The definitive guide to WordPress security

There are many content management systems such as Joomla, WordPress, and Blogger. WordPress is popular. It can be used as a content management system or can be used as blog to show case daily articles and different thoughts of administrator. WordPress has flexibility. It provides different options for the administrator to work out different dynamic directions where every editing and profiling of its usages could be easily classified with different forms of way of showing different attributes of website.

Self-hosted WordPress provides different ways to attach additional scripts for showcasing of different live feeds, external scripts and PHP. Most times, users prefer to use PHP code in self hosted WordPress blogs in order to lesser impact on the web server and provides additional profiling of dynamic presentation of scripts at its front end of the server side. Openness attached with WordPress also paves the way for more dynamic and bonus provisions for security issues dealing with WordPress. Most times, due to presence of logical and physical size of the data base, WordPress certainly paves the way for vulnerabilities of its database and the entire coding infrastructure.

Physical database stays with Cpanel hosting and logical database stays with backend of WordPress which can easily be accessible through the WordPress administration. It is from this back end where most of times, diffusion of server side scripts could advent into physical side of data base resulting absolute diffusing possibilities of corrupting entire data base and presents users with a vague website where for every possible reason website comes to a halt and does not became live and that might have been difficult times for most of WordPress users.

Why security plugins are eye washer against stringent unethical hacking attacks:

Most of web masters around the world always advise to install security plugins such as WordFence or iThemeSecurity but are these plugins are good for website. All these plugins are installed through logical database server and stays then connect with physical database server. If at any point of time, physical database server is corrupted with some unethical hacking practices outside then slowly all such security plugins got infected. Why, it is easy as most times. Security plugins stays inside physical database server and continue to stay inside plugin directory of WordPress installation.

WordPress installation is the default root directory where you have installed WordPress. When that directory is entirely corrupted, then, sub files such as plugins folders inside that directory also got severely infected. So, how come in these circumstances these plugins would go to help you in cleaning your website completely from malicious codes. It is simple in imaginary circumstances when the entire root directory of WordPress is hacked then how come the plugins staying inside those root folder as a sub folder will not be hacked.

When physical database server or root directory or Cpanel of WordPress is entirely corrupted due to advent of hacking attacks on server then how come, logical database server such as WordPress administration or back end of WordPress works. Simply, in these circumstances it is difficult to log into wordpress administration from backend. So, what is the vitality and importance of using such well known security plugins such as theme security or WordFence?

So, what is the need to use such plugins as the rest of slowing down of website and creating an extra bit of security that could not be of any use in the long term? As security proponents always advocate of such stringent security measures and they indeed say it is important and it is the need of hour. There is no such negativity and wrong information about it as such but installation and securitization of any devices does not mean that security should be implemented with the help of plugins only.

Installing server side security measures:

There are many suggestions by various webmasters of how to implement stringent security measures through modifying.httaccess files and other physical server files which are located at root directory of WordPress installations. These might prove to be nicer ideas but ultimately these stringently stops advent of additional and advance server mechanisms where at every point of time one would have to allow manual access and these could impact definitely server side progress and could stop actual visitors from accessing yours website.

Most of times these configurations edit of server side scripting could lead to considering actual visitors as spam and vice versa. Ultimately these could lead to stringent and possibly worse kind of website where most times organic visitors have to face the most difficult times to access website. So, in a way many web masters opined against using server side scripting to augment additional security levels of website to a great proportion. So, in these circumstances what should be the real cause and what should be the way ahead to secure website perfectly.

SiteLock website security for perfect website protection of website:

All these are million dollar questions but there are answers attached with it. There are many third party websites which are efficient in website management and providing additional level of up to date and enterprise level of security measures to your website where most of these security measures such as SiteLock, Norton and so provides on the go security solutions to website and provide additional level of site security and performs 360 degree all the while scanning of website when visitors arrive at your site.

SiteLock security at


WordPress is infamous for ultimate spam attacks and fake bot attacks which takes away additional level of bandwidth from website and when the real organic visitor reaches to site it would face server down problem or site is currently down problem where most of times the sole aim of creating a website considering revenue point of view goes out of hand and becomes null and void. From the above paragraph, we learn that spam messages are not good for any site as well as artificial bots are simply not good. In estimations, there is the huge upsurge of the advent of artificial bots than human organic visitors.

These are mostly worrying trends which have to be carefully done with in order to preserve precious bandwidth of website from getting struck with bots. No webmasters wants precious bandwidth of its website should be distributed with spammers as well as with artificial bots whose sole aim to capture the server computer and then host different malwares all across the globe.

That is why third party security specialists like SiteLock. Norton and so on provides an additional level of security and more importantly these securities do not rely on physical and logical server of WordPress. There is absolutely no possibility of these servers is being attacked when at similar times WordPress confront with additional security vulnerabilities. 

