Use your Google Tag Manager to verify Blogger’s blog

Google web master tools provide excellent opportunities for bloggers and webmasters to verify website with another alternative. It helps you to add and update your website tag easily. You do not have to manually upload and share. It works without any hindrances and technology. A small script stays on your site and appears each time you post and the concerned tag is detected and delivered for better search engine optimization. Google Tag Manager has automated error checking. It has default console which shows previews of website and makes website run faster and provides opportunities for advertisers to know detail about the site.

It provides agencies to know details about your site and hassles them with plenty of data as well as provides another authentication method for webmasters to verify their site with Google Web Master Tools. There are many new marketing tools inbuilt within Google Tag Manager and it provides you opportunities to play with it and create different search engine optimization techniques. It lets you to permit to create custom rules and macros to know about user’s behavior after purchasing some goods through e-commerce website.

If Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics verification of Google Web Master Tools are there, you will find about right information about customer buying decisions and customer decision’s in making purchases. First you have to verify ownership of your site in Webmaster tools using the Google Tag Manager Container snippet code. There are various tag technologies which are more suited for advance users. Getting started with Google Tag Manager is easy. First create an account, then add a snippet of your code to your site and then wait for few minutes for setting up your account, and then start managing your tags depending upon number of tags within your website. It also helps you to verify ownership of your website.

Even for a bigger site Google Tag Manager helps you to set up website within an hour. You do not have to advertise your website. It is simple and Google creates tags from website and lets you manage it and marketing it to see advertisers of your site to take information from it so that they can put and forward advertising to your website. You do not have to spend much time in marketing campaigning; instead you can concentrate on creating a brilliant website in order to attract more and more visitors. It is free as it provides dependable data with quick and easy integration, with proper marketing agility consideration. One account can include multiple container.

How to verify ownership of your site in Webmaster Tools using the Google Tag Manager container snippet code:

Google Tag Manager helps you in creating greater business opportunities. Here is a full description of how to verify ownership of your site in Webmaster tools using the Google Tag Manager container snippet code. Here are steps.

  1. Open Google Chrome.
  2. Left click on “Address and search bar ” in “New Tab – Google Chrome
  3. Search for “goggle tag manager” in chrome and “Enter”
  1. Left click on “Google Tag Manager official website” from “Google Search-results”
  2. Sign in or register in “Google Tag Manager official website”
  3. Click “New Account” from its dashboard.
  4. In “Set up an account” give and account name. Preferably, name of website. It is easily identifiable and easier for marketing access.
  5. Left click on “next” and now put a name on “container name”.
  1. From “Where to use container” click on “webpages”
  2. It will expand and show you “Domains optional” then click “Add domain”
  3. Check “http” or “https”, then at other blank space put name of your domain. If your website is, then put in corresponding blank space adjoin to “http” and “https”.
  4. It is recommended to provide the name of the domain as it will provide more useful suggestions throughout the interface.
  5. From “Time Zone” check your country and it will automatically show local time next to it.
  6. Then click on “Create an account and container” which is on a blue shaded box.
  7. In the next move you will be presented with “Google Tag Manager use policy”, scroll down to the last letter and then click on “I accept”.
  8. Then another page will be shown with a heading of “Your container is ready to be added to your site”.
  9. Below of “Your container is ready to be added to your site” you will see a code snippet and copy it and in the next instruction we will learn about how to add this code into website and then evaluate it on “Google Web Master Tools” alternative verification methods.
  10. Keep that code snippet in a safer place.

How to install Google Tag Manager container’s script in Blogger’s blog:

In step 18, you have collected snippet code, which is in javascript format; the next step is to install that script in your blog spot blog from Google so that Google Tag Manager can verify various tags attached with your blog. Here are simple steps with screen shots to install Google Tag Manager scripts.

  1. Open Chrome and search for “Blogger”.
  2. Log into “Blogger” blog with user name and password.
  3. You reach to “Blogger Dashboard”.
  4. From “Blogger Dashboard” choose “Layout”.
  5. From “Layout” do “Add a Gadget”.
  6. Pop up window namely yours blog name with “Add a Gadget”.
  7. Scrolls down to reach “HTML/Java Script”.
  8. Click “+” icon (blue color) to further open this gadget. It is same as “text” Gadget of Word Press. Here html codes can be inserted.
  9. Paste Google Tag Manager snippet code here, copied from container of Google Tag Manager, describes in step 18 above. Refer screen shot there.
  10. Then click orange colored “save” button.
  11. You will be returning to “layout” segment of Blogger’s blog.
  12. Top right corner of “layout” click on orange colored “save arrangement” button.
  13. If you are using “Ghostery” plug in to any web browser, then run your blog and you will find list of blocked items in ghostery list.

Google Tag Manager is not an advertisement but a way to tell Google about contents on your site. It also provides another opportunity for bloggers to authenticate Google Web Master Tool. In the next section, there will be instruction on how to use Google Tag Manager to verify blogger’s blog.

Verify ownership of your Blogger’s blog through Google tag Manager site verification

In the opening segment, we have learnt how to create a tag container in Google Tag manager. Then, we learn how to add Google tag manager container code inside Blogger’s blog. Now, the final step is to verify ownership of blogger’s blog by logging into Google webmaster tools, and then clicking verify button. Google webmaster tools provide various methods for webmasters to verify website. This article is exclusively for BlogSpot blog of Google’s blockr. In a subsequent article writing I shall write about how to verify website made with word press. Here are pictographic presentations of steps.

  1. Log in to Google Web Master Tools account.
  2. Click “Sign in to Webmaster Tools”, by moving the cursor there.
  3. You will reach dashboard of webmaster tools.
  4. Then, click your blog name, here, I click
  5. In the next page, click dropdown arrow, besides your blog name.
  6. Choose “Verification Details”
  7. Then click “to verify using a different method”
  8. Then choose from “Google Tag Manager” from “Verification methods”
  9. Then reach to bottom of screen and choose red colored “VERIFY”.
  10. Now yours Google’s blog spot blog is currently a verify owner of your Google Tag Manager snippet.

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