Google’s new Messenger app is better and free alternative to WhatsApp

Human is a rational animal. Humans cannot live without society. Many anthropologists try hard to find out the reason behind it. Unable to find sufficient theoretical reasons behind this. Internet spreads everywhere. Most popular sites of the Internet are some of social networking sites. Facebook, Twitter, Google+ is some valid and important factors for successful online endeavors. Facebook connects friends with one another. It finds school friends. It is a great medium to update status. Share some interesting events of your life. It is mostly used for sharing of shared images. It gathers interests among friends. It justifies cogent reasoning of humans. It creates a strong indicator of humans. People love it.

Then, comes the age of smart phones. It popularizes due to advent of android as open source operating system. It enables hardware manufacturers to get a free operating system. It spreads everywhere. It is touch optimized operating system for mobiles. Then comes the era of applications. Here, most applications are already available with android ecosystem. It helps people stay connected all the time. It catches up with friends faster than ever. It helps people see what friends are up to. What friends are doing. People see updates, photos and videos. Smart phones stay with people all the time. It becomes more popular than the web version of facebook and other social media website. Problem with face book is that the application is too heavy. It uses almost limitless amount of RAM.

That is why face book Lite surfaces. It is not really 1 MB download. It does not cache images and other resources. It takes a moment to download all images. It preserves and consumes data proficiently. Problem with face book is that everything cannot be shared publicly. They want to get a simple, personal and real time messaging service. In the mean time, Facebook buys WhatsApp Messenger. It made it available to users for free for the first year. Then subsequently, users have to give very lesser amount lesser than one hundred bucks to make it available. It does not come here with advertisements. It is quick and real time. It linked with one mobile phone number. It calls upon you to name your account. It reads all contracts. Then, you can easily send and receive messages with it.

Of late with good internet connections, you can call your friends who must have whatsApp and then use the internet call to reach to one another. It is essential when normal phone calls are not reachable to one another. You can call friends and family with this application for free! Internet charge would apply. It can be reachable to people from another country. International call charges would not be applied at all. It uses internet connections of yours rather than cellular plan’s details. Data charges would apply while calling. It uses phones’s internet connection to send and receive messages, tones, audios, videos to each other. It works almost real time. It hardly takes any time to send and receive messages. It is popular due to the advent of personal messages, which are different from that of the face messaging system.

Facebook works on the principle of the timeline and believes everyone who wants to share any images should share it publicly. Earliest year of WhatsApp is free and subsequently it may charge you minimal prices. In this article I would recommend another lesser known similar application which is completely free to use, and very lightweight. It has similar characteristics of WhatsApp but surprisingly this application has not been popularly marketed. It also currently works on the principle of no user name and pin and it works only with specific phone numbers. It similarly completely removes the botherations to remember the user name and password of users. It stays always log in as WhatApp and unlike WhatsApp This is completely free.

The better alternative to WhatsApp is a messenger from Google Inc. Google does not market it widely. It even does not put inside its Nexus series of smart phones. It is a communication application and helps users to submit and receive text, videos, images and audios. It is from Google and it is absolutely free. It can be utilized in the place of WhatsApp. Like WhatsApp, you can send and receive group text and create a perfect group within yourselves and your friends and relatives to have better communication. It saves sending messages for offline. Messenger application from Google Inc. Works in the principle of faster sharing and easier sharing. You can even send audio messages to one another just like WhatsApp does.

Adding contracts to Messenger application is easy. Just search contracts and send whatever you try to them effortlessly. Google releases this application with its stubborn, fluid, intuitive and delightful material design to help users for better legibility of multimedia contents. It helps you to block explicit sender easily. You can block annoyances in order to create your own private within the internet world. It has many nice and stubborn emerge support, audio support, colored text threads, archiving of messages and it is constantly updated. Messenger application is from Google Inc. It is constantly supported and developed by them. It works on devices running Android 4.1 Jelly Bean and above. It is only above 10 MB download. You can share you location with it just like WhatsApp.

It is lightweight than WhatsApp. It works nicely with android due to Google. Google makes it mingle with this operating system nicely. Most users love to interact with lightweight application. First tap on the Messenger icon on the dashboard of an android. It will show you the number of sms you have received. In a way it does work as alternative to default sms application of android. But in reality it can work more than what you have been waiting for. Just tap on the ‘plus blue icon’ on the right hand side of the interface. Now you will be seeing two tabs. One tab is frequent and the other tab is all contracts. Touch the relevant contract, while a data connection is switched on.

Then, you can send message, emoji or other multimedia messages. It helps you send MMS without carrier charges. It helps you to send and receive MMS. SMS, audio, video, images and status updates. It is forever free. It only uses data connection charges while sending and receiving of messages. Click on cliff icon on left side of send messages to see icon of camera to click direct photo from inbuilt camera, or image to send photos from gallery, emoji, the icon of sound recorder to record sound and then the icon of location to send exact location details of users. Google provides more option for users to download such large stickers and mail it to friends.

All these stickers are dynamic and moving stickers. You can share those stickers to WhatApp and other social sharing application just by clicking share icon on the right hand side and then share it with the concerned application. Just use this application to know more about it and am sure you would be in love with it.  It does not show your favorites just like WhatsApp does. It only shows all contracts and every time you go to have to search contracts to send and receive messages. It is one such annoyance, which I am sure Google would soon find the way out and is made more user friendly. It should not have an answer issues considering the amount of favorite contracts which users always use irrespective of all these annoyances. You should download ‘Messenger’ application of Google Inc. from Google Play Store.

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