Unplanned walk around Gangtok

Sikkim is a tiny state. It was just an independent country. Now, it is full blown state of India. It shares a border with Nepal. Gangtok is capital of this tiny state. On its border, Nepal, Bhutak and Tibet situated. Nearest railway station to Gangtok is Siliguri. Gangtok is at 5,047 feet above sea level. It is 125 kilometers from Siliguri. From June to August here is wetland. It experiences heavy precipitation. From June to August heavy rainfall occurs. Then, it grows up to be a complete dry land. Entire hilly reasons are great for tourists except during rainy months.
I fond of Sikkim in April.

It looks better than May, June and July. Mountains are frozen with white snooze. It was just an uneventful day. Decided to go to Gangtok from Siliguri by road. Nothing so pleased to talk about that road journey. There are rather a few stop overs. There are insufficient rafting camps on the side of Chitrey. Moved slowly to watch all these camps about. Not so much meaningful yet something to watch worth for. Within few kilometers here and there, then comes Malli. The area is fatigued with beer smell. Malli is famous for beer factories. For few kilometers the bad odours bear smells continues for some time.

Rangpo check post:

Then comes Rangpo. It is famous for business check post. Long rows of compact vehicles stood here and there. This means quite a few waiting times for me. Everywhere, on the sides of Rangpo, there has been selling off momos. Quite a delicacy and famous in those reasons. Now momos are everywhere, but during ten years back it was only available for those reasons and some reasons of Himachal Pradesh. So, waiting time is not all that difficult during that reason. Most people are taking on momos and those who interested in indulging in bars. I saw most of truck drivers are taking these on. On the side of Rangpo checks, post the brilliant and beautiful view of Teesta. It is flowing along turbulent factors. From a distance it feels as if a child is making in an open field.

Reached at Sikkim:

I indulged in a few words. Good Morning, momos and good night. I installed self-imposed silence on mine. I continue to watch what it was in the process of being. Climate is gifted with thunderous presence of mountains. Mountains are gladden with snow all over. I tool momos for lunch. Most of these are boiled vegetables. Soups are brilliant. Cost is good. They might be taking a higher price from me. There are a lot of sight seeing spots all over Sikkim. I always indulged in walking. I move and walk across the small city of Gangtok. I just try to experience how natives there experiencing their life.

I took pong stride and unplanned walk across Gangtok. Though, I detected few landmarks, when I would be returning to the holiday home. I slowly moved out from the main town of Sikkim. I reached near downtown. There was a beautiful Buddhist cemetery. Kanchenjunga was beside there. What an awful beauty. The wild beauty of Kanchenjunga is still in my mind after such extended time. Majestic glory of peaks of Kanchenjunga still reminds me how a far mountain could be utterly beautiful and majestically glory.

Nearest airport to Gangtok is Bagdogra Airport. It is 125 kilometers from there. With taxi it would take four hours. It all being dependent upon weather conditions and conditions of roads. I would advise to be done from Siliguri. The drive would be siding with the Teesta River. Fully experienced and continual presence with nature could be felt while driving. Entire drive from Siliguri to Gantok is picturesque. If you want to know more about the cult of Buddhism, then you would be most for sure pay a visit to Institute of Tibetology situated along Gangtok. There, you would find scriptures, antiques and many rare information related to Buddhism. On the side of the institution, you should pay a visit to Lal Market. Head there and hang out.

Journey to Tsomgo Lake:

On the city of Gangtok, one of the former classmates was native there. I could be denied his invitation. On that day, he suggests me to strive for Tsomgo Lake. So, it was agreed along with his sports utility vehicle we both would reach to that place. It was nearly 40 kilometers from there. What a drive it was. One of best friends of my management days was with me and we both laughed at past incidents. Journey was gorgeous with full blown greenery along the way. People are beautiful. Weather is nice. Everyone has a smile on his face. It was two hours of the journey. Time prolonged due to some terrible roads in between. There have been numerous waterfalls in between. We reached at Tsomgo. I was bemused, speechless and dumbfounded. I have never seen such a magnificent presence of nature anywhere.

I have been an avid traveler. I have seen so many places. I recommend people to reach to that place to receive the beauty of nature. This river is picture perfect. With a few drops of the rains coming out to make the entire environment more beautiful. Tsomgo Lake is like a calendar. It was nearly a kilometer long and 50 feet deep lake. Only one road from there which is Nathu-La-Pass. For security reason no one can drag on for more than half an hour. There is mighty cold out there. It appears to be more than coldest of air condition. This place is supposed to be home for various migratory birds during winter time. Normally one could not reach to Nathu-La-Pass. One has to take absolute permission from the army to reach there. People said, China could be visible from sides of Nathu-La-Pass.


On another day, I went to Mossaic Rumtek. It is close to 24 kilometers from Gangtok. It is a recommended visit. Here, you would find 300 years old Rumtek Monastery. It is the most important monastery in Sikkim. It was totally renovated around 1960s. Old look was kept an entire monastery was reconstructed. Here, I find some monks are seating in isolation. They are associated with meditation. It is stated that they take this meditation for over a year. I found another monastery known as Enchey Monastery inside town of Gangtok, the most interesting one. It is a small monastery. Divine chants of saints there gives me extra power. It refreshes my mind. Incidentally, my holiday home was nearer to Enchey Monastery.

As I was with holiday home, so no needs for any such enquiry about hotels. I investigated about where good eatable foods are available. If you are fond of Sikkim style food then reaches to the Square, an excellent restaurant. Mostly foods are related to Thai styled food with some native changes added into it.

Surreal Gangtok:

Entire place around Gangtok is surreal. The white prayer flags all over could be perceived everywhere. From a distance one could see the existence of such flags all around. Be mindful of rain here. Many a time you could see serious mountain rain. It pours like as if burst of clouds. Within an hour sky cleared up suddenly and the brightness of light is back. Presence of all impatience clouds gone forever. Most of ancient monks do not talk. They are accompanied by younger monks. Most of them have dogs and cats with them. They walk along the road as if they are run on to it. It takes huge patience and stride to walk along these roads. Most people speak in broken English, Hindi and Nepali language. It would not take a serious hearing to understand what they trying to convey at you.

Gangtok is one of the most important places for me. It rates high among all other visited places. With the stunning and magnificent view of Kanchenjunga with swarming and tiny presence of various birds, lead to priceless presence of antique nature which arguably one of the most happiest times for me ever.

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