Pros and cons of social media?

Social media is a significant platform for marketing. It provides adequate remuneration for users to share the contents. It provides robust artificial intelligence platforms to form and create such wonderful whiteboard for marketers. In the recently concluded general elections. Role of social media have been prudent in determining the mood of voters. Twitter provides opportunities for marketers as well as other statesmen who interact with people directly. Facebook provides decent opportunities for users to share news, share contents and links to people who have looked at their age. It automatically sends those links, medias and other forms of multimedia contents to those people.

Reach of social media is ever-expanding:

Sheer outreach of social Medias cannot be estimated. Facebook has friends of friend feature, which could expand and distribute content to sheer number of people who no one can ever imagine. Most of these social media giants such as Face Book, Google+, Twitter provide opportunities for users to share and distribute contents for free. There are given options, but we will consider here free options only. It provides important mediums for branding, customizing and interacting with consumers directly. It creates a clear cut vision of the product and getting feedback from people becomes easy with the introduction of social medias.

Social media is best for search engine optimization:

As per my limited knowledge about the way Google search engines works and its Google Panda updates gets, it is amply clear that Google recognizes and provides important to such sites, products and services which gains importance within social media spheres. Facebook provides ample opportunities to show case product, services and sites within their Facebook page concept. Similarly, Google+ has a similar page creation concept and authenticating those pages with local authentication through postal feedback from Google. All these create ample opportunities for users to show case their name of product within specifics of Google Map and this makes more visibility for such product and services.

Over the times, with the introduction of page concept of social medias, your product, service and website gets more click-through, more visibility which resulted in increasing web traffic. Most times, this could lead to more lead generation and more conversion of organic traffics to your product, service and websites. It is a millions dollar question, as how can social medias drive traffic to your website. People learn traits of such products from such website and then go for the actual purchase of products.

Examining relation between social media and website traffic:

Driving real or organic traffic to website is always been a complicated affair. Every social media provides ample opportunities for adding website. It goes on to show on about your age and people concern could see what your qualifications are from these segments. People easily find out information about there and could see the presence of your website name and could jump on your website. But most times, once people become friend on Facebook, it might look at yours about your age for once but subsequently it only sees the timeline of information. Of course with Facebook you could share links to update the article and then there could be chances of people reaching to your web page.

Due to the advent of the android as a complete mobile operating system, there are higher chances of people reaching for your website than on earlier occasions for sure. However,, as experience shows at least from my own experience, I have found that there are hardly any such convertible people from such social media shares. All these information could be obtained from installation of Google Analytics on website. It provides real time information as well as other such considerable information where most times every person wants to know in detail about it. Most of social media sites have the profile option and there you could add a link to it.

Add website link to Twitter and Pinterest:

Twitter is good for direct interaction between client and users. It delimits distances. It produces real time information sharing management with each other. It provides a revamped interface with perfect amalgamation of space for an intuitive interface where one could easily insert name of web presence. Researchers have shown how, showing of website inside time line cover of Twitter is more beneficial than Facebook pages. Most of face book users deal with a number of direct information share where one could easily retrieve information without any further need for a revamping of information sharing management. Whereas Twitter provides ample opportunities for dealing with the number of intentional viewing of website and this creates lead and generates organic visitors.

Pinterest is one of popular mediums where most of photo sharing by different people all over the world is performed. They tend to move towards sharing pictures within the perimeter of articles and in this way sharing of articles remain shared with different mediums all over the time. Pinterest provides additional mediums of authentication of web pages and this adds additional mediums of recognition. It continues to authenticate website through php file uploading or JavaScript and continues to show the profile of the web which ultimately presents one of brilliant presentation of the web site on different mediums.

Negativity of social sharing:

Everything is not all roses while you share contents in discrete social networking websites. It has been seen that too much share does not augur well for web masters. Most of the top social networking sites such as Pinterest, Twitter and face book use some form of bandwidth mediums of web presence thus it creates an additional burden on a web host as a result of this. Most of such social networking websites do not depend too much on sharing only links to website but instead it continues to provide some screen shot of images attached to the specific article which meant to be shared. Thus it imparts weight age of web hosts and creates one such burden on the host and this reduces bandwidth capacity as well as ability of the host to perform all through.

So, what social networking websites are compelling about sharing websites for free are not true. It uses internet bandwidth and some parts of hosting and this could also lead to some sort of down time for your web presence. Ultimately, one has to really reflect on. Whether to go for a stricter and wider acceptance of the age old concept of content is king. After all, after all these precedence the real winner lies on with the growing and increase of wider acceptances of becoming of one of popular brand where at every point of time, most of success lies with wider reading of articles by most users.

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