SEO tips for every Word Press owner

The world of SEO for every WordPress owner is very important. Search engine algorithm is constantly changing. It has not previously been constant. It is part and parcel of the ever changing landscape of time. It is important for every web master to always stay up-to-date with the latest happenings. Of late Google is constantly changing the way in which search engines index websites. It is now prone to content driven and true tells of information which sites provide users.

There is no such sure shot and a shortcut way to get better rank. It takes time and is dependent on many factors. It is always important for WordPress owner, to put forward some solid and strong strategy in order to constantly develop newer model of content distribution so that with due course of time it would take a more advantageous position in the realm of the Internet.

Make your Word Press site more search engine friendly:

Basic strategy is to make your website search engine friendly. It is in your hand. For this it is important in order to go for a light WordPress theme. I would suggest implementing 2012 themes for WordPress. It is simpler and highly customizable. Remember to create child theme and then edit and customize it. It would save your day, when WordPress updates to the latest version. Otherwise all such customization would be lost easily. With theme 2012 from owner of WordPress one could easily customize its PHP into different additions.

Just look at my website here and you should find everything done here is without any plugins. I did all customizations such as footer customization, adding pagination to each article at the end of first page, creating live archive page for WordPress with PHP customization, automatic creation of post meta data by adding code snippets to functions dot php of child theme of WordPress, aligning 2012 header text to in the middle, modifying side bar length in order to allow advertiser to put wider advertisements for increase of revenue, showing automatic excerpts or read more at the front page, category, tag and post pages and showing advertisement codes on single page of 2012 theme through simple PHP customizations.

For this, author does not install any additional plugin or add on but edit its PHP files and then automatically all these showed in website with ease. Most of WordPress owner go for straightforward methodology of implementation of the plug-in order to add some additional features. Why one should go that way, one should go for simple editing of PHP files through file transfer protocol in order to make and add additional customization without draining hosting resources. Think about it. More plug in you uses more and more burden on a web host and plug in makes your website load late and that can annoy visitors. If some plug in are not updated on time, there is every possibility of the advent of malwares into your website and this could make your site crippled with malware all the time.

Why SEO is important?

It is simple. A good site with nice search engine optimization technology can drive and boost a plenty of traffic. Traffic means addition of more advertising revenues for your site. So in short the concept of search engine optimization creates monetization for your site. Learning the concept of SEO is a daunting task. There is a vast amount of information there all over but true information coupled with an additional bit of updated ones is rarely harder to find it. Just adding a page to the Google search is not enough, providing additional bit of snippet information in addition to it providing users the information that they are looking for is utmost important.

So referred information in the realm of search engine should be such that it should compel visitors to click on a link to reach into your website for relevant information. It should be humans who should be visiting your link and it should not be bots and automated visitors. Organic or human visitors is must for success of any website. SEO is an algorithm as it relates with high quality search engine interpretations, but for WordPress users it is to go into the most basic form it in order to generate massive interest among different genres of people all over the world to reach into your website easily. Just makes your site and its contents useful for real visitors. It will help your site to have a stronger and mass presence among unique internet users with due course of time.

Provide real and exceptional information in your article:

It is not difficult to get a topic from day to day life as there are many incidents happenings and you just have to pick the right one in order to show case and devise information. One needs to check to provide unique information. There is meant SEO article which stresses the emphasis on placement of the right key word on the right time and also convey to make research on burning topics on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and so on. I do feel all these are not necessary of life as with due course of time one finds information at their disposal and one tends to provide real and unique information in order to make your website to create an exceptional niche in the sphere of internet.

This creates uniqueness and generates massive interest among different layers of the population. One need to remember that most of the population among the internet world is literate and they are capable to judge which website provides real information and which website does not provide not so real information. They are using their data packs and money to browse website. It is high time that WordPress administrators to see this and employ these in order to generate and provide more relevant information. There should not be any shortcut to it. One should always look for long drawn long wishes and hopes in order to generate massive interest among different genres of populations. It makes perfect search engine optimization techniques for users at all spheres of life.

Use social media, internal and external linking:

Use social media to spread relevant information about your site to for social Medias such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and so on. Do not always think that these will drive traffic to your site, instead most of the times, share relevant links in order to prove the concept of giving back to social media users. Internal and external linking are two most important parameters for any site. Internal linking of words inside article not only convey Google about the importance of other pages inside of a single page but also tell readers and visitors to know more about the concept of that relevant term in order to drive them to other pages on your site. This not only increases the value for visitors but also increases your revenue and augment values for your site in the eyes of search engines. Insert utmost three links of your own contents inside of your web page.

Do not link any achievement page inside the internal linking of a single page of your website. External linking provides rightful information of third party website relevant to subject of age. One should be extra careful in the case of external linking of website and one should go to a relative not to follow for such website which requires mention and it conveys Google not to index such sites. Do not try even to fool search engine spiders as in the long term they will catch you and ultimately make you face a heavy penalty for your site for not indexing relevant resources. Always go for clear cut plan search engine optimization such as creating sitemap, adding website to Google, Bing, Yandex and Baidu webmasters to make yours website crawl nicely into different search engines.

Final thoughts:

Have ever go for key word spamming, hidden text, cloaking as search engines have highly sophisticated algorithm and they will catch these misdemeanors in SEO at any point of time. It could make you hurt page rank of website in the longer run. Try not to use a splash page which is full of logo and takes too much load time as it would make the search engine to take your web presence to list of relevant search results. Do not make any of mistakes; keep it short and simple in order to create a brilliant search engine optimized web page for a long run. Make a slow and steady start in order to create absolute web page that would become the darling of internet users so that it would create one of brilliant brand value among different genres of internet users.

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