to several seconds. Google loves such website which loads extremely fast and thus it becomes favorite for engines. With third party firewall between your host and WordPress, bots are stopped from accessing website thus it reduces page load time and creates healthier hosting environment.

Mobile optimization:

With the advent of android into the mobile world, more and more people begin using android all the time. With growing of localized developers they present android phone with affordable prices. More and more people connect to world and use a search engine to reach the relevant website. Mobile Optimization of website is need of the day. Default android stock web browser and Google Chrome do provide efficient ways to optimize website to load it faster but still on the site of hosting one needs to use some tweaks into functions dot php in order to automatically detect presence of mobile client to circulate website in mobile friendly ways. There are many users who are busy with mobile browsing in order to gather information. It is new niche marketing areas which web administrators of WordPress need to tap it and make it to their leverage. Google sees all such customization and optimizations in order to rank website and its contents ahead of others.

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Web master tools:

Use Google, , Yandex, Baidu and Pinterest web master tools to active website for further use. It helps web administrators to provide contents directly to Google. No other customization is needed for this. One needs to activate these through file hosting or other relevant methods. WordPress administrators must go for file hosting methods in order to create and activate website on these web master tools. Baidu tools take time to provide information and if your website have relevant contents then, it should slowly show up contents to users slowly. There are many ways of verification methods for website in these tools. You should go for every other verification methods in order to show case presence of your website in all forms of verification. It does showcase genuineness of your website to web master tools.

If you have non-WWW website like this is, then Google suggests that you should add both forms of non-WWW and WWW sites into Google Web master tools and then select which form of website you prefer and Google will take care of it and there should be no chance of duplicate of content. In this way, Google knows that you have two types of website presence but it lands into non-WWW forms and then it should slowly give importance to land address to website. Most times, WordPress users use Cname to create WWW version of non-WWW website. If you use content delivery network like this website does then you have to create an Cname extension of website in the form of WWW and then add to it so in this case, you should add the same website with WWW extension in Google Web Master tools to let Google know about it and rest Google will manage it completely.

To or not to :

Of late Google Panda algorithm gives preference to SSL enabled HTTPS websites in preference over the other. As far as I am concerned I prefer to use a third party firewall which could scan your website every time a visitor visits and scan its internet protocol address and after getting presence of organic visitor it should allow your website then. In this way, it creates some of the most secure environment by putting a firewall within visitors and your WordPress site.

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HTTPS site is not full proof but a site with a firewall like SiteLock or other available firewalls does present a security proof website to visitors. Google loves those sites which have only organic visitors and does not contain any bot visitors. First step of security for WordPress administrators to go for a good firewall solution which comes nearly one thousand INR and then if you have the resources then go for SSL.


Search engine optimization or SEO is a complicated process which includes several parameters. It adds more and more customization in days to come. It is almost the continuing process of evolving which web administrators have to comply in with in full scale all the time. There are some theme customizations such as breadcrumb Navigations, post numberings; optimization of heading of title and clean up of the code of WordPress could lead to better SEO rankings. Google loves speed, and as a web administrator you should aim for speed in order to provide faster website to users.

With addition of content delivery network automatic optimization website on third party reliable server provides you faster web presence to retain and get back super speed website. Use of 2012 themes and optimize it so that it would make lesser call to server every time a visitor visits your website. Do not install a caching plugin. Use a content delivery network so that caching should be done in a far away server. Go for a good hosting solution. I use BigRock hosting, which is good and great support in case if you have a problem related to hosting. Always put contents inside sidebar not from the back end of WordPress but from sidebar dot php from hosting so that it does not eat precious hosting times. Use Sitemap in XML and HTML format.

There are many articles you should learn from Google search about it and then install it on your web presence. Add important articles to list of pages not on posts so that when you update these articles these would be automatically updated and search engines would be informed about it. Add related posts contents scripts of a category not of tags into single dot php to demonstrate automated visibilities of related posts under each article posts. Do not use so many tags but use lesser categories. Most tags become one more addition of pages to sitemap and thus it becomes unnecessary heavier and that could have an adverse impact on search engine rankings.

Add scripts to functions dot php to remove links of comments from appearing. In this way, you website lesser third party links. Only use relevant third party links which have potential to add some useful information to your article. Last not but the least install Google Analytics through PHP installation in order to measure visitor’s behavior and then provide them with relevant contents as well as link with them through other social networking website in order to generate more and more interests among all sorts of visitors to garner existences of organic visitors which is prime motive for a construction of a website.

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