Walks of life

In the middle of week there ought to be some moments of life where it seems boring of same sort of monotonous work which tends to provide the same sort of different dynamics where one could not find the exact details of work outs and the work ethics and most of times entire gamut of work becomes boring and wants to get rid of the same static works. Within these times of rain seasons where at every time we could find the same sort of raining here and there and the same sort of continuous sizzling of rain coming here and there and especially continuance attachments to rain never ever there at any point of time during these seasons while looking all these from the frontiers of windows pane where everything seems to be quite the faded presence of anything. While watching the sky from windows pane he found the signs of moving clouds hovering here and there without any sort of stoppage and unwanted attendances.

Clouds move here and there within finite limits not withstanding presence of infinity where everything seems to be lost forever within thought premises of his and seems to be he is searching for something within mental aptitude in order to get back and find out the limits of unlimited from within specific inferences. Different signs and intimation all these clouds suggest refers to unlimited attendances of the realities of nature where every possible mystic of appearances tends to provide unique ambiances where such stages of different vagaries and incidents of life suggest existing.

It has been already five pm and he decides to left office at the earliest possible time in order to get out from this closed cubicle to find some fresh air so that with due course of time his thought processes as well as other interactions which tend to move his mental attitude towards negative conundrums seems to stay there for some moments of time.

The obliterated truth of life never has been some sort of stay away from other different aspirations where he always wants to stay in limelight without thinking about other aspects of living where the life has gone into astray and still he tries to find hard the reality and the truth behind it and when he thought of wishing for some moon dimmed night but still he continues to find the same sort of intellect life which is nowhere to be taken and marched forward into and still plenty of ideas and findings need to collect into so as to make entire life time one of most wonderful aspect of long due course of walks of life.

It seems from the distance the windows pane is painted with green and when looks from there outside from top of cubicle he finds himself at living at one such brilliant time where one would tend to march forward and attend the life time of all sorts of walks of life where he could see the sad happenings and any where he looks only to find the fainted images where everything seems to be lost in oblivion.

Many say and create premise of living under the sun and still see the dreams, but sad part of seeing the dream is that when it becomes repetitive it tend to becomes one of most distant and underestimate aspect of living life where everything seems to be same monotonous tone where nothing to gain and only everything to lose from there and the same sort of repetitive dreams still continues to haunt as the same sort of same linear movements where most of times everything comes upon us but still no one able to find any sort of resemblance and estimation of life from all these eventful happenings.

It is painful for him but life is there and its courses are all the way been intimately carefully calculated upon and for this it is significant to create and estimate entire set of life where everything seems to be happening on all the same sort of tonal elements though there are many promises but still nothing has been proved to be there at the core of all sorts of existence and everything has been going on the same set of provisional ways as everything seems to be going on some sort of exaggerated moments where no one could reach to its infinite proportions and every time something happens most of times all these tend to move towards the same promises to reach to miles where every possible attendances of life seems to be creating a set of miserable elements where there is no way out and there is no opening at the end of long set of roads.

He has never ever thought to reach at such a situation where he would be standing at such cross road where everything seems to be creating a set up of not reaching to any point of time and every time he wished to crossed into barriers into entry there has been many facets of life where the happiest moments of life seems to be at the miserable cross roads where every possible decadence of life seems to suggest moving towards the various aspects of reaching towards at the road not taken and moving towards oblivion.

Whole concept of dream which is happening towards entire thought process seem to be moving into morbid ideas where he would not have been there at all as he would not ever want to stay as here as one of lonely planet as there would not be any sort of known personalities here and there and there would not be anything at the nearer to any sort of coincidence.

He looked high upon the blue sky and it seems his life is flying with deeper dimensions as if it is moving towards the stage of unknown entities where he would want to leave the life where it is and want to stay there forever and want to move beyond imagination and that could bring forward more from the life and that would help him to search for lost life which he has been continuing searching still to date.

This times he searches for her inside black clouds which are mostly engaged with creating the sets and trends of rain all over without any sort of wider importance as it continues to rain and small drops of rains comes into him and stops at his face and it reminds him of the reality where he is there at the planets and where still there is life and still plenty of happenings need to be there and still lots of life to live and there are many instances of life which need to be entertained and managed with without any sort of wider prominence.

There are dreams to constitute and dreams are meant to be broken into pieces and this could not be better presence of life beyond any such imagination where every possible happenings and left over at the middle of the road should be taken into as normal incidences and coincidences. Life always seeks for support as everything is constituted based upon differential attendances and calculations as most of times these sort of calculative elements move forward and tend to stay within different attendances and premises of calculative precedence where everything happens within past and future promises but what would be gaining in these world where most of times all sort of premises and happenings never ever tend to be at the active zones where no one would suffice to stay within parts of life as every time dream constitutes and make up over different dimension tend to create more sort of sadistic happenings where most of happenings of life tend to move forward without any sort of promises and attendances to continue forever.

The search never ends and it continues still the life is there as it continues to stay for greater part of life but what happens when searching for life one reaches to the stage to doom where nowhere to go and there is no chance whether one should even find the same sort of dreams after the death. There is no clear cut written instructions on what afterlife ends, and even if something is there now could be allocated to life to say those same things to people again. The road to nowhere, which constitutes there is aimless path as no one knows what would happen next and there is no prudence to live the life towards the end.

Though search for happiness is there and still continues to be there but there are so many sad things that would have been there and no one knows what would happen even after life cease to exists but would that dream still continues even after it which are some unanswered questions. If he met his end at any point of time as life is full of uncertainties, but still there is no such guarantee of continuance of such dreams for longer point of times as there is no guarantee that with this his dreams would continue even soul take rest from laborious life but even during the course of life there is no guarantee of reaching to goal of dream and it seems all been moving towards the stages of anonymity where he would expect another dashboard of life other than life and death to succeed in capturing long cherished dreams which seems to be moving to the point of nowhere. Search for life still continues.

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