Redirecting traffic of website through third party secure hosting environment:

Personally on I installed SiteLock for comprehensive as well as through provision to make website more secure and provide an effortless and cleaning environment for users. I have inclination to Norton website security but my host has integrated SiteLock installation as add on of WordPress so I do prefer it to make it more dependable and provide hassle free surfing environment for users. I am writing where my personal experience with SiteLock with

I have to change A records and C name records of host in order to activate SiteLock and in this way. SiteLock redirects entire traffic of my site to its own secure environment in order to provide all the time vigilant security levels for the site. It also has its own content management system which runs through its C records of host and speeds up website and increase caching levels of website to multiple proportions. In this way, all artificial traffics in the name of bots and spams are well stopped before they access website. Origination of all visitors are carefully investigated through SiteLock network and then those visitors are allowed to access website.

Trueshield web firewall:

SiteLock presents users with ‘TrueShield web firewall’ which is a web application firewall and provides on the go security cover for your website. Its work is to inspect and invigilate every request coming to and fro from your site and then it determines which visitors are good for your site and genuine and provides an additional level of organic security. It comprehensively searches of origination of request and then watch their behavior before allowing visitors from accessing such contents. If it finds such requests have other malicious intentions and other possible definitive intentions then it initiates provisions to stop such attacks.

Most of WordPress users have a very difficult time to fight with comment spam and a good web application firewall like this through implementation of true speed content delivery network provides additional levels of security from comment spamming. SiteLock always works in the principle based on historical behaviors of some specific internet protocol and stops such protocols in sending bots to visitors. Most of times, primary reason for the advent of such bots are to infect your website and steal precious bandwidth and host their malicious codes on your web host. SiteLock recognizes such internet bots and prevents them beforehand with its web application firewall before they creep into your website to initiate further damage.

There are many content scrappers website which tries to steal information about users, article and other precious informations which is very dear to the brand value of your website. It detects such content scrappers and removes them before they reach to your website. Such content scrappers might be using your host to load precious server resources on your website so that your server becomes unresponsive to organic visitors. So, in this way, SiteLock prevents content scrappers from stealing away all such precious information such as articles, price lists and other key information from your website from being stealing away from your site.

SiteLock firwewal prevents artificial bots

It provides on the go 360 degree website scanning which protects yours website against all such malicious attacks which might be installing malicious software on your website. SQL injections and cross site scripting are some of the common ways for hackers to get into WordPress website. Hackers use forms to install malicious scripts and then initiate attacks. SQL injection can potentially become dangerous as it can expose all hidden information inside the database. SIteLock 360 degrees are scanning stops such attacks from entering into physical database of website.

Cross site scripting comes in the form of advance javascript injections to website from the client side of users. Mostly, these are intended to capture confidential page content as well as hijack user’s session in order to wreck above inside website. These are mostly stopped from being accesses website as slowly, and provide users with a satisfactory level of security and prevent website from black listing from Google in the long run. SiteLock stops cross site scripting and SQL injection from entering into website and provide additional level of security by stopping all these sites at the front end and prevents such malicious attacks from initiating. SiteLock provides effortless acceleration of true speed which is a content network and comes with SiteLock and provides an additional level of security and cache optimization for website.

A content delivery network is a large set up of content delivery network distributed throughout the world which caches system and websites thoroughly without compromising on speed and simplicity. It serves pages to users or clients from its closest server network which caches the page and distributes the website in living form of a greater level of security and optimization levels. It first detects the location of users and then distributes such content from nearest global location in order to optimize page load timings of website. The closer to the server it loads website in greater speed and thus it presents website with greater speed thus retaining returning visitors.

In a great way, SiteLock true speed accelerates website to greater proportions and provides security as website is being constantly redirected through its secured networks. It caches static content and provides compression to website so that all these pages loads quickly and provides a greater level of security. When files of website are being created with static content, most of times, all these requests from client side are being given to with static files and most of these do not contact server side and for this loads on server are being reduced to drastically minimum levels.

Traffic rerouting through SiteLock


It services the content from the nearby server and rests physical server from all these annoyances. In this way, most of the times, physical server is being stayed calm and most of secure files and databases stay securely there. It has true speed content delivery network which automatically compresses contents of websites such as javascript, html, css and other contents, it minimizes white spaces within PHP codes thus pacifies, website completely. In this way, most resources on website hosting, reduce completely due to the presentation of static content with complete compression to web visitors.

Finally, SiteLock presents website visitors to complete levels of black list monitoring of website, Sometimes, this creates annoyances and creates perfect visitors drop for site. It is important in order to webmasters, to protect website with such security measures in order to prevent black listing from Google. It protects administration email from being spammed into the contents and it protects it and secures it from being entering into spam blacklisting.

Further it completely integrates with SSL security certificates so that it will inform you about it prior so that you could save your website from being shown with an expired SSL certificate which is very bad for consumers and visitors. In this way, entire website is secure with SiteLock or any other secured environment so that you would not be worried about existences of such sites while your website stays live always.

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