Learn How to Improve the Security of Your WordPress Site

WordPress is the most popular blogging platform. There are a lot good free and paid alternatives. WordPress singlehandedly removes all barriers between blogging and website. It is flexible. It is present everywhere. Many top websites to implement WordPress. Countless big enterprises like the way it works like a content management system. WordPress as a content management system is a viable option. WordPress is customizable and can work in multi dimensional ways. That is why WordPress is popular. Thus, it becomes a favorite target for hackers. Most of the top website and millions of blogs created and powered with WordPress.

What it supposed to be having a WordPress site?

Having a WordPress site means one needs to be extra vigilant in protecting it. There ought to be some extra efforts need to be done on the part of the system administrator in order to protect the WordPress site from hacking attacks. There have been some article wrote on this subject by the author, but the author feels all these mentioned articles are not sufficient and one need to continuously carry on an endeavor to constantly discover and diagnose from such security practices and keep himself updates from time to time. It is important to recall that all these measures are not one hundred percentages proof but it is better to be securing than sorry! It is meant for sure all such precautionary measures will always help you from imminent majority of attacks and secure website from such malicious attacks and save precious time and money for you.

Keep your WordPress site and plugins up-to-date:

WordPress is called to order the source and it is backed by dedicated communities. Similarly, it is also a member and parcel of major security attack from hackers. WordPress is always updated. Keep automatic update option while installing WordPress for the first time. So that it will keep itself updated from server side automatically. It will manage day light savings time automatically. Similarly, WordPress accepts various plug-in for customization and enhancements. Most of vulnerabilities in security come from outdated plug-in and add on. Be sure to install such plugins from popular developers and do not use or install such plug-in which are not updated for longer times. So, crucial word in this security learning is to keep your WordPress site and plugins up-to-date. Just try to customize PHP files from hosting side so that all such functionalities of plugins can be readily done with simple PHP modifications.

Protect your WordPress Admin area:

WordPress works in two ways. It runs from hosting and its graphical user interface comes from its administration are which is popularly known as Admin are of WordPres. It is the back end of the WordPress system and does provide multiple opportunities for users to post articles manage comments and perform a huge number of administration and search engine optimization tasks. It is important to secure it with a strong password and user name. Change it from time to time from a hosting site so that it neither would nor ever get hacked. If it gets hacked then your website would be down or its contents could be deleted.

Do not provide administrative rights to people other than what you want to permit them to be. It is wiser to go for third party experts such as SiteLock, Norton or so in order to secure these areas with a decent firewall and spam removal system. SiteLock and Norton security of WordPress provides white listing of internet protocol address and where the white hosting internet protocol in order to access hosting of website easily. For sure for the first few months you would find decrease of income from advertising revenues but do not worry about it at all as with due course of time, all bots visitors would be reduced to zero due to stronger firewall and this would make your site more prominent and available to organic visitors. This would enhance respect of your website in the long run.

If you have not opted for third party security services then you can modify.httaccess file in your WordPress admin area folder and allows white listing of website. This is an easier method and one can find how to get done by a simple Google search. According to author one should invest some extra money on purchasing protection from third party security sites and secure website for all the time scanning and would feel safe while website remains all the time on line. It is not wise to access hosting from public Wi-Fi where there should be change in the Internet Protocol address, then you should go for limit login attempts plugins during installation of WordPress.

It would prevent brute force attacks. Brute force attacks are systematic trial and error method for hackers where they continuously post different passwords in order to access the WordPress admin area. If one goes with third party security services for WordPress such as Norton or Site Lock, then, one can easily log in to wordpress administration area without worrying about different internet protocols. For added security does not use ?admin? user name. As most of the attackers first try ?admin? as user name and this help them to move towards anticipation about passwordds.

Make sure go for a secure and good hosting:

It is important to choose a reliable host before starting WordPress website. Be sure to go for a reliable web host. Whatever security measure you employ, it is important in order to go for a reliable host with updated applications. Otherwise, hackers from hosting side could create havoc within your web presence. A bad web hosting company goes for outdated PHP version and that can provide mileage to hackers for creating malicious codes to insert into vulnerabilities within PHP. Just observes whether your hosting company is providing latest PHOP and MYSQL versions. It is important in order to see implementation of account isolation so that your account and its passwords are never compromised.

Most of the web host do not provide a web application firewall but they do provide access to third party security services in order to give effect to a web application firewall. That is why we seen existences of SiteLock or Norton as add-on within some web hosts to implement the concept of a web application firewall. Such mentioned third party secure services such as SiteLock, which provides brilliant web application firewall, a versatile content management system powered by incapsulla content management system and then it completely reroute traffic through its networks to remove signs of spams, bots and other hackers from intruding into website. It provides intrusion detection system to scan every visitor and their internet protocol and checks for their genuineness before allowing access to them into website.

Make your computer free from viruses and malwares:

WordPress runs with PHP scripts and PHP runs with web browser with data connection. Execution of PHP comes from web browsers which run website in the correct manner to show case running of website. It is important to keep your computer safe from viruses and malwares and keep it safe from hackers. Web browsers and hosting accounts are accesses from your computer and it is important to make it free from viruses completely. All these tips are essentials and administrators are required to keep this on their mind to plug-in these security holes so that WordPress website would never ever get hacked from possible virus and malware attacks. With all these concerned security measures website also stay away from black listing from Google due to virus and malware attacks.

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