Why WordPress is better that BlogSpot Platform?

There was the time when decisions to be taken into the amount of time and resources to be utilized and concentrated into in creating a website so that more and more attention could be drawn into it and ultimately anything you start with sum of money the ultimate goal is to reach to top and create many positive demonstrations of success embedded within it. Since completion of management and then joining in between towards any professional career suddenly during that time thought of creating blog as a pleasure for sharing anything interesting that would pay stipulated attention and positive reaction towards informing world about reliable web presence.

During that time nothing is serious at all and also during any point of time not thinking about shifting to other forms of web presence which is currently now on with full fledged website namely mohanmekap.com. This website is now becoming almost nine years of its web existence and it, former instance it uses hosting of Google on a sub domain in order to understand and way forward how Google’s works. During those times I have seen evolution of fully fledged web mediums of and seen how it becomes from a plain interface to a fully fledged and marvelous we presence which still to date I have been thinking about why I changed to self hosted website mediums by leaving some of the most versatile and well to do website management system.

Blogger has wonderful statistics display system and its well-integrated analytics tools and ad sense mediums are an added advantage which provides in-depth and detailed information about visitor’s statistics and their classification and their use of web browser and other mediums. Well established blogger can integrate Google’s adsense units into their blogger platform and it also has various safeguards so that more than three widgets cannot be added into it and thus it provides further safeguards against blacklisting from Google. Still that is not enough but three to four years back Google has disbanded some bloggers from this opportunity of earning more by disapproval of absence accounts on its blogger platform.

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This has been a real surprise for most of the bloggers who are experienced with writings and hoping to earn a decent sum of money from it but sadly Google has stopped them from doing this for no conceivable and clear cut reasons. For this then many bloggers move to self-hosted WordPress blogs and started to go into alternative forms of advertising mediums which also provide a sizeable sum of money to their endeavor to earn more money. Another aspect which many bloggers from Google’s blogger seem to leave this out due to the presence of a curtailed mediums of visitors to bloggers to the high flowing Google blogger’s blog. Most of times they see down time of blogs during peak visitor’s time and that lead to a significant decrease in the flow of visitors and that lead to a high decrease of income from Google bloggers.

Approximately, when Google’s blogger crossed the mark of one thousand during a day, then the website is often down for a significant amount of time, for the rest of the period. This lead to down time of website for maximum times and this lead to lowering ranks of blog due to lesser presence of blog in the internet. There is no way one could attach the presence of content delivery network to blogger’s blog at any point of time due to restriction attached with sun domain of Google and there is no Cpanel reference of hosting side of blogger and for this there is no way one could edit domain name system to add A records or C name records. So, in this way there is no way one could attach content delivery network so as to add cache files of website.

Now, Google has made sub domain blogger as country specific and this means that now most times, these sub domains are limited to country specific only. This further reduces the scope for lesser distribution of blog towards different countries of the world. In this way, Google wants to tell bloggers that while using its own host. One could only practice limited versions of a web presence only and nothing more of it at all. It is evident and clear from above facts when someone uses Blogger’s blog one tend to be absolute clear that it is one of restricted mediums and of course all it comes for free and with good speed and some webmasters say that Google is using its own page speed version in order to speed up blogger’s blog and for this it is evident that the page loading times of blogger’s blog are speedier and more faster that earlier times.

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Blogger’s blog is now no longer a slower medium as it continues to load pages and its dashboard with superlative-speed. Over the time, speed and reliability increases but there is always a limitations to free hosts and that also seems to be applied to blogger’s blog and this creates more and more anomalies to professional blogger where they seem to find most difficulties of always online issues and this could be well resolved by hiring for self-hosted websites such as made of WordPress which not only paves the way for brilliant management of website and fully authorization to users while dealing with such sites. WordPress provides wider accessibility for webmaster with its hosting which can be found through both ways.

Being primarily, is the content management system where most of its contents which are posts, pages, comments and so on could be accessed through physical server which is known as Cpanel hosting or through logical server which is WordPress administration through the back end. It runs with the principal content of rules of database management system where one could find in detail about various modifications of rules and attributes where every form of search engine optimization technologies could be easily implemented without any such of disruption and stoppages of web presences. One could easily create a nice site map as well as other meta tag options in order to present a decent web presence inside internet world.

Due to presence of the concept of physical and logical server inside WordPress hosting, one could be editor and manager php files at two different settings and mostly these presents users multiple option and a variety of to edit files. There are many options such as breadcrumb, navigation and related posts which could be done automatically with tagging or category specific in order to present Google smarter options for indexing websites. Experience shows, how Google Web Master easily integrates sitemap to learn unique indexing parameters of contents of websites, in order to present visitors to search engines smarter and most readable parameters to fetch organic visitors. More visitors reach the more revenues are generated from time to time, with each attending visitors provide addition to increasing the highest aim of constructing of website.

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That is why most times, and most of serious bloggers are slowly reverting to WordPress from other discrete models. WordPress provides blogger with so many separate modules so that it presents users most times advanced opportunities to become innovative and create different dynamic mediums to produce absolute smash bucking themes from simple default themes of WordPress. Just try self-hosted WordPress mediums and one would find that slowly lay man would be learning all by themselves, from large set of WordPress users who always provides with smarter and clear cut ideas to edit themes on large scale to produce one of brilliant website at user’s disposal.

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