An introduction to rooting for your Android phone

Android is the single most popular platform for mobile manufacturers in the world. Its usages statistics keep on increasing day by day. Android removes differentiation of mobile operating system and desktop operating system. Now, almost all of the works and in some cases more works can be performed with android smart phones than desktop computers. In this article, I try to summarize what it meant to root android phone and how performance improvements can augment with a rooted android.

Android is open source:

Due to open source nature of android phone, users have endless and multifaceted possibilities to work out. With a rooted android phone, users can speed up clock speed of central processing units in order to create a faster phone that its default factory settings. For common phone users, rooting a phone is a difficult task. It seems it is the task of geeks. Still, there are many instances of common people have acquired adequate in making a brilliant root phone, which performs better than factory settings.

What is rooting for android? 

Rooting of android is similar with modifying operating system of the phone to gain administrative privilege access to operating system of android. Generally, on newer phones, most of the times, original equipment manufacturers stopped administrative privilege access to users. Rooting provides completely administrative power to the user. It removes any restriction on the type of performance to be done on the operating system. The word root comes from Linux where on certain occasions users need completely administrative privileges in order to gain complete control over the way Linux performs.


Users who have super power to modify the operating system are called as superuser in Linux environment. Generally, on Windows it is called as an administrator. Most times, most of original equipment manufacturers have deliberately provided some limited functionalities to users in order to protect operating system from being completely corrupted. By gaining power of superuser, any restrictions on operating system posed by original equipment manufactures can be completely by passed and removed.

Custom baked version of android:

Most times, most of original equipment manufacturers have tried hard to provide one or two updates to android and then leave the user with outdated operating system. Android operating system updates come faster than Microsoft Windows. That is why times. Such operating system looks out dated. With a rooted android phone, users can install custom baked version of Android, which could be similar to that of the latest version of Android. With this, restrictions on android phones by original equipment manufacturers are completely removed.

Perform a simple Google search:

Perform a simple Google search on android with your phone number to find the rooted custom ROM as well as there is any software for automated installation of custom ROM out there. There is someone click root access software and one could easily perform complete internet research on it to understand and find out information about it.

There are some good sides of rooting:

Of course one should always understand rooting your android phone is always been a one way road. There is no point of return. After rooting your phone, if at any point of time, you want to revert back again to factory default settings, then you should forget it. One would not return to the factory default setting after rooting android. There are some battery savings options for root phones. They work only with root android phones. In earlier versions of android, there is no chance of tethering of the Internet. With due course of times, Google learns from these tethering options and introduce inside factory default settings.

Delete annoying stock apps:

If you ever purchase a galaxy device from Samsung, you should have an encounter with some massive stock applications from Samsung, which it is always difficult to disable it. With a rooted android phone, these stock applications can be easily deleted with. All these crawlers can be deleted easily and you could gain massive hardware space, sadly these crawlers cover the entire limit of memories of phones. You could overclock or under clock your phone. It provides adequate and ample opportunities for you to customize your phone entirely. You change the default battery icon to different parameters such as making a circle of it or only showing a battery icon on it or so.

CycnogenMod  custom root access for android:

You could show time on the middle of the top screen or on left side or completely remove showing of time on upper ribbon with a customized android rooted phone. In earlier version of Android, it is difficult to install applications on SD cards. Then, people use root option to make it though it is now available with most of android phones. Most of galaxy devices automatically show this software could be installed on SD cards. On CycnogenMod which is the best root option for android, such applications automatically instal on SD card. It saves disc space and provides adequate opportunities for users to utilize blank space in keeping some of favorite multimedia contents.

Just brick your android phone:

In earlier versions of android, there are no chances for controlling of startup applications. Even, Jelly Bean android does not have such liberty to perform this. With root android, one could easily control start up applications to remove some of loads of RAM (random access memory) so that it performs excellently without any such delay in opening up applications. With a custom ROM of android, one can install ad blockers and YouTube video downloads to block advertisements and videos on demand. Most of stock android do not allow to install ad blocker and such applications which could download videos from YouTube even in the latest version of android currently.

Pricey paperwork for a rooted phone:

Android is open source and its code is available openly. Every time a new android updates come from Google, phone manufacturers with their research and development team keep on carrying out graphical user interface of their newer models. Thus they forget about older models and most times older model stays with the same old operating system without updating from an original equipment manufacturer. For users, these trends show some signs of frustration as they do not want to buy the phone every New Year. That is why they move towards the trends of rooting phone and installing the latest version of android on it in order to enjoy tricks and popular use of the android.

Installing a custom ROM is dangerous and one should always take care of it. It can make your phone completely nonfunctional. They, installing a custom ROM means you break the guarantee and then even original equipment manufacturer would not repair it in a void warranty phone. Though chances of nonfunctional phone with root attempt are minimal but still one need to keep alert about it. Totally charge your battery while performing rooting on your phone. Always prepare a ground work and read as many related documents as you can from internet or some other sources such as libraries to keep you updated about all sorts of pitfalls while performing rooting.

It is your call:

Perfectly, decisions on rooting yours android should be your call. With rooting yours android phone, you opened up vast sort of advantageous positions for your phone and could make it super fast with a wonderful operating system. Use your brain while performing rooting your phone, never trust anything on others, always prepare for your advantages and keep on doing further research to understand what it makes to be a great phone.

Always thinks of additional opportunities and perks waiting of you while dealing with a rooted phone. It is the sense of enlightening and opportunities awaits you to create and install latest android, do it if you can and if you feel you could not complete it then just use the factory default setting operating system for your own safety and security.

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