Sands of love

It is cloudy out at Puri. It is a festive occasion. Lord reached out to Gundicha temple. Now, focus shifts from the main temple to this temple. Grand road is straight road from the main temple to the Gundicha temple. Its paths were so full of sands. Now, it is so concrete. In the past, the path to Gundicha temple was known as ‘saradha bali’ (Sands of love). Now, artificial sands deposited upon pitch roads. Changing of times, still traditions are upholder in nicer ways. People loved to walk on the sands of love. They believe they would reach near to Lords Jagannath after death. Now, there are artificial sands there. Still, people love and believe as it was in the past.

Lord stays where you believe. Famous Odia poet, Gopabandhu Das, once said. One should not reach out to distant places in pursuit of Amighty. He is there everywhere, even inside inner corner of your heart. People believe that way. Now, they believe these sands of love. Walked upon these sands of love with due care and caution. Now, the climate is superb. Less rain and increase in coolness. People roam here from distant places. They witness finest believe in pursuit of Lord. Security arrangements are nice. I feel, there are some alterations when very important personalities used to roam around these high crowded places.

There are apprehensions that stamped in front of the wrath of Ballabhadra was due to this. There is no confirmation of this. Still, many people advocated that they saw this. During that time, one VIP vehicle moves into crowds. There are almost 15 lakh devotees inside grand road on the day of the car festival. Road from temple to Gundicha temple at Puri could be filled with 15 lakh people.

Suddenly, VIP vehicles moved inside stronger crowds. They are waiting to pull ropes of rath of Lord Ballabhbadra. Security personnel by force moved people. There are hardly any places to move on reverse side. This creates stampede situation. According to some eye witness people. Most of these eye witnesses are not authenticated. They support their view with the propagation that there are close circuit camera is there. These can be checked to know the veracity of facts.

If this situation happens in truth, then it should be the most dissatisfying aspect. On the other hand, Pahandi of three Lords during the car festival day, is important and auspicious. Some servitors, used to push some visitors inside pahandi. That was most disheartening to see. The author belongs to the Brahmin sevayat of three Lords. Within some intervals, some servitors instead of concentrating on faithful aspect of Lords, used to push these visitors inside the cordon done by sevayats for performing pahandi.

I heard for mere seeing Lord. Some sevayats who are indulging in unfaithful ways to push visitors are earning handsome amounts. I heard they are earning 2000 to 3000 and more for doing this. Most of visitors wearing modern dresses while touching Lord. In reality, it is not permissible for people to touch Him.

People should see Lord at a distance. Some sevayats are openly breaking these religious traditions. They are creating chaos out there. Before performance of pahandi, we stood in front of the sanctum sanctorum so that the necessary performance of traditional push completed before commencement of pahandi. Suddenly some people come inside with traditional dresses. They begin touching Lords effortlessly without stopping from Daitas. That was disheartening and complete heart break for me to see such state of arts.

Earlier, honorable High Court of Odisha strictly pointed to temple administration not to allow anyone outside of sevayat class inside before commencement of pahandi. Sad to see, some political people and relatives of some civil servants as well as some rich affluent visitors who might have paid heavily for some influential Daitas to enter into the sanctum sanctorum. Even honorable High Court ordered the temple administrator to install close circuit camera at the entrance of the sanctum sanctorum but still outsiders are allowed inside.

Where is the law enforcing agency and temple administrator on the day of the car festival? They are silent and allowed people to enter. During pahandi of Lord Jagannath, I saw there are plenty of security personnel here and there but still why these let offs. There are many sands of love where Lord Almighty used to be appeared everywhere then why touching Him directly? It is not allowed but permitted by some so called experienced sevayats. I have been there, the helplessness of chief administrator, district collector and superintendent of police. They are dumb out there. Is it because those experienced sevayats have direct political links and they are utilizing it. Some people witness how an MLA from Begunnia forcibly enters into sanctum sanctorium and when stopped by SP, he even hit him hard and ordered his body guard to do the same.

In front of Lords, all these in fighting and moving of outsiders continue for some time. Lord watched in silent. Lord acts but at the appropriate time. This time a new incarnation of Lords has been absorbing. All three respected Lords are looking beautiful. All of them seem to reach this earth with some message. In fact, there are abundant corruptions all over.

Even people are not afraid to disregard honorable High Courts directives. In front of camera, they are enforced their way into no entry zone. Where lakhs of devotees are still waiting patiently in front of scratching heat and summer wave. Hall has been on the witness list of the Lord Almighty. He is the supreme. He will do just at the perfect time. People like me would like to wait when Lord would act finally upon these unjust and corrupt people be it some sevayat, administrator or some security personnel.

I have seen how people are mad at reaching to Lord. I have been witnessing how some influential sevayats are mad at driving these believe money for them. They are not letting all these to work normally. In a world where most of the people are now turning into the set of religious piousness, which is now purely diluted by some which have this article highlighted and hopes Lord reads this and takes imminent and appropriate actions on them.

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