How to use less Mobile Data in Google+, Chrome and Face book Android app

Mobile applications provide direct access to specific websites. Most of these applications cater more information, customized user profile and provide different ways to show case more to what its website version provides on desktop computers. All these do not come here as free of cost. It takes more mobile data and for this most of times, while the phone is on ideal state and the application is not on open state, still most of times, we see the phone synchronizes with application to provide user a real time experience of application when user tap on the application to open it. In a web browser, either in desktop environment or in android mobile operating system, most of times, user can open a multiple sites all at one instance, and for this most of such popular sites such as Google+, Facebook, Twitter takes a while to load on web browser.

Why the concept of applications comes:

Now, the concept of application restricted to website becomes hugely popular. People can easily log into such websites and most times, more and more, services are added to applications than in a normal web browser provides with. Applications take a huge chunk of mobile data and slowly many started not to use it. Then, comes a series of updates from popular applications which mostly use https protocol and they provide their own version of data compression which works better and saves mobile data almost 50 percentages of usages.

This creates more popularity among users to implement it and then use the application on android and other devices. The sole motive of applications is to create one such computing environment for users so that no one could ever feel the sense of absence as well as most of such companies can take direct feedback and can control the flow of time in line with some other added advantages. All these could take another article to write about but the topic as per now is to put in place now to completely reduce use of data usages while running applications on android.

How to conserve data usage while using Google+:

This article is all about reducing data usage while using different applications which are meant to utilize high amount of data. Google+ is popular and mostly due to the larger number of sharing of pictures and different links by users. It takes a huge amount of data while loading pictures and animated GIFs. Of late, Google updates its Google+ application to help users to conserve data usage. It is easy. First update application from Google Play Store. Then launch Google+ and then tap on its ‘settings’ and then in ‘General Settings’ tap on ‘conserve data usage’ and you are Done. Google Says. By tapping and activating ‘conserve data usage’ one could easily use less data.

Use less data in Google+ android appThough, it may affect picture quality. Experience shows the picture of Google+ is nicer while ‘conserve data usage’ is switched on. Google has developed such picture algorithm which provides nicer picture even with these settings on. It stops all animated GIFs from loading to screen automatically. It saves data to a considerable extent. It works nicely on a slow connection. It loads streams or timeline of Google+ faster and the picture loads later on. It conserves data, by automatically showing pictures in lesser resolution and stop auto playing of animated GIFs. If you want to run high quality GIFs then simply tap on GIFs to activate and run it while data compression is on.

Use less data in the Google+ Android app:

  1. To use less data:
  2. Open Android Google+ App
  3. Tap on the menu icon
  4. Tap Settings
  5. Check the box next to “Conserve data usage”

Use less data in the Google Chrome Android app:

Google Chrome Android app can decrease data usage to almost half. It is employed in two ways. To use less data on Google Chrome Android app:

  1. Open Google Chrome Android app
  2. Tap on menu icon
  3. Tap Settings
  4. Tap on Data Saver
  5. Move slider on data saver to on to save data.

Data savings on Chrome android appIt will show the amount of the original size as well as size after compression of data usages. During the course of time, you could see a significant number of the increase of data in conservations. When you use built in data saver application from chrome as wrote above. Google’s online content delivery network servers reduce the amount of data for use by compressing web page. Google uses its Google web light version to convert the page and produce it in an entirely different way. How much data is compressed depends upon the type of website you visit. Most times, on Google Search on Chrome’s search on android, there is some text written beside search results of every website. It shows which website loads quickly and which loads slowly. Those website loads quickly take lesser amount of data as it compresses in an optimized way. Secured pages and Google Chrome in incognito mode loads web pages in the normal edition.

Review of use less data in the Google Chrome Android app:

Use less data in Chrome android appOn compressed web pages which Google calls their server as Google web light, some images of web pages might look little fuzzy. If your website has its own content delivery network like mine have then this problem would not happen again. Some high loading website take some rendering problem and sometimes show a zig zag way. Some theme of WordPress does not load properly. Webmaster should check their website in Google web light to ascertain whether there is any such rendering problem is happening or not.


Intranet sites such as your company’s own website meant for limited audiences might not be loaded. With data saver on Chrome’s android app, Google uses its own set up content delivery network all over the world, which uses safe browsing technology in conjugation with Google webmaster and Google analytics to produce and provide websites which are not black listed by Google at any point of time. This makes the entire web experience with data saver on in android free from malwares. If you at all any point of time, visit potentially dangerous sites, then chrome android application will warn you about it.

Use less data in the Facebook Android app:


Use less data in Facebook android appThe concept of Facebook is popular. It is the premier information sharing application. It provides information relevant to friends, friend of friends and public. It uses gigantic form of data. Recent Facebook updates provide ways to conserve data. To use less data on Facebook android Application:

  1. Open Facebook Android app
  2. Tap on menu icon
  3. Scroll down to Use Less Data
  4. Tap Use Less Data
  5. Tap on Data Saver
  6. Move slider on use less data to save data.

Review of use less data with Facebook android app:


Use less data on in Facebook android appIt provides you information about how much you save data for the last seven days. With due course of time, data savings show significant improvement. Images most times look fuzzy.



Facebook should implement similar image algorithm which Google+ uses to show low resolution images nicely. It speeds up Facebook and time line loads quickly.



Google weblight of Google Chrome on android showing website which slow to load

Google weblight of Google Chrome on android showing website which slow to load

Most of popular social media and internet browsing application mentioned above normally use a high amount of data. All these applications such as Google+. Chrome, Facebook, Twitter and so on use https security protocol. So, data can be limited even if you use a virtual private network application such as Opera. Surprisingly, all these applications have built-in for data saver provisions. Then why not use it to save data and are using some other purposes. Finally, choose website which utilizes content delivery network and Gzip compression.

Most websites do not opt for Gzip compression as it reduces the amount of learning to some lesser percentages. This website does have Gzip compression though I find slight reduction in income as a result of this but still I prefer to use it for the convenience of visitors. I need a content delivery network as well. While browsing such sites it is important to know and browse such sites so that you could also save some amount of data by implementing fair use net everywhere.

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