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WordPress SEO

The literary meaning of the word “meta” means “information-about”. So meta tag of website is known as information about your website. It is these meta information which normally a search engine crawl while getting information about any specific website. When a search engine crawls your site, basically it gets information about the author, keywords, copyright Continue Reading »

What is Six Sigma?

There is just an increasing amount of pressure on organizations to meet stringent quality and delivery specifications at lower prices. Generally, definitions of ‘quality’ have focused on conformance to standards, as organizations certain specified limits. Such definitions of quality assumed that if the organizations produced quality products and services, their performance standard was correct, irrespective Continue Reading »

Learn How to Improve the Security of Your WordPress Site

WordPress is the most popular blogging platform. There are a lot good free and paid alternatives. WordPress singlehandedly removes all barriers between blogging and website. It is flexible. It is present everywhere. Many top websites to implement WordPress. Countless big enterprises like the way it works like a content management system. WordPress as a content Continue Reading »

The Life Force in the Universe

The reclusive and retrospective instances of idiosyncratic circumstances, never ever pose some electrifying instances of forwarding impacts of invalid attentions. It always goes for some of most demanding and dynamic entrepreneurship where every generic idea comes out from nowhere. Basic tenets and characteristics consisting of ideas are the real space where no one ever could Continue Reading »

How to use less Mobile Data in Google+, Chrome and Face book Android app

Mobile applications provide direct access to specific websites. Most of these applications cater more information, customized user profile and provide different ways to show case more to what its website version provides on desktop computers. All these do not come here as free of cost. It takes more mobile data and for this most of Continue Reading »

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