So Who’s Inside The Sanctum Sanctorum?

It was just an awesome morning. Perfect weathers conditions where the sun is at its best showering lights all over. There is nowhere wildest chance of any rain out there. It was good for the administration but not for people who flocked in 15 lakhs to witness car festival of 2015. It is unusual this year. Nabakallebar of Lord Jagannath happens this year. When month of Asadha (Odia month of the rainy season) comes twice a year, that happens to be the year of Nabakallebar. Lord Jagannath, Ballabhadra and Devi Subhadra are composed of wood.

That is why almost after a gap of 19 years of Lord is constructed from newer logs of woods. It is just an entirely prolonged process. Another article could be drawn up easily on this subject. Me and daddy got up and wear traditional servitors’ clothes to reach temple for joining hands with fellow servitors who unitedly performs pahandi for bringing forward, Lord from the sanctum of the temple towards newly constructed Raths. Rathas are being pulled by people and personnel. There are three rathas in total for three deities.

Being born is servitor’s family. I owe to perform seva of the Lords of Puri. We reached towards southern gates of the Puri temple. Then, provide namaskar to age old Hanuman at the right side of the south gate. That gate was primarily for sevayats to go into and out of the temple. Mostly some of age old streets such as Manikarnika Sahi (Street). Harchandi Sahi and so on are nearer to that location. Most of sevayats happen to live there.

They stick around for generations. We happen to stay at a newer home. It was located well outside such traditional localities. That is why it takes huge time to reach the temple from home. It was good weather to begin with. Subsequently, the climate subsidizes and reduces to hotter with due progress of the sun. We reached into the sanctum sanctorum. Already some servitors are there. Within some time, pahandi begins. In between many visitors in the dress code of look like servitors reached nearer to Lord.

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Inside the sanctum sanatorium, despite presence of district collector, superintendent of police, chief administrator of the temple, some servitors in order to earn profit, dressed some visitors with traditional clothes. They touched Lords. That was surprising part for me. I was bemused and said with almost tears in looking at all these things. Why all these administrators are not obstructing them. In the mean time, Lord Ballabhadra almost reached to rath. It was kept in front of the Puri temple. Surprisingly, this pahandi was not goti (pahandi of one Lord at one time) pahandi.

In goti pahandi, Lords are taken by servitors one by one. In this pahandi Lords, pahandi should be continuous. Superintendent of Police, suddenly attempt to drive out those unwanted visitors. Earlier, temple administration has issued an official order that only servitors are allowed inside the sanctum sanctorum. In the presence of the principal administrator, collector, SP and law minister, the process of law is being broken into pieces. What an awful state of affair.

Many visitors wearing traditional servitor dresses plunged into the temple and touched Lord. What was happening there? I must admit. Lord is watching all these. He would punish are guilty. Justice is still waiting. Pahandi begins of Lord Jagannath. I and daddy lend hands to take Lord with his agreeable advices. During the course of pahandi, it is not allowed for people other than servitor to touch holy ropes.

Holy ropes are used for pahandi of Lords. Still many servitors tried hard to stick to many visitors to touch holy ropes. Holy ropers are used for pahandi of Lords. It is surprising how some servitors in order to earn money continuously indulging in such practices. Sun reached its peak with high intensity humidity. Such greedy servitors indulge in stopping movement of Lord time and again. This creates entire situation warmer. Many a time, it is intolerable to perform pahandi due to large scale interruptions.

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How faith can be turned into blindness. Stringent and clear example of this I saw while performing pahandi with daddy for Lord Jagannath. Even some ladies tried to trespass into a cordon of Lord Jagannath. It is indeed dangerous due to the amount of accumulated force indulge in moving Lord to his rath. Even those people could not understand these ominous dangers. Still, people are paying heavily to greedy servitors to reach nearer to Lord. Records of rights states, there is not any provision for people to touch Lords. Still, some of greedy servitors have done this. The end results they earn money.

There are some good servitors to like us. We want to perform this pahandi with pious heart. We performed pahandi with full zeal and attainment. During the stages of baichi pahacha (Twenty two steps) which leads to the main entrance towards the sanctum sanctorum, the pahandi happens to be difficult but manageable. At that point of time, daddy felt tired. He returned home. I performed pahandi along with other servitors for the rest of the path. It was due to grace of Lord Jagannath able to sustain and contain breathe for longer hours to complete this. Then, I sat on the side of rath for some time.

I was extremely tired. I desperately are in need of fresh up. I reached to all three chariots one by one. I bow to Lords. I entered into the temple. I reached for Bata Gannesh. Bow my head there. I reached to the southern gate of Puri Temple. This time, visitors are allowed at Lionsgate was closed for visitors. Three chariots are standing with the Lords in front of Iron Gate. That is why. Movement of visitors is now extremely restricted. Now, it is now time to return home. Still feeling extremely thirsty. Not able to locate a single destination where water is freely distributed. All shops have closed down. That is why this year, many visitors’ faints due to extreme weather conditions.

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We should be humble in front of Lords. Almighty is always there. Do not think that I have performed pahandi. Always, this it is explained by grace and solace of Lord Jagannath that He is continuing these duties. Carry on what He is sending a message to you. Do not feel greed and power. He is powerful. We are only puppets. What He is sending signals we perform it. Jay Jagannath.

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