How to safeguard your personal and work data?

In the age of information technology revolution, where, more and more people are hooked into catering various works for betterment of services are staying into the online world for more duration than it was in earlier decades. It is the need and performing works by staying inside home which makes the entire duration of work completed within the shortest span of time. So, in this way, people are entrusting serious reliance on computer and its related ancillary resources in order to complete day to day works on time without worrying about reaching into the office and staying in long rows to pay back remunerations.

Internet banking:

Paying out of landline bills, mobile bills are all been accomplished within perimeters of computers? People do not have to reach out to the outer world and stay in long drawn rows for longer hours to pay back bills. Now, open an account of the service carrier and then pay back by connecting through internet banking or debit card links or so. Most of reputed banks have empowered customers to continue doing such things as it can also save time and energy of every institution.

Living in the age of internet, where growing of electronic commerce sites have reckoned and created stir among customers. People are looking for ward to flash sales and most of these sales by electronic commerce site goes for stipulated shorter pricing but paying on items straight forward manner involved attachment of internet banking. All of these measures are designed to make lives of individuals simple and normal.

Internet is meant to provide some of pervasive and underachieved intentions of humans to make life easy. Though there is some pervasive menace of exposing entire identification of yours open and that could make you vulnerable and exposed to the world the real and imminent dangers face by some people when their internet accounts are compromised. It is important in order to use genuine sites and update computer regularly to keep computers away from hackers and malicious websites.

Online security threat:

One needs to understand whenever one connects to internet from a home computer or from a public computer, online identity should be going to be exposed. This note says that one should not be at any point of time should not be using any such online transactions. There are some banks which provide an additional bit of security by adding the phone number and short messaging service notifications just before acceptances of transactions. As a user this could be additional advantages to leverage the process of online security.

One has to be always careful while on internet. It is always a good idea to be extra cautious while circulating information within the perimeter of the Internet. It is wiser not to disclose information regarding credit card details. Information regarding password and try to avoid all sorts of unsecured wireless networks in order to protect privacy of users and stop hackers accessing system and mastering system completely. It is the way to education yourself about all sorts of imminent processors and kept your computer free from attacks of viruses so that all the time your computer remains clean and clutter free.

How to protect personal and work data:

Windows Defender

Windows Defender

Stop installing programs that could have complete administrative access and power of your system. For example, there are many programs which say they would speed up your computer but in reality they would be sending private information to distant servers without knowledge of users. They might be boasting up saying that they would not be sending anything but still it is not reasonable to believe such programs and try to uninstall these programs before they create complete havoc within your computing system.

Upgrade your personal computer with latest operating system, and install antivirus and update it regularly or most probably check for updates in every three days and update any other bigger software or mostly proprietary software such as Microsoft Word or Adobe software in order to keep computer always clean from external virus attack and stop hackers from compromise your system completely. Active personal firewall and a good anti spyware to protect your personal computer.

It is wiser to changer personal firewall from time to time and it is also wise to set automatic updates of popular third party web browser other than internet explorer such as Google Chrome and Opera in order to protect your system completely. Most of times for virus come tripping into your computer from the sides of the web browser through different scripts. It is wiser to install anticipating adding on a web browser such as No script or ghostery in order to completely stop all scripts from appearing. These anti scripting add on can white list some specific sites which you think should be in favour of work on it. It is wiser to check your credit cards and bank statement regularly.

Windows Firewall

Windows Firewall

It is wiser to install your bank’s application on mobile devices to get immediate banking statement with the sending of one short messaging message from it. In this way, you could constantly check on banks statement and debit card use all the time. You can catch hold of any such irregularities happening anywhere within shortest possible of time. Install enhanced mitigation took kit from Microsoft in order to completely protect internet explorer as well as some other applications. EMET is from Microsoft, its own intrusion prevention system to protect computer from advance malwares and online attacks.

Install EMET Configuration from Microsoft:

Enhance mitigation toolkit from Microsoft

While installing EMET do utilize recommended settings. It resets existing application configuration settings and optimizes it to fully secure environment. It adds an extra layer of security for Internet Explorer, WordPad, Microsoft Office, Adobe Acrobat and Reader and Oracle Java. With its updates, it continues to add an extra layer of security to other popular applications. It adds certificate trust rules for Microsoft and other popular online services such as Twitter, Facebook, Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo mail and so on. It enables automated reporting through the Windows event log, tray icon and initiate early warning program for future updates.

It runs within system status to maintain control of data execution prevention (DEP), structured exception handler overwrites protection (SEHOP), address space layout randomization (ASLR) and pinned certificate trust. It works nicely with the default state. It works on the principle of application opt in of system status for DEP and SEHOP and system status application opt in for ASLR and enabled automatically as the default state for a certificate trust (pinning). EMET stops exploit and attackers through the process of deep hooking, anti detours and banned functions of applications through implementation of mitigation settings.

Heap spray protection:

EMET Application configuration

EMET Application configuration

Heap spray protection is an advance protection mechanism for Windows computer and can be easily implemented through EMET automatically in its default state in its mitigation settings by pre-allocating separate areas of memory which are commonly used by computer. These areas of memory are signs of attacks from attackers and hackers and with the addition of heat spray mitigation system with effective platforms of 32-bit and 64-bit compromise of a computer system can be easily avoided. It works on the principle of null page protection which attackers seem to cover up in their endeavor to take over the entire computer.

Be cautious while performing online shopping. Always try to go for cash on delivery (COD) or if situation demands such as being out of flash sales and so on then always perform extremely careful while shopping through electronic commerce sites. Just try to go for most popular websites and avoid website those are mostly rarely heard about. Always check for privacy policy of websites and read it carefully before reaching out and buy from their website. Use local account instead of an administrative account to reduce privilege of applications on Windows. In this way, a simple restarting of the computer can lead to absolute wiping away of all sorts of downloaded data and other compromise security files completely.

